Chapter 3: Blood Pool

Inside Void God Shrine, many deadly traps and nightmare trials waiting for the one that entered it. When the protagonist entered this place, he brought hundreds of his best-trained men but all of them died tragically and only the protagonist himself manage to survive it all and gain the Void God Scripture in the end.

The main character, Jian Chen tried to follow the protagonist like "Mantis stalks the cicada" and he intends to take the advantage in the end but unfortunately he failed and trapped inside by the protagonist. Fortunately, he managed to find the secret door that heading outside and safely go back to his Holy Light Sect in the end.

Right now, Mu Xuan Yin trying her hardest to find this secret door and use it to enter the Void God Shrine directly bypassing all the deadly traps and the nightmare trials on the front entrance.

With her current powerless self, how could she pass all the traps and trials that can slay all the protagonist best-trained army of cultivator?! That is why her only hope to get Void God Inheritance is only through this secret passage.

"Found it at last!" Mu Xuan Yin was grinning widely when she discovered a stone door on the floor covered by lush bushes. She spent almost one week carefully searching for this secret door.

Mu Xuan Yin solved the sliding puzzle on the secret door easily according to the instruction in the novel that she read before and the secret door slowly opened up. She carefully descended the stone stair.

The secret passage is not only very long and straight but also humid and dark, the smell is also very awful like in the underground sewer but Mu Xuan Yin was pinching her own nose while withstand her urge to throw up.

After walking for a few hours and passed the long secret passage, Mu Xuan Yin discovered another stone door but this stone door is far bigger and thick than the one that she met before. There are also countless mysterious runes that carved all over the stone door gave an eerie feeling to the one that saw it.

Mu Xuan Yin found another sliding puzzle on this stone door but she could solve them in a few minutes without any difficulties. The big sturdy stone door shone faintly with some strange light for a second and then it slid open like the elevator's door.

Mu Xuan Yin entered the room behind the stone door cautiously. The room was very spacious with some standing pillars that arranged neatly to support the room. The room's wall also had countless mysterious runes that carved all over it, all the runes on the wall are almost identical with the one that carved on the big stone door.

In the center of the spacious room, Mu Xuan Yin saw the blood pool and the middle of it there is a majestic gold altar with many transparent runes floating above it.

"That's it! Void God Scripture!" Mu Xuan Yin was running hastily approached the blood pool and searching for the bridge to cross it.

However, when she approached the blood pool, she noticed several shadow silhouettes jumped from nearby pillars.

"Gale Wolves! That is impossible... They should be in another room..." Mu Xuan Yin's went pale when she saw all the gale wolves that surrounded her.

It looks like that the other trap rooms actually connected to this room. That explains why these several gale wolves are in this main room right now and the novel did not actually explain it in detail. That is why Mu Xuan Yin let her guard down when she entered this room.

Gale Wolves form is like an ordinary wolf with its brown fur but their size is as big as a motorbike. One of them had the same power as five-star body tempering stage cultivator. Moreover, when they began to cooperate in a group like now, they could slay several five-star body tempering stage cultivator easily.

Mu Xuan Yin's strength right now is even weaker than an ordinary villager, so she did not stand a chance at all to escape from these Gale Wolves.

Mu Xuan Yin's pair of glittering eyes shone full of unwillingness but the gale wolves did not care about her feeling at all and pounced of her.

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Mu Xuan Yin stepped backward tried to dodge them but she forgot that behind her was the blood pool. She slipped then drowned inside the blood pool.

She was an introvert librarian so how could she have time to learn swimming as an adventurer does. Therefore, once she dropped into the blood pool, she sank down like a stone dropped into the water pool.

'Is this the end?'

'When all of this has not even begun yet?'

'I thought everything will change if I tried to make some effort this time...'

'So everything was futile, huh...'

godadi godadi

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Comments (44)



    Wow. The story had already ended in chapter 2! I guess she drowns in the blood pool. Yuk by the way. 😨

  • Eternaly_Lazy


    I'm curious.. How can she remember all those details from the Novels that she read? I mean I love reading to.. And I've read many novels but I can't possibly remember everything that happened in every novel that I've read. Hell I even sometimes forget the characters names. Does she have a photographic memory or something

  • _Nightcloud_


    Thx for the chapter Love it

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