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Chapter 13: Jeanne

A few days later.

Issei was at home currently having breakfast with her family, Gabriel was extremely happy, as Issei had already told her that Rias and Asia would be starting to live with them, and that they were just packing their bags, before they came to here.

Bellial on the other hand was not so happy, Gabriel forced him to accept, but he still hated all the nobility of the underworld, he wanted Issei to marry a human, or else a fallen angel, because for him both angels and demons they were just a bunch of weak and hypocritical, but even if he did, he had no choice but to accept, unless he wanted to sleep on the couch for the rest of his life.

Issei to notice his parents finally asked a question that was bothering him a long time ago.

-Mom, can I ask you a question?- (Issei)

-Sure dear, you may ask. (Gabriel)

-How can you and Dad stay together and still be an angel?- (Issei)

This question always bothered Issei, for he knew that if Angels had romantic relationships with demons, humans or fallen angels, they became fallen angels for a simple kiss but clearly his mother had done much more and had not fallen he also never had that sort of problem, but Issei believes it is because he was a hybrid from birth, but his mother was not.

-Well the reason is very simple indeed, it is because I am a Seraphim, unlike the other angels I can not become a fallen angel unless God makes me, and how he is dead that is impossible. (Gabriel)

-But then why do other angels become fallen angels?- (Issei)

-Because they are on the system that God left, which in turn caused any kind of relationship with demons to make them fallen angels, our little secret, Michael had fallen in love with a human before, and he even built a family with she. (Gabriel)

Issei finally understood why he could become a pure angel Nephilim with a demon, but he did not expect reason to be something like that.

After his doubts were answered Issei continued with his breakfast, before going back to sleep when it was almost noon he got ready before going out to go shopping, he wanted to buy the new game of Kingdom Hearts 3 that came out recently , since it was the end of the week and he had no school, and Rias said that she, Asia, Akeno and Koneko would finish packing everything before Rias and Asia if they moved to their house.

(A / N: Akeno still did not fall in love with Issei, just like Koneko, they only fell in love with him, after the Kokabiel arc)

While walking he noticed that there were people following him, but they were in some kind of barrier that prevented him from seeing who followed him, so he walked towards an empty lot that was near his house and said:

-Have you followed me here so far as to reveal yourselves?- Or do you prefer that I go to each of you. (Issei)

After Issei said that a purple haze approached from all directions, Issei instantly recognized with a Sacred Gear of class Longinus the Dimension Lost, noting that he already knew that the heroic faction had come to him.

And just as Issei expected a man with short black hair and blue eyes, he wears a combination of a Japanese school uniform (more specifically the gakuran used by Japanese students in the fall) and ancient Chinese clothes, Issei identified him as Cao-Cao, he was walking towards Issei when he said:

-Should you be Hyoudou Issei correct?- Well I'm Cao-Cao leader of the Chaos Brigade Heroic faction and I'm sorry to inform you that I'm here for you. (Cao-Cao) said as he held his spear in combat position.

Issei looked around calmly and could see several members of the heroic faction among them were:

Georg is a young man with black hair and glasses. Like Cao-Cao, he wears a combination of a Japanese school uniform and wears a mage style cloak over his uniform with a feather cloak.

Heracles is a six-foot tall man with a well-built body and shoulder-length gray hair. He wears what appears to be a costume from a Japanese school uniform, covered by what could be a Greek-inspired armor.

Jeanne is a beautiful young foreigner with blond hair and blue-sky eyes. She wears a gakuran girl, with armor on top.

Siegfried was a handsome young man, with silver hair and red eyes, as well as the other members of the Heroic Faction, wore a gakuren and, moreover, a priest's coat, similar to Freed Sellzen. He also wore a belt that contained his five Demon Swords and a Light Sword, which were around his waist and legs, forming a sword skirt.

Leonardo is shown to be a short, dark-skinned boy with gray hair and purple eyes. Like other members of the Heroic Faction, he wears a gakuran, with a long coat on top of him.

And finally Connla is a young man with black hair tied in a bun, he also wears a pair of sunglasses. His costume consists of a Japanese black school uniform

It depends, if it is for that beautiful lady who is behind you, yes I am Hyoudou Issei, now if it is for you I regret to inform you, but you have found the wrong person, after all I only appreciate beautiful women and I am not gay. (Issei) said with a bright smile as he looked at Jeanne.

Issei then moved at untraceable speeds to the naked eye, and appeared on Jeanne's side, so he said:

-Olá beautiful lady, my name is Hyoudou Issei, and I would very much like to take you to have lunch with me, what do you think? (Issei) said with a comforting smile as he took Jeanne's hand and kissed the back of her hand.

Cao-Cao as well as all members of the heroic faction were shocked, for they could not even see Issei moving.

Jeanne blushed heavily she had never had that kind of experience before, she already had some people who tried to conquer her, but no one was ever as blatant or sincere as Issei. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

It should already be obvious that they were all here to deal with Issei, but he clearly did not seem to care about the situation, but she understood only by the speed he demonstrated that he could kill them all in a matter of seconds, so obviously he did not he cared for them.

-Do not ignore me. (Cao-Cao) said as he moved his spear toward Issei.

Issei did not even turn his head and stopped the spear with his fingertips, before waving his hand slightly and Cao-Cao was sent flying like a meteor against some nearby buildings:

For Issei he simply took a very casual hit with only a little of his strength.

But Cao-Cao felt as if a mountain had been thrown and hit him straight in the chest, at that moment Cao-Cao understood, he was a cockroach and Issei could crush him whenever he wanted.

-My dear lady, I apologize for having to interrupt our conversation, but I had to deal with an annoying fly, now that I've dealt with it we can go to lunch? (Issei) said without even having hesitated the smile, which frightened all the other members, because they noticed that Issei only waved the hand.

Jeanne did not know what to do, she was feeling extremely attracted to Issei, but she did not understand the reason, but she felt more and more drawn to Issei, she started to think that accepting the invitation for lunch would be a good idea .

The truth was that this was occurring, because of one of Issei's abilities, the ability he inherited from Fate / Zero Lancer, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Lancer's love spot, any lady who looks at Issei, will fall in love for it, only women with strong determination can resist the charm, but the more powerful the user, the greater the charm of the point.

Issei usually keeps this ability sealed, for with the ridiculous amount of magical power he possesses, there is no woman who can resist him when he uses this ability.

JEANNE'S FALLS NOW. (Heracles) shouted as he struck an extremely powerful blow toward Issei after releasing Balance Breaker from his Sacred Gear to Variant Detonation.

Issei saw Heracles coming towards him with a golden aura around him, but the truth is that he did not even bother to dodge the blow, so dodging it would be a pointless effort for someone so weak, so just as he did with Cao-Cao, he simply stopped the blow with one finger.

-You're already pissing me off, I'm trying to call this beautiful girl out, and you're messing me up every time. (Issei) said with annoyance in his voice before delivering a blow with the right hand in the stomach of Heracles.

What followed was the same scene in which Cao-Cao was sent flying, but the difference is that Issei destroyed all the ribs of Heracles with the blow, the only reason Issei did not kill Heracles is because he feared Jeanne would end up refusing to stay with him, for having killed his companions, after all at some point he would have to seal the ability again.

Jeanne noticed another of her companions being wounded, and still influenced by Issei's charm, decided that it was better to accept the invitation before he resolved to kill them all.

-I accept your invitation, but I hope you can let all my companions out of here alive.- (Jeanne)

-Very well you have my word, I will allow them all to leave alive from here. (Issei) said smiling before turning to Georg and saying

-Take the barrier now I have a date to go, and I'd rather not waste time with you. (Issei)

Georg knew that if he refused Issei would attack again then he disabled Dimension Lost and allowed Issei and Jeanne to leave, at no point did he think of going back to try to prevent Jeanne from going with Issei, for he understood that at the moment Trying Issei would kill them all.

What he did not know was that Issei had done something worse than death for Cao-Cao, he had stolen his Sacred Gear, he used Lancelot's skill, and he took the spear of Longinus for himself, and then he stored it inside the gate of Babylon, before anyone noticed, Issei did not care much about the spear, but he wanted to give her as a gift to Irina, after all he knew that soon she would come to the city, and as he already considered her, as one of their women so why not give a suitable gift?

And what gift would be more appropriate to give to an exorcist than Longinus spear, a weapon that can kill demons with ease, he could not wait to see the happiness on his face.

After leaving Dimension Lost, Issei took Jeanne's hand that made her blush deeply, and after that he took her to one of his family's vacation homes in Venice, Jeanne still could not answer everything that was going on .

After he took her into the house Issei said:

-So, my beautiful lady, would you let me know your beautiful name?- (Issei)

-Je, Jeanne, my name is Jeanne. (Jeanne) said with a bit of stuttering and blushing a lot.

Issei smiled brightly and said,

-Jeanine, I'd like you to wait a little, I'll do something for us to eat, would you have a preference?- (Issei)

-I do not have any. (Jeanne) She said still shy.

-Very well, are you French correct?- (Issei)

-Yes. (Jeanne) replied a little more calmly, she already began to get used to the presence of Issei.

-Um, so I'm going to do some French cooking, so you could feel more comfortable, well I'll make Quiche Lorraine along with some croissants, for the main course, and I'll make some Profiteroles, for dessert. (Issei) said before going to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

[N / A: I did research French food used in meetings and it was these foods that appeared to me, I do not understand much French cuisine, but I decided to use it because I wanted to generate a climate where Jeanne could feel at home, if want to know more about food research on google about them.]

The kitchen and living room were next to each other, and from the kitchen you could still see the living room and the opposite also applied, while Issei cooked he asked Jeanne to talk a little more about herself and how she entered the faction of the Heroes.

Then she told Issei, that she was an orphan and had been adopted by a church nun, she was taken to the Vatican as soon as they discovered that she was a successor to the spirit of the damsel of Orleans and had been trained as an exorcist since she was small, at the age of ten she excelled even among the more experienced exorcists, she was considered the most qualified exorcist of the younger generation, but all this was ruined by an accident.

One day she had accidentally overheard the conversation between a Cardinal and an Angel, saying that God was dead, she considered the two heretics who had been infiltrated by the demons to corrupt the people of the church, so she did what she was trained to do and attacked both to kill the heretics.

She fought with the angel for a few minutes before Archangel Raphael came to see what was happening, and when she told him they were heretics and told the story, Raphael apologized to her before stabbing her with a spear light.

He had apologized again, but he could not allow the subject to leak, Jeanne shocked by the facts and feeling betrayed, managed to release his Balance Breaker, and somehow managed to escape from there, but out of fear that she would tell the secret, the Church declared her a traitor who was in touch with the demons, Jeanne fortunately had learned magic healing, and she healed enough not to die, but it was not far from that.

She was alone, wounded and had been betrayed by everything she believed, and above all she was being hunted all over the church while she was in the Vatican, Jeanne was desperate and it was when the Heroic faction came to her, they offered her a safe place, Jeanne having nothing else to lose agreed, that's how she joined the heroic faction.

Issei at the hearing was furious, and swore that if he had a chance he would deal with Raphael, for he had acted like a scum in Issei's standards, Jeanne seeing Issei irritated by her situation was happy, and at the same time she began to feel her heart beating faster and faster, she had never felt that way about anyone in the heroic faction before, for she knew they did not really care about her, for she was only a soldier with incredible fighting abilities were it not for this fact , she knew they would never have helped her.

But with Issei it was different, he did not need to be annoyed by her, he did not even have to care about her, for with the strength he demonstrated he could easily force her to stay with him, but he still irritated her, and it warmed her heart.

[N / A: Jeanne's story was not known so I created my own for her, to make it clear, Jeanne fell in love with Issei, since she had never received affection from any man before, she is very similar to Asia in that aspect , so I decided that she would become Issei's wife.)

Issei had already stopped using the ability because he wanted to meet and conquer her with his own abilities, so by the time they arrived at the house, Issei had sealed the ability.

Issei had already finished preparing everything and was just waiting to finish baking, left the kitchen walked towards Jeanne so he hugged her, and said:

-Jeanne I feel for you having to go through this kind of situation, but I promise you Jeanne that as long as you stay by my side, no one will ever hurt you again and I will love you with all my heart, I know I'm a womanizer , and that I may not deserve your love, but would you agree to become one of my women? (Issei) said with an affectionate voice, Jeanne could see that inside his eyes there was endless care and care for her.

Jeanne was silent for a few minutes before saying in a low voice.

-Yes, I'll be one of your women from now on.- (Jeanne) said with a red face.

Then Issei lifted her head and kissed her lips deeply, before saying,

-Janne I promise you, I will always love you, and protect you. (Issei)

The two were lost in their romantic moment, until the sound of a snoring stomach came up spoiling the atmosphere, Jeanne's face turned so red she looked like a tomato.

Issei noting the situation said:

-Let's eat? (Issei)

Jeanne nodded, her face still very red.

Then Issei quickly set the table, and served the food, when Jeanne tasted it, she felt as if she had died and gone straight to paradise and that all the food in the world had revered for this grand meal before her.

Do not forget that Issei possesses not only instant mastery for any skill or technique, but also includes culinary skills, as he also possesses Shirou's cooking skills, joins the two, and you have the kind of food you would leave even the best chefs in the world ashamed to even say they were cooks.)

Jeanne thought at the time that she had gotten the pot of gold, for her man was strong, she loved her deeply, and she was an excellent cook.

Jeanne began to eat faster and faster, and as she ate Jeanne knew that she would become addicted to this food, and would never want to eat someone else's food.

Issei watched the scene as she smiled, and thought.

(Muhahahahahah, I knew my food is superior to everything, now my little Jeanne will be mine for sure, because if you want to make sure a girl's love conquers her stomach first.) Issei was giving an evil laugh in her mind.

[N / A: His laugh was similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFg7esxnrXs.]

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