58.33% The Enchantress / Chapter 14: Bao Shīzi

Chapter 14: Bao Shīzi

14 - Bao Shīzi

Yo Huiyin lay on a red canopy bed unconscious.

the man, or more specifically Bao Shīzi stared at the almost dream like scenary infront of him, the peerless beauty laid on his bed, he was excited to get her to marry him, he wanted the world to know she is his, and he is hers

alot of gay men and women have coveted him but he has never imagined that he himself will covet someone

her snarky attitude towards him earlier only sparked his interest, it made him chuckle unconsciously, She was like a Diamond in the rough, who would have thought he'd find such a lady at a 3rd rate city infested with thieves and criminals along with cocky wizards and a corrupt mayor

Yo Huiyin stirred in her sleep making his already smiling face grew more ecstatic.

when Yo Huiyin opened her eyes she felt the soft mattress beneath her, with her eyes still droopy she scanned all around her until it stopped at the familiar beautiful face of man

she unconsciously placed her arms around her body and glared at the man

Bao Shīzi laughed, with just small gestures she could make him smile, He's determined to have her

"Relax my bride, I did not do anything indecent to you and will not do so unless you say so" he charmingly smiled at her

"Perv and Kidnapper." she slowly sat up not tearing away from eye contact with Bao Shīzi

"Now now My Bride, let's calm down. you'd need to rest we have a big day tommorow" the man chuckled as he approach the doors

"What are you talking about...?"

Bao Shīzi didn't turn around instead tilted his head back at her, looking at her through the corner of his eyes he said "For our Wedding." and with that he left the room closing the door behind him with a click

with wide eyes she stood up, but since her legs were still asleep she fell to her knees "Curse it. what kind of bad luck curse did those mother and daughter witches do to me that I get to meet dilemma after dilemma?" she muttered to herself

first it was being disabled, then getting attacked by bandits and then this! getting kidnapped and forced to marry a random beautiful man

don't get her wrong she still gets attracted to opposite sex but at the moment she is not available for being in a relationship, She's for crying out loud at the very beginning of her revenge, not even 1/8 to her plan and she's already stuck at a problem she knows that wouldn't be easy to just brush off

she wanted to slap herself in the face, If only The previous Yo Huiyin knew something about the world beyond the gates of Yo manor, If only she didn't went in the forest she wouldn't even be at this place!

she shook her head sighing, there's no point in crying about. she must hurry and think.

an Idea popped in her mind, Although she was reluctant to execute the idea

she began executing her plan...


Bao Shīzi slowly entered the room with a tray of jook-sing noodles and lotus see soup

when he saw the sleeping Yo Huiyin he smiled, He slowly approached the bed she lay on and placed the tray by the table near her bed.

Seeing her sound asleep warmed his heart, soon this beauty who makes his heart race will be his wife, His bride, the love of his life, although meeting her just recently he did not care, All he cares about is having her in his arms, he reached his hands towards her to move a few strands of hair out of her beautiful countenance when suddenly her eyes opened and her hand grabbing his, she pulled him towards her and flipped them so that she was on top of him and he was below her with wide eyes

she took a hold of both his arms pinning him down "Wife I did not know you wish to do this now before wedding" his eyes watching her playfully as he tease her

a blush formed on Yo Huiyins cheek but remained her glare at the man, This was one of the reasons she hesitated on doing this plan, It was a cheap plan but it always worked even in dramas.

she had to hold both of his arms, the man was weaker than she thought, She thought he would of put up much of a fight but instead let her pin him down.

"Where are the keys?" she asked not breaking eye contact

he chuckled and soon before she even know it their spots switched, Now he was on top of her while she was pinned down, Shock was evident in her eyes and at this moment she wished she actually took self defence classes

"Tsk naughty wife." he said teasingly

"Let go of me!" she yelled as she tried to break free, but the man suddenly became stronger unlike when she pinned him

"You should be punished" he said looking at her Pink lips that are a little bit parted, leaning in her eyes widened

Yun_luoyfeng Yun_luoyfeng

Thank you for reading The Enchantress! I really appreaciate your support! I will update every 2 to 3 days with 2 chapters. I wanted to change the book cover but wouldn't let me since it has a required size. but still you guys did not judge a book by it's cover which is in my case no cover ?? Thanks for your support I greatly appreciate it!

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