50% Epic Of Immortalis / Chapter 3: A Mystical World

Chapter 3: A Mystical World

A year and a few months passed quickly, I'm finally able now to move my limbs. I'm 1 year and 9 months old. I can walk, not properly but still enough to feel myself a little bit more free.

"Varos ! Come, we're going to the market !" My mom shouted from the living room.

I walked quickly to my mother. Fortunately, there are no stairway between my room and the living room, I can walk but descending stairways might have been a big problem.

Today, we're going to the market of the village to buy vegetables.

During the year, I learned more and more thing from the place I'm in. Now, I can confirm with certainty that I'm in a new world. I was born in the village of Kapi which is populated by approximately 150 peoples, in Ekaloda's nation, in the continent of Magna. There are two others continents in this world, Akarlite, and Caidralle. It's said that those names comes from the messenger s of the gods.

I quickly joined my mother, I held her hand and we went out together to the market. The village market is not huge, but is quite diversified. Today's vegetables will be used for the meals of this week. We only eat meat once a week, meat is a luxury food in this world.

The market isn't far from home, in fact, the most furthest place from home while walking take around 1 hour to get there. It takes around 15 minutes to get to the market too.

Along the way, I analyzed as always the architecture of the houses and the streets. The town look like a village of Europe from the Middle Age. We arrived quickly at the market.

"What would you like to eat today darling?" My mother asked me tenderly.

"Anything" I answered as always. I am not picky with food and there are few meals that my mother can do. Or it would be more accurate to say that we can not afford to buy other seasoning for more varied dishes.

I would have liked to eat meat but meat is a luxury here. We can barely eat meat once a week and on a small portion, which is almost tasteless, mixed with a traditional soup of vegetable and for accompaniment a little bit of bread.

I don't know the fauna and the flora present in this world, if the animals are similar like my old world or not or if there are magical beasts or something. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The only animals my parents told me about is the "polam", which is the most common meat eaten here and look like chicken, and the "preglin", which is some sort of a giant rat that leave his home at night and stay near the town, and according to them, like to eat kids too... I doubt of the validity of their words, I guess they told me that to scare me and me make not want to leave the village.

As always, my mother seemed a little disappointed with my response, always monotonous. A child of my age should be more daring and more active, but I always seemed to be silent and gloomy, not the shy type of kid, but rather the strange type of kid.

While my mother bought the vegetables, my eyes were fixed on a stall where there were items. From what I've learned, these items are called varian items. Varian items, or varian relics are objects that are built with specific materials that interact with Ki and give a unique use to the object. Ki is one of the peculiarities of this world, it resides in every humans and is present in the air. This allows to increase the senses as well as the physical according to what I understood.

Those who can master Ki are feared and respected in this world. I first thought of trying to learn Ki, this thing would have allowed me to reach the stage I had dreamed of all my life, an absolute strength, but I quickly gave up this idea because of a factor, my environment.

My parents hardly know how to use Ki, and have learned to naturally use it, without external learning, which has led them to not be able to use their Ki properly. They are unable to teach me properly. In fact, they can barely use it and they can only enhance their strength a little.

Knowing this, they do not want to teach me, since it is dangerous to teach it knowing the subject properly.

My mother noticed that I was staring at the varian items intensively, and asked me, "Varos, I can not buy you one of these relics, but if you want, I can buy you something else, okay ?"

My parents are not really wealthy, they can buy me a few little goods but not beyond that. My father is an itinerant merchant and my mother don't work and only looks after me. She was cultivating vegetables before, but her body weakened after I was born, so she stopped.

"No, I'll be fine, but I want to stay out a little longer" I replied clearly.

I am not able to speak properly, but I can clearly formulate my thoughts and express them to others with ease. I am not yet at the level of an adult in term of vocabulary, but I already exceed those having more than 4 years on it. My parents take pride knowing that I'm more intelligent than the others kids, but they are sad to see that I am interacting so little with them, and with the other kids of the village.

Helpless, my mom decided to give up on her attempt to make me more open to my desire like a normal kid and accepted my simple request. "Fine, but you need to get home before the sun goes down, alright ?" The village is little, and my mom know nearly everyone here, if I have an issue, a villager can bring me home so she wasn't too worried that something would happen to me. In addition, she know I'm more mature and intelligent than the other kids, so she trust me on that regard.

I nodded and left her company. I intended, as always, to go for walk in the village. It was still the afternoon, and the sun was hanging high in the sky, without a cloud to hide it. It's usually cold in Kapi, but today the weather is relatively pleasant.

There is not so much to do here, so usually, I either contemplate the varian relic, or I'm posing in a quiet place, watching the interactions of the peoples around me. I always founded that interesting, even in my previous life.

I asked before to my father if there was any library, or something similar here, but his answer was negative. The only book that I found is in my home, which is an old book who show the dynasty of our country, and praises the merits of the royal family and his achievements. Well in short, a propaganda book. I can't read properly, so I can't really understand the content of this book beyond it's global message for now.

With how well my parents are treating me, I couldn't just brushed off their good intent. I can't love them like my old parents, but I learned to appreciate them. That's the best I can do for them. My goal right now is to learn more in this world, It's the only thing that appease my sorrow and my past. The unknown in this world might be able to change me.

As I was lost in my thought, a group of kids that I recognized came closer to me...

Kodac Kodac

I had trouble to describe the surrounding, now it become clearer on how I have to do it next time. It's easy to describe the psychological state of a character, less easy to describe his surrounding tho.

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    No prob, thanks for your support !

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