88.88% Reincarnated in High School DxD: Dark Red Dragon / Chapter 15: Arrived in the Underworld (2)

Chapter 15: Arrived in the Underworld (2)

After some ten-odd minutes after that, Issei is now leaning his body to Sakuya's shoulder. He was enjoying the soft body of the super OP battle maid from another world.

While he was enjoying Sakuya's body, contrary to how happy Sakuya looked right now, Sona was glaring at their direction with a half opened eyes.

She looked indifferent, however her eyes were saying otherwise!

The cold and sinister violet iris of Sona were giving out a chilling and cold sensation.

It was at this awkward moment that another announcement came out.

(We will soon be arriving at the Sitri main residence. We will soon be arriving at the Sitri main residence. Thank you for riding this train, I hope you enjoyed your ride with us.)

They have finally arrived, Sitri's territory a place that was not described in the original!

Issei were looking really excited! Even the calm looking Sakuya was looking forward to this new place that she has never visited before.

While feeling excited Issei then opened the window again and stuck his body out.

When he turned his body ahead toward the train head. He saw a very large crowd of soldiers and many people wearing some kind of black clothes and bringing trident looking weapon were orderly lined in a trained manner.

They were letting out a very dangerous aura as they looked to the train he is riding.

When he strained his eyes, Issei could see a crimson haired man and a silver haired beauty behind him standing near a twin-tailed cute lady wearing a magical girl outfit.

Although the design were different from the original it was definitely a magical girl outfit!

However, what he was concerned about is that, they were releasing a very dangerous aura! His focus were focused toward the twin-tailed Maou Shojo of the END!

She was looking at Issei with a very bloodthirsty aura!

They were almost arrived toward this crowd of soldier and three looking maniac with enormous amount of Magic!

Issei could feel his spine goes weak like a jelly, his guts were hurting like crazy!

However, he has decided to stop being a coward the moment he stole Sona's first kiss back in the café!

Although his expression were looking grave and cold sweat poured from his body, he made sure that he is ready to go into a deadly battle with the Maou Shojo of the end…

"Ah… My guts is hurting…. Hahaha it's going to be interesting!"

Issei laughed as hard as he could as he tried to hide his nervousness.

But unfortunately, the two girls beside him heard what he said before he laughed.

They were looking at him with weird eyes, they could tell that he was getting cold feet, but him trying to face it and did not run away is commendable.

"Master, please don't worry, I will protect you!" Said Sakuya with a warm smile on her face.

She looked like a saint to Issei. However, he felt really wrong if he were to be protected by a girl!

"What are you saying! I can fight them on my own!" Shouted Issei with a strong tone. He don't want to look like a weakling right when he was about to fight.

Sona was looking at the both of them with a complicated expression. She was feeling really conflicted right now.

She wanted to stop her big sister from fighting with her new boyfriend? That she just have not too long ago.

But she know that it would be useless for her to ask her.

She will not listen at all. She must have been informed that he kissed her by Tsubaki.

All she could do is now rely on Rias big brother, Sirzechs-sama to try and stop her big sister.

"Issei… Could you close the window? We are almost there. And by the way, I'll try to talk to my sister so…"

Issei then closed the window as he was looking really serious. Sona know that it would be too late if they started to fight…

"Could you not attack her when we are getting out? I… I need to talk to her… no, let me talk to Sirzechs-sama!"

Sona was trying to find a way for them to avoid fighting. But all Issei could feel is nothing but his guts is hurting.

He was not preparing to fight at all, he was resisting the pain from his guts!

"….. Fuck it! I might as well go all out right now! Sakuya!"

When the train stopped, Issei shouted and running to the train door with Sakuya behind him.

Seeing that the two of them rushed toward the door, Sona followed closely behind them. Fearing that some mishap happened!

"Sakuya, now!"

"Yes, master… [World of Time]."

Issei felt his energy got drained from his body. Although he has a ridiculous amount of Dragon Energy, he could feel the drain from it is really enormous!

After Sakuya used the new ability that enabled Issei to use his power without limitation.

The world they currently in stopped to be in motion.

The light became dim, the dust floated in place, all dead object stayed still except the people that was around them.

It was like when Gasper Vladi used his Balor Eye to stop time in the Kuoh Academy when they were in a meeting about peace.

However, the different is that in here, the sky were filled with clock and the people could move.

The multiple giant clock in the sky, all of the needle were pointed toward number 12.

"Master, please be careful. If you need me, I will always be watching you."

After Sakuya said that, he figure disappeared to god knows where.

However, Issei has another problem he must face right now. It was rather embarrassing but…

"…. Sakuya… You forgot to open the door…."

"…. Forgive me…"

Sakuya voice could be heard right beside his ears. It sounded really embarrassed, Issei could imagine that her face right now is as red as a strawberry.

After Issei asked Sakuya to open the door, the door in front of Issei opened by itself.

From behind, Sona could be seen holding her laughter as her shoulder keep trembling and her face is red from holding her breath.

She lowered her head and looked downward hiding her silly expression.

Issei then exited from the open door alone as Sona was still trying to hold her laughter.

After he was outside, he was greeted by a flying drop kick from a Maou Shojo. The kick were quite deadly as it passed the speed of sound itself.

With a twitching eyes, Issei then jumped to the side with a red face. He saw something that he shouldn't have seen….

The Maou Shojo were wearing quite a daring panty…


A crack appeared on the ground as she landed from her drop kick. Rather than a crack, it should said that the ground were destroyed from her kick.


After seeing Sona right in the opened door, Serafall then screamed and ran toward Sona while crying.

She looked like an abandoned child that has just found her long lost mother.

Issei could only stand there looking at the siblings with a dumbfounded expression. He knew that this Maou Shojo were a siscon, but seeing it for himself is still quite a sight.

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  • Onimaru


    Ehem... I can't just change how he is in overnight. Won't it be awkward? Btw, a day hasn't even passed in the story....

  • Absolute_sword


    I agree, he is a bit too much of a coward but everything else is good. Looking forward next chapter.

  • Eierlyfire


    Thanks for the chappie, moreeeee

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