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Chapter 12: Lord Aquariusinarium's Work Part 3

He woke up, shooting up from the bed, he didn't believe what had just happened. He thought it was a dream until he felt her hand on him, he sighed and climbed out of bed, pulling on his pants and walking to the door, he had something to do. He unlocked the door and walked out, it was still early in the morning. He walked down the empty hallway until he found a servant.

"Oie, tell Lady Tea that I'll be gone for the day, once she is awake, of course," The servant bowed and Vidian left the palace, heading towards Aquariusinarium's temple, to complete Picinarus's work, to tame the Abyssal Lord.

He left the dry zone near the palace and swam down to the floor of the sea below the island. The water was still, not a single fish swam in the corrals near the city, everything had seem to have gone dead. Piciniarus was standing outside of the temple. He turned his head and smiled as Vidian placed his feet on the seafloor. He gestured for him to follow him. He opened his mouth and his voice split through the water.

"I have told the priest to make sure that no one leaves the city, the Abyssal Lord is, well, special, when it comes to Abyssals," Vidian nodded, "The animals sense him, so they hide, this will be a massive test, Wolvarian was a duel, this is a handicap fight, he can summon creatures, you can't, you'll have to kill them, kill as many as you need," He said as they neared the Abyssal sea entrance, the ground began shaking, "Here he comes, my most powerful creation, if this was as strong as I could make it, it would've evolved to land and freed its brother, the Death of the World, but Lord Eternum decided to end it before it could ever reach that point, I am not allowed to make things this powerful," He began laughing as a massive, seaweed-covered, bone hand reached out of the Abyssal sea, just its fingertip was as large as the room he was in the night before, sand swirled into clouds as more of it crawled out. Its massive body was just a bone structure, covered by weeds and other living creatures. He had wide eyes as it rose above him. It nearly reached the surface without even revealing all of its ribcage and the rest of its body. It tilted its head to look at them, it was nothing but a hollow skeleton, held together by near nothing, with other creatures living on its bones. It opened its mouth as if it was roaring as Piciniarus looked up at it, "If you can tame this creature, you can tame any of the Abyssals, good luck," He turned around and began walking away, "He'll be unrelenting," The creature stared at Vidian, its eye sockets were filled with yellow eyes that stared at him. He created fins on his arms as the creature lifted one of its arms. He looked up at it as the massive hand as it began descending towards him. He pushed off of the floor to dodge the strike. The hand slammed on the floor, creating a massive cloud of sand. He was tiny compared to the creature. He turned and saw the other hand rushing towards him. He dodged through the separation between the bone fingers. His goal was to tame, not to kill it, he had to have some way to make it understand him, to realize that he wasn't there to kill it or to threaten it. He swam down to the seafloor and the creature looked down at him, still, motionless. The creature lifted both arms and attempted to crush Vidian. The massive, bone structure crashed down towards him. His body lit up with markings as his hands met the rib cage. The bone body just stopped. The sand around him lifted off of the ground as Vidian resisted the massive force that had crashed down onto him. He forced it back, making the creature lurch backwards and lose balance. Its massive body stumbled back before falling back forwards on its hands, creating another massive cloud of sand that swirled in the water. He noticed movement in the swirling sands, the sand stayed around him, blinding him from everything further than a few meters away from him. Two creatures swam around in the swirling winds. He created two long, razor-sharp blades as his arms, leaving the gills as the base of his arms. A massive, pale white serpent whirled out of the sand and lunged towards him. Its scales were nearly transparent from the lack of sunlight that entered the Abyssal seas. He dodged it and pushed off as the second tried to follow up. He was far less mobile than them. He spun his blades up as the markings returned to his arms as the massive claw of the Abyssal lord crashed down on him. He turned to slay the twin Abyssals that were still just emerging from the clouds of sand. Two spears slammed into them before they hit Vidian. He turned and saw a figure in the water, it was Gillo, the creatures turned to him and began attacking him. He drew a long curved blade, he was extremely quick, he seemed like another person, and not the one Vidian had met the day before. Vidian began swimming towards the creatures as they tried hitting Gillo as he dodged, swiftly, unlike Vidian's bulky movements underwater. Vidian created a bow that had two arrows loaded with his arm and pulled them back. He waited until he could tell where the creatures were going and then let loose. The arrows slit through the water and found their marks in the creatures' soft, unprotected eyes, partially blinding them. Gillo swam at them as they were distracted and cut wounds through the center of their heads, causing them to suddenly stop and slowly sink to the bottom, dead. Gillo retrieved his spears and pointed at the Abyssal Lord, who had both its hands moving to crush Vidian. He returned his arms back to their normal state and the markings appeared once more, stopping the hands as massive shockwave detonated through the water. Gillo looked in awe at Vidian's power, power comparable to a god. Vidian's body was slammed to the ground by the Abyssal Lord but the markings prevented him from taking much damage. He grabbed anything he could and lifted the creature from the dark, draining more and more of his strength. As the sun of the midday shined on the sea, the light increased, the creature clearly hated it. He lurched attempting to run as Vidian held against him, attempting to prevent him from running. If there was a way he was going to tame him, it was by showing him that there was something stronger than him and that wasn't trying to kill him. Vidian let go and the Abyssal Lord returned back into the Abyssal Sea's entrance. It stopped and tilted its massive head, seeing Vidian not attacking it. Gillo stayed away from it as it neared its head to Vidian. He stood still as it placed its massive head in front of Vidian and opened its mouth as if playfully growling. Vidian swam up and placed his hand on the nose of the beast, who closed his eyes as if he was a little pet. The Abyssal Lord had understood that he meant not to kill him. He turned as Piciniarus laughed behind him.

"Well, I guess you have tamed the Abyssal Lord," He laughed, "There you go, the most fearsome creature of the seas," Vidian turned to him and bowed his head, "Tell him to go back to the Abyssal Sea, since he will listen to you," Vidian tilted his head, "He can hear you," Vidian placed his hand on the beast's nose and thought his command.

Go to your domain, Abyssal Lord, I'll come see you later.

Of course, I thought you were here to kill me, but you weren't, I misjudged you, will you give me a name?

A name?

Yes, Piciniarus calls me Skelly.

Okay, I'll think about it, I'll tell you tonight, when I come see you again, The massive creature began to descend back into the dark depths. Vidian turned to where Piciniarus had been standing, he was gone. He looked down and saw Gillo swimming to him. He gestured with his head that they head back. Gillo nodded. They swam back together, to the city.

They entered the temple of the city. Piciniarus was standing in front of Aquariusinarium, talking.

"Gillo helped him?"

"Yes, but that doesn't matter, he tamed Skelly alone, using the sun and sunlight to make him realize pain then not follow up, Skelly is smart enough to have realized it and understood."

"So he passed?"

"Yes, Lord Aquariusinarium," He noticed Gillo and Vidian enter the room, "There they are."

"Vidian and Gillo, rivals last night, but now, you became teammates, Vidian, you past your work, but I have a question for you, Eternum's Trusted, who will be the Abyssal Master when you are gone?"

"Abyssal Master? What is that?"

"Skelly's master."

"But Lord Piciniarus is his master, no?"

"No, I am his creator, not his master."

"So I have to decide who will keep him?"

"Yes, someone who is strong, both mentally and physically."

"I'll choose now."

"Go ahead."

"Gillo will."

"What? I will?" Gillo looked at him, "You are giving me that power?"

"I trust you, you saved me a possible death, and I'll give him to you once I leave."

"Okay, sure, yeah, yeah, I'll take your gift, I'll swear then, that the gods punish me if I break this swear."

"What is it?"

"If I ever turn on this city, and the Seakin people, using the Abyssals, shall my body perish instantly and my soul suffer eternally."

"I am sure Lord Eternum will make sure of it."

"Thank you Lord Piciniarus and Lord Aquariusinarium," He turned to Gillo, "Thanks for today, and sorry about yesterday."

"Yesterday? That was fun," He laughed as he slithered to the side of the temple, "Thanks for today as well, see you around."

"See ya," Vidian looked back at Piciniarus and Aquariusinarium, "What will be my next work?"

"Your next work? I am not going to give you time to prepare, tomorrow, you have a surprise, come back here, you'll see what for."

"Well, okay, thank you again," He walked out of the temple, staying in the dry zone tunnels that lead up to the island, it was a long walk, from the bottom of the water to the top, 1 kilometer in vertical distance, and a lot of walking.

He walked onto the island, the soft sea wind blew as the midday sun still beamed on the island, the palace glowed white as the marble that reflected the sun gleamed. He walked into the palace and a servant instantly walked up to him.

"My lady is looking for you, she is in her room."

"Okay, thanks for telling me," He walked past the servant and continued down the hallway. He soon arrived in front of her door and knocked on the door, "It's Vidian," He heard her nearly running to the door and then it opened instantly. She grabbed his arm and yanked it so hard that she nearly threw him into the room. He stumbled and then lost his balance and fell to the floor. She pushed the door closed and locked it. She gestured he get up with her fingers, she didn't seem happy. He got up and she walked up to him, extremely close to him, he expected her to get angry at him but, she didn't. He felt her arms hug him and then heard her voice, softly, about to cry.

"I was worried and-"

"Look, I am sorry, I," She placed her finger on his lips. He sighed.

"I wasn't finished talking, don't, interrupt, me," She glared up at him, "You left me alone, you left without telling me anything, you just let me wake up and find myself alone, only after did I know that you would come back, am I not worth your time? Am I too much of a nuisance for you?"

"I never said that, I just didn't want to wake you, you looked so beautiful, so peaceful, so calm, and so happy."

"W-what?" She began stammering, "A-a-are y-y-you t-t-trying t-to f-f-flatter me? It-it isn't g-g-going to work."

"It already did," He gently tilted her head back and his lips met hers. She didn't resist it from surprise and pulled him towards her, holding him closer to her. They separated and she walked towards the bathroom. She leaned against the door and looked at him, gesturing with her finger for him to follow her. She pushed open the door and disappeared behind it. He rolled his eyes and followed her in.

She was still in a light, thin, morning robe. She didn't face him as he walked in and closed the door. She turned to him and let the robe fall, revealing the body he had seen the night before. She pointed at his pants and then walked slowly into the bath. He rolled his eyes again and untied the 'belt' of his pants and then followed her into the bath.

"How did you get this much sand in your hair?" She said sitting near him, "What have you been doing all morning?"

"Taming the Abyssal Lord," He smiled and kissed her cheek, "It's so powerful that the simple impacts of its movements cause massive clouds of sand, so I was in the thick of it."

"The Abyssal Lord? What is that?" She looked confused, "I don't get you."

"My work, for Lord Piciniarus, was to tame the Abyssal Lord."

"And that is difficult because?"

"You know what an Abyssal is, right?"

"Yes, of course."

"This is the largest, strongest and deadliest of them all, their 'lord'."

"Okay, I get you a little more."

"So I tamed it, and now I control the strongest Abyssal."

"That sounds crazy."

"It is, but I need a nickname for him."

"So it's a pet now?"

"Yeah, more or less, I was thinking you could help me."

"Why not, what does it look like?"

"It is a massive, skeletal body with seaweed all over it, creatures living among its body and with yellow eyes."

"That sounds disgusting."

"Well, it is what it is."

"How about disgusted, wretched creature?"

"That doesn't help, be serious."

"How about, how about Greeny?"

"Greeny? Yeah, actually, he is entirely covered with green seaweed."

"There you go, a nickname for him."

"That was simple enough, but why did it make you so mad?"

"What were we talking about again?"

"Me not waking you."

"Oh, um, I don't know, it just did."

"Are you fine now?"

"I guess," She shrugged.

"Good then, I don't need more problems."

They sat in the bath, some distance apart. He leaned back letting the warm water massage his muscles and his skin. He sat down lower in the water, with water up to his neck, the soft sound of the water flowing into the bath was strangely calming. He lay down under the water, closing his eyes and letting his breath deplete slowly. He lifted his body out of the water to regain his breath, he hadn't opened his eyes yet. The room was still, calm. He felt her move her arms over her shoulders and rest over his chest. She said nothing as she rested her head next to his. She was close to him, her body against his, still, quiet. He could feel her heartbeats. She moved her head and kissed his cheek. He let her and stayed still, his body felt weak and heavy, he hadn't had a good amount of rest in a long time, nor any time without something to do, maybe he could spend a day or two more in Atlantis instead of moving on right away. He sighed and Tea moved next to him, looking at him.

"What are you sighing about?"

"I am going to have to leave this place," He sighed again, "So I don't know what to think about it."

"Don't think about it, I won't marry until you come back or I hear of your death."

"When you hear of my death, the world will die soon after."


"Nothing, forget it," He got up and walked out of the bath and grabbed a towel, "Do you have plans for today?"


"What are those plans?"

"To spend time with you, do you want to have lunch with me?"

"Sure, I wouldn't mind."

"I'll go ask for it to be prepared."

"You don't need to rush," He said drying his hair, "What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know, I normally don't do much," She said walking out of the bath and moving towards him, "I am normally alone, so I kind of don't do much."

"I should've guessed," He pulled on his pants and tied his 'belt', "Question, why can't you leave the palace whenever you want?"

"My father doesn't allow me, since the Abyssals are dangerous, and they can attack at any time, but I think he is also scared, scared of the past."

"What happened?"

"One of my servants told me about why he was scared of letting me leave the palace and wander around alone," She paused then began again, "Apparently, his brother was killed by an Abyssal, he was alone, swimming in the corals and an Abyssal attacked, he was trapped and they never found him again, I think that would kill him to have that happen to me, if I were to die or go missing like that, he would probably give up on his life and end himself."

"I never had someone who looked after me like that," He shrugged and walked out of the room, leaving her still. She sighed and dried herself.

"How can he have never had anyone to care for him, or to care for? How can someone have a life like that? I don't get it, maybe I should look into it more, maybe I shouldn't, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, maybe I should ask Beituille, she should be able to give me advice, I think I need it now, but, then I would leave him alone, maybe he would take it wrong, maybe he would, maybe, I don't know, I don't know, I'll think I'll just ask her, whenever I have time," She walked out of the bathroom finishing the knot in her back. She stopped and tried to reach the last part. She tried then sighed, she shrugged and gave up.

"What's up?"

"I tied my dress wrong, and I am too lazy to remove it and tie it again."

"And you aren't going to ask for help?"

"I was going to ask a servant for that," He chuckled and then laughed, "What?"

"I am not a complete idiot, I know how to tie a knot."

"A dress knot?"

"Yeah, I've seen yours so I guess I can redo it."

"Okay, try," She sat next to him and turned her back to him, "Don't pull on it much more though, it fits me like a glove."

"Then stay still," He said as his hands created more fingers and tied the knot perfectly and swiftly. He returned his hand to its regular state, "There, is that fine?"

"Did you tie it?" Her hand felt her lower back, "How did you tie it this well?"

"Seeing you with the same knot in your back and feeling it yesterday, that is why I took a little bit of time to untie it."

"I thought you were just incompetent."

"Was I?"

"I can't say anything about that," She kissed his cheek, "All I know is that it was really fun, I mean, really, really fun, it was so different to anything I've felt, and you seemed to like it as well, didn't you?"

"I like how you try to make yourself sound confident but you really aren't, it's cute," She blushed and looked away from him, "See?"

"I have to go do something," She got up from the bed and began walking towards the door. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back, "I have to go talk with my servants."

"Okay, when will you be back?"

"Why are you asking that?"

"No reason," He let go of her hand, "Nothing, nothing, go, go, sorry about that, I don't know why I did that, sorry, are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"No, I am fine, see you later," She kissed his cheek and left the room. He sat in the room, without doing anything. He looked down at his hands and sighed. He got up and walked around the room, he hadn't spent the time to look at it completely. He sat down at the table in the room and looked around. Her room was nearly empty, she had a small painting of her on the night table next to her bed. Her beds were large, long and wide with marble bed frames, but everything seemed so dull. He realized why she wanted to have someone to care for her, but probably not like her father or her mother, but as a lover.

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