92.46% Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin / Chapter 182: Hidden room pt.1

Chapter 182: Hidden room pt.1

I am thankful that so many people have started reading this book again and to all the loyal readers that haven't left from the beginning. I know I haven't been posting quite regularly but as promised I will take this story until the end and won't stop writing it.

Though I will try to post chapters more frequently I have some obligations to fill at home (Some personal stuff) but after this month i.e. from October I will start doing daily chapters again like I used to. So thank you for all the support.

Also, I know this part of the story must feel like a filler with a bit of action but it's still not the final battle yet. I know I said I would like to end this arc quickly but doing it too quick would ruin all the pick up I've been doing for a long time. So I'd at least like to give it a good conclusion.

There are more villains to come (From the story... no more other transmigrators.) and more adventures to come so please continue to support the story.

A bit of spoiler but Hermione and Pansy would join in pretty quick.


Everything went silent for a while. Almost all the wizards were disarmed and knocked out by the elves. Only the sound of blood dripping on the floor rang throughout the hall as Silas threw away the elves head in his mouth.

Draco knew something was wrong, the elf should've been able to escape. As he was finally studying the environment for the first time as the battle came to a halt, he realized his magic power draining. Not only him but Norberta couldn't spit fire anymore and all the elves couldn't apparate anymore.

"I see you've finally realized," Silas said in his growling voice, "Let's see how you still dare to use one your pesky little creatures now."

Not paying attention to Silas's threat he tried to use his fireball magic but it didn't work. Then he tried using spells from his wand but other from a few sparks nothing came. Seeing the frustration in Draco's eyes Silas laughed heartily, similar to that of a hyena.

Draco felt his remaining magic being sucked away into the ground, as he finally realized what was going on. All this time he had been cautious of Ryan's trap in Durmstrang but he never thought the trap to be the entire school itself. He knew he had been a bit exhausted from the moment he came back to the school and the fight began but the thought never crossed his mind as he was too busy concentrating on the might.

Draco didn't exactly know what sort of magic was this but he was sure it had to be a spell or some sort of formations which absorbed one's magic. And it seemed Ryan's loyal dog was an exception as his healing powers never left during the fight and even now he was healing himself. Draco looked around the hall, half of it was badly damaged and half, burnt beyond repair. The wizards were all knocked out and the elves mortified at the death of one of their fellow elves.

"Sigh! You got me good." Draco said as he opened his suitcase, as he started at Norberta. Norberta getting the sense of what he wanted to do, shook her head but with Draco's insistent gaze entered the suitcase.

Though a Dragon, she was still a young one and with her magic gone, she shouldn't be able to fly that well as even Dragon's use magic to some extent to function, such as flying and breathing fire. Silas too didn't bother or stop them as he wasn't too sure about facing a dragon himself. He signaled the elves as well, who though sadly didn't stop following his order. Draco fixed his suitcase as he closed it staring back at Silas.

"Now it's just you and me." Silas said slowly walking around Draco, "Ready to surrender?"

"I admit your plan was good but seriously draining the magic of all these wizards as well?" Draco mocked, "I did know your master was rash but not so much. I mean with my magic gone, you could've easily gotten me to surrender early on."

"Don't act clever boy." Silas growled, "You think you're smart but you really aren't. You're the same as any snobby pureblood wizard, except you are foolish enough to talk to mudbloods alike. Though the magic is gone, do you ever wonder where it is being stored to..."

Draco's gaze tightened as Silas snorted, "But why do you care? I know you're a dead man anyway. Now throw you wand and your case towards me and then surrender yourself before I have to do it for you."

"Come and get me." Was Draco's reply as Silas growled and rushed towards him.

Silas was confident that he had won, but when a potion flask came flying his way all his thoughts ran amock. The potion the moment it hit his face exploded sending him far, burning half of his face away. Though he started healing immediately, in his moment of shock and immobilization he looked at Draco running away with one of his eyes as the other one barely healed. Yes, the boy was genius at potions. Silas cursed himself for not being careful and too excited.

He was already holding himself a lot not to tear up the boy's head, as his master needed him alive With it he was already enough control and much of his ability to think. Unlike others he was an advanced werewolf, he was treated with his master blood and had become something special. A werewolf that wasn't afraid of the full moon, a werewolf that could transform any time and any place he wanted and was in control of himself. Though the instinct took over time and time again, he could hold on to it but just like how they first met, Silas couldn't control himself near Draco.

With his wounds heal and his eyesight returned to normal, he stood up. With his werewolf form, his keen sense of smell was enough to keep little Draco from running away. After turning left and right he quickly found out where Draco was hiding but before he could approach him two more of the same potion flasks came flying his way. Not making the same mistake as the past he carefully dodged through the spill of the potion manages to burn his legs a little.

The chase which seemed to be easy couldn't be harder than imagined. A grown werewolf chasing a young defenseless wizard who couldn't use magic anymore seemed to be an easy match but not when the boy was throwing a series of exploding and a poisonous potion which he seemed to be in unlimited supply.

Running throughout the school, both of them reached the famous passage. The one where the infamous Grindlewald had left his mark. Silas who kept healing no matter how many potions was thrown at him and Draco who kept running and throwing everything he had, attaching to his last string of hope were both tired.

"Enough!" Silas growled as he dodged the potions thrown at him, and though one of them actually him right on his left paw and blew it off, Silas didn't stop as he slammed towards Draco throwing him off. The hit was hard enough to smash him in the wall as his suitcase slipped from his hand. He kept trying to hold onto it but he no longer could but at the corner of his eyes, he witnessed the case slipping into the wall. The wall right below the Deathly hollows mark. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Draco eyed Silas who seemed to busy concentrating on him and his wounded leg and was sure the other party didn't see anything at all. Draco too couldn't believe anything but the truth was in front of his eyes. He knew he had a chance to escape, with his case gone he now only had one flask of exploding potions left inside his robe.

"You annoying prick, you better thank Merlin that I don't rip your head right off your shoulders as I did with your measly elf." Silas growled, "But this time I won't make the same mistakes."

Without warning, Silas jumped at him grabbing his robe by his clothes threw him towards the wall again. A loud crack sound emitted as Draco cried in pain. His arm was clearly broken in several places as his wand dropped from his hand.

Silas then began whispering a certain long chant that Draco had never heard of before. Though Draco couldn't use magic anymore, he still could feel the mana concentrating in the passage as the chant continued.

Comments (39)

  • DraconicEmperor


    Author, sorry for all the criticisms for this arc. But I think that Draco's character thrives on being on a dominant position. Ryan also felt like he just doesn't fit the story. Draco's supposedly special physique also never really showed up. The only advantage that we ever really saw from it is some minor fire abilities and his looks. No physical or magical advantages that shouldn't really warrant that much attention. I guess I'll have just keep pushing through this arc. We used to be like top 20 of the originals and I was consuming this daily. Please bring those days back.

  • AskIfILikeLemons


    Since from the start I have been against Ryan or anything similar to his character. But I must say, the way you handled his arc is great. You didn't prolong his stay and immediately went with the confrontation which I hope will kill him once and for all.

  • BrabbitX


    So draco couldnt manage to assasinate ryan with his elfs or himself? but ryan could put the whole school under his magic without consequences. k Cool. k

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