93.75% Firebolt : Kids that play with Magic / Chapter 15: Chapter 15: We don’t need to wait

Chapter 15: Chapter 15: We don’t need to wait

Jayson and Kenny didn't wait for him to finish speaking by the time his sentence ended, the pair had already sat down and started eating along with Faith and Annie. Soon after Faith lifted her head to eye the Elderly Man, the innocent look she had while eating was gone replaced by her usual cold stare.

"So old man, what do you want with us?" Her question direct and to the point, one by one the rest of the group turned their attention to him, the tension in the air becoming increasingly thick. The back of the Elderly Man's neck started to sweat as he gripped his quarterstaff, his body started to tremble beyond his control.

"What amazing pressure, I doubt I could take down one let alone all four if the other three are as strong as that girl." He thought to himself as he coughed gently and raised his hand, "Please children I harbor no ill intentions. I only wish to know which royal family you all are from, so that I may address you properly?" He asked in an apologetic tone.

A confused look was shared amongst the four , who in turn shook their heads. Jayson who was eyeing the Elderly Man nonchalantly took notice of the oracle orb, feeling the familiar aura around it immediately reminded him of Granny Chi.

Recalling how she stared into one in her room, a thought formed in his head as a faint unnoticeable smile appeared.

"You already know, don't play coy old man."

His overly-stuffed voice came over the pile of food, sending a chill down the elderly mans back. Faith hearing this started to grow increasingly agitated causing the pressure on him to increase by a notch.

"I've seen that item before used by an annoying old lady at the Adventures Guild, my guess would be that the both of you have been in contact using it." Jayson continued while keeping an eye on the elderly man, seeing the color drain from his face proved his thought.

"If that's indeed the case, then already know the story about us. I can't speak for the others but I myself can't stand to be tricked."

Before his sentence was over, a fist appeared above Jayson's head, with a solid smack his body fell against the floor stars flashing in his vision. Standing over him was Faith cracking her knuckles, her brows creased uttering a single word before looking back to the elderly man. It rang in Jayson's head before he passed out.


Seeing how she didn't hold back in knocking out her friend, the elderly man nearly lost the feeling in his back almost toppling over. Gaining control of himself, he coughed lightly before establishing eye contact with Faith.

"Forgive me for attempting to deceive you and probe your true origins. If I may start over by introducing myself, my name is Cornelius, I'm grandmaster of this Mages Guild."

He inclined his head towards Jayson, "It is how the young man said, I know the entire story of your group. The woman who oversees the Adventures Guild, happens to be my wife. I . . ." He wanted to continue but Faith held up her hand, turning to Kenny, she growled, "Wake him up."

Kenny chuckled casually, extending his hand over Jayson's head, his aura rippled through the air like a gentle breeze. As it blew and quickly enveloped the small room, Cornelius felt his body become lighter, more fluid and agile. Old injuries that pained him started to slowly fade away, this was his Healing Wind.

Although this was Kenny's first time using it, the effect was powerful which impressed Faith. An undetectable smile formed at the corner of her lips, watching the knot on the back of Jayson's head go down, he soon stirred before moaning loudly.

"You could have treated the pain as well."

The now conscious Jayson complained as there was still a dull ache in his head, Annie and Kenny looked at each other before erupting with laughter. Kenny wiped a tear away from his face, "I was only told to wake you not heal, I don't dare derive from my tasks."

Cornelius was stupefied, the skill Kenny used just then, was definitely a High-Tier'd one. Yet it was something he knew even his wife couldn't learn, let alone wield with such precise control. He felt as though he stumbled upon a blessing, and to make use of it he must convince them to stay for their tournament.

At that moment his eyes fell on Annie and realized something, "Her sword was smashed in that fight with Rebecca, maybe this would work as an anchor." He thought, feeling as this would be his only option Cornelius spoke,

"I have still yet to compensate you young lady, for interrupting your match with my disappointment of a granddaughter. How about I have a new sword made for you? I would have the best blacksmith in the village complete this task within a month."

Annie's eyes lit up at the offer, Faith cut her off saying, "Too long."

Cornelius winced and was about to make another offer when Jayson spoke up,

"We don't need to wait, I can give her a sword right now. She can pick one from here."

Unfolding the storage cloth and setting it on the floor.

He pointed toward it, " Get in." He said casually. Annie asked no questions stepping directly on the cloth and sinking inside vanishing completely.

Cornelius eyes were bulging out from their sockets as he stared at the storage cloth on the ground recognizing it, he knew it be worn as a loincloth by the very blacksmith he was referring.

"Y-y-young man, w-where did you g-get that from?" Cornelius stammered his body trembled as he was afraid of the answer.

Jayson let a cynical smile form on his face as he answered, "Some guy calling himself Craig the Turtle challenged me, so I took this as my prize when I won."

On the main road of the village walking shamefully toward a small building, Craig's ear twitched causing him to fly into a rage, red in the face he screamed at the sky, "IT'S CRAIG THE NOBLE!!"

In doing so not only did he attract the attention of the people around him, he also uncovered himself, revealing his private area for all to see. Passing women snickered, while the men pointed and laughed out loud.

Embarrassed Craig The Noble fled into a nearby building, sounds of weeping soon heard from within.

Cornelius heart skipped several beats at Jayson's response, the situation was getting more and more complicated. Each attempt he made to do something was curbed by the young man with the weird hairstyle, it was almost as if he was doing so intentionally.

Yet Cornelius could not figure out if this was true or not and didn't fell like pressing his luck. At this moment Annie emerged from within the storage cloth, within her arms was a sheathed katana that was shaking violently and was being visibly suppressed by her. Annie briefly made eye contact with Jayson before turning to Faith, a serious expression on her face.

This alerted Faith, who gave a faint nod. With a sidelong glance toward Kenny and Jayson, "We're leaving." She grunted leaving no room for negotiation.

Cornelius who was in a daze regained his focus, jumping up so abruptly that he nearly knocked over the bowl of food, "Leaving so soon? I've yet to compensate her, please if there is anything you desire name it and it's yours." He offered smiling inwardly

"If it's true that you are new to this place, you won't know enough to ask for anything of value. So fulfilling the request of a young lady sound be simple." He thought confidently to himself who knew that Annie's next words would nearly cause him to faint.

"I'd like a book of Heaven-Tiered spells."

Cornelius face drained of color, "I take back what I said, this young lady is not so simple after all."

He reached into his own storage pouch and retrieved a scroll, as he held it the four of them could see space distorting around it.

"While I don't dare say that we have a book, we do have this here. The runic languages on this scroll have been lost for centuries; and yet many have been able to create powerful spells just by studying it." He explained staring longingly at it, as though he was offering up his own child.

Annie looked toward Faith, who'd already turned her head away. Signifying that she would have no part in Annie's choice, understanding the meaning Annie focused her gaze on the scroll for a moment.

"It's weird but I can tell from how the old man is looking at it, this scroll is really important to him. Whatever is written on it must be really useful." She concluded to herself silently, reaching out toward the scroll.

Cornelius watched regretfully as Annie kept the scroll rejoining her companions, he was weeping internally but it was well worth it to establish a connection. His face restored to a peaceful disposition, he stood clutching his quarterstaff for support.

The four nodded to themselves, taking no further pleasantries and directly excused themselves. Before they left Cornelius's voice trailed after them, " If any of you need anything, feel free to look for me here."

Almost if pleading for the last part, the four shared a laugh as they walked down the hallway.

Kenny turned to Faith snickering devilishly, "If anything is true. . . He's gonna look for us."

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