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68.88% 12 Works of Vidian / Chapter 31: Lady Fryida's Work Part 2

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Chapter 31: Lady Fryida's Work Part 2

"Lord Poro, I need you to do something for me," He said as he came out of the mountain of ice, "I need you to bring Lady Fryida here, can you call?"

"What is this for?"

"To kill him, I need Lady Fryida to be here, so that he will accept ending his life, or at least, he should."

"Are you sure?"

"How can you be sure with him?"

"Good point, Vidian, I will call for Lady Fryida."

"My Fryida, is that you?" He said hearing Vidian and Fryida walk on the path, "Vidian, you returned, who is that with you? I hear other footsteps," Vidian hopped down with Fryida in his arms, "Fryida? Fryida," He looked at her from behind his mask, "My Fryida, you have come back."

"Not out of my free will."

"Your voice caresses my ears."

"I wish I could slap you."

"I longed to feel your icy touch."

"I don't love you."

"Hate is just another form of love, my dear Fryida, and you couldn't hate me, you said that you would love me forever."

"Just roll over and die."

"Kiss me, it's been such a long time."

Vidian whispered into her ear, "Get him to give you the mask."

"Can you take your mask off then?" She seemed nervous, "I can't just kiss your mask."

"If you will kiss me, I will," He said as his iced finger extensions grasped his mask and removed it slowly, revealing his broken face and showing entirely what his power had done to him, "My face is not the same as it used to be, but I haven't been able to fix it, my magic wasn't really fitting for that self-reparations."

"You are hideous."

"I know, my dear," He was now standing in front of her, "I want to feel the touch of your lips, please, bless me with your lips once more."

"Give Vidian your mask, then I can kiss you."

"Will you?"

"I will kiss you, just give him the mask," His ice fingers let go of the mask as Vidian took the mask, "Now, goodbye," Her lips pressed against his and his eyes opened wide. Ice seemed to encase his body as she held him, his entire body froze as she let go of him and spat, "You asked me to do too much in this work, finish the job, will you?"

"Lady Fryida," She looked down at him, "And his mask?"

"Break his body," She was wiping her lips as she spoke, "He is disgusting, I don't even know why I fell in love with him."

"You are lying, Lady Fryida, trying to lie to yourself is hard, you probably miss him more than you think, maybe you should maintain contact with the Icekin, and nothing says that you need to be in contact like you were with him, I think that you should try, slowly, but still you need to try."

"I want to talk to you later, finish the job, then we will talk."

"Very well then, Lady Fryida," His hand formed a spiked hammer and his arm tied the mask around it, "I will see what to do with the mask later, I will see you later then," He lifted his arm and brought it down onto the iced figure of the mad man, cracking it, shattering it into red and white crystals on the floor. Vidian's had returned to its normal state, "Waste of life, huh, well, I guess that is what mad in love really means," He turned and began climbing the wall, "Maybe I should really finish the job," He turned around and walked over to the frozen statues, "No point," His hand smashed through the ice, "Leaving these," He kicked the second to bits, "Here," His hand mutated into a beast's arm, "Lord Inventaariy, give me something that can banish Eternal Ice," He paused, "Deathlord Kiloyugio," His left arm had exposed bone tubes that contained flammable gas that pumped through the blood of the beast's left arm and on the right, his large finger and the one next to it could cause sparks. The gas escaped through the tubes of his left arm and filled the room, Vidian held his breath as he created a spark that ignited the entire cloud of smoke, the flames consumed the full room and once the flames extinguished, the room had been burned black and the ice was gone, the man's pile of shattered ice was gone, the statues were gone and the ice creations were gone. He sighed as his hands turned back to their normal states, "Thank you, Lord Inventaariy."

"Of course."

He placed one foot in the temple, the same, cold gusts of wind blew in and Lady Fryida appeared, nearly melting with anger, "You have to explain to me, why I had to do something in my work to YOU?"

"He only really trusted you, but then you decided to kill him faster than I had planned, I have to thank you."

"Ugh, well, I guess you finished your work, and killed and got rid of him."

"I have, so there is nothing to worry about."

"And that mask?"

"Lady Fryida," All her gods stood in the temple, Lord Poro was speaking, "It is part of you, your mask, it uses your power."

"I am not in that position to control it," Glacial spoke, "I think that you should keep it, Lady Fryida."

"Fine, I'll keep it," She took it from Vidian's hands then stopped, "Vidian, keep it, it is an extra, gift."

"May I ask why?"

"My blessing will only allow you to use Glacial's power, only use this mask for the end of your task, as in use it fully, but you can if you want, use the mask instead of the blessing."

"Thank you, Lady Fryida, but now, I need to know, what is the rest of my work?"

"What next part? This was my work, the Work of Ice, and now, I shall give you your 9th blessing, the Blessing of Ice, it will allow you to resist cold and ice, and then possess the powers of Ice Forming," A diamond of ice formed in her hand, "Take it, it will serve you well as you have served me well," The diamond was absorbed by the amulet, leaving only two, a small flower and a sickle, Lady Anya and Lord Boros, "The two next gods will make you do a lot, so don't give up, you have made it this far, and you have overcome a lot, we won't hate you if you fail, nor will this world, as if you weren't here, the end would be inevitable, but we will have to start again, and maybe so will you, thousands of years from now."

"Vidian, use the mask to fight the beast, the power you will have with the blessing won't be enough, the mask is her own power, it will come in handy," Lord Glacial said as Vidian took a knee in front of Lady Fryida.

"I, Vidian of the Great Desert, am proud to bare your blessing, Lady Fryida, I hope that I will be able to use it for one of the 11 times I need to kill the beast."

"Good, you are at least a little respectful to her," Lady Ventarial added in a snobbish manner, "I wish you luck, nevertheless."

"As we all do," Lord Poro added, "May the gods above guide you on your journey, maybe you should stay in Glacialtarus for a little, your body seems worn down."

"I think I shall do so, thank you once more for the blessing," He bowed once more and attached the mask to his rope belt.

As the sun began to descend on the eternally frozen lands of the Icekin, the storms seemed to die down within the city and settle instead outside of the city, creating nearly towers of white, whirling tornadoes of snow and ice. Vidian spread his wings and pushed off of the ground, leaving a trail of thin, white snow dust. His wings beat in pairs, one after another, keeping him hovering above the city as the winds seemed to want to beat him out of the air. He stayed in the air and let the moon's light shine over his wings, healing his sore body, "What are you doing here, Vidian?" He turned and saw Lady Ventarial floating next to him, "Enjoying the view?"

"Hello, Lady Ventarial, I wanted to thank you again, for the possibility to gain this 9th blessing."

"You did all of it, I am only going to wish you luck for the next blessing, Lady Aniya, her altar is in Enspiritus."

"Where is that, Lady Ventarial?"

"To the south, you came from the city of Darkyan, it is three days from that city, unless they changed," She laughed, "Which I seriously doubt."

"Thank you for the directions, Lady Ventarial."

"Of course, I would like the Icekin to remain alive, like I want the living creatures to stay alive."

"I guess that makes sense," He chuckled, "The winds there, the blizzards, they are your creation, right?"

"Yes, they are, they protect the Icekin from the Earthkin."

"And isolates you lot from the world, I was suffering when I was coming here, an Icekin gave me some moral support."

"I know, but I can't do much about that, it is for Lady Fryida's and Lord Orn's creations, not for us."

"I can't believe that you gods are only making it worse."

"And what will you do about it?"

"Nothing, for the moment."

"Hypothetically, what would you do?"

"I don't know, there would have to be more factors, but you know, nothing much, only enough to move them back together," He smiled at her, "I think that the winter of these people's relation will soon turn to spring."

She laughed as soon as he finished his sentence, "That will never happen, they cultivated their own hatred to each other and it has grown into a mighty tree."

"Everything dies, in the end only death will remain."

"Where did you learn that from?"

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, forget it, nothing, I will wish you good luck in your future endeavors," She smiled as she faded into a white whirlwind of wind.

"Thank you, Lady Ventarial."

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