Chapter 4: Rebirth!

Mu Xuan Yin thought that she surely would be dead right now. However, out of her expectation, she did not felt any discomfort or shortness of breath at all when she was deep inside the blood pool. On contrary, she felt extremely comfortable and warm like the baby inside their mother's womb.

She did not realize that the blood inside the blood pool contained countless mysterious runes as big as red blood cells and it was slowly entering her body through her every pore.

One day...

Two days...

Three days...

For each day passed the red crimson color of the blood pool began to clearing up little by little. In the seven days, the blood pool's color already cleared completely and it turned transparent like the spring water.

After seven days, Mu Xuan Yin jumped out from the clear blood pool and landed back on the ground slowly. Her posture is straight like a fairy and her body transformed completely.

Her petite body's height that usually sixty inches grew taller into more than seventy inches. Her pale pink lips turned seductive red like an apple. Her tiny twin A-cup hill turned into a pair of towering D-cup. Also, the most noticeable is her sand colored skin turned brighter as white jade flushed with healthy pale pink.

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To put it simply her average looks turned completely into peerless looks that 'capable of causing the downfall of a land'. It's like an ugly caterpillar that shed its skin and turned into a beautiful rare butterfly.

However, the gale wolves are not human so they did not have any understanding on Mu Xuan Yin's beauty. What's in their mind is they were extremely hungry and there was a juicy delicious meat in front of them. They swiftly dashed and surrounded her again but this time they even blocked her way to the clear blood pool.

Mu Xuan Yin's eyelid fluttered like a butterfly and she slowly opened her eyes. Her pair of beautiful eyes shone with sharp intimidating light even all the gale wolves startled and backed off a little.

Mu Xuan Yin ignored all the gale wolves like they did not exist and she slowly raised her right hand and clenched it. She can clearly felt that her strength had risen to an unimaginable level.

One of the gale wolves was impatient and pounced toward Mu Xuan Yin from her left side and she swiftly countered it with her right fist.

Her right fist hit the gale wolf right at its chin and it flew like a bullet toward the ceiling then crashing loudly at it. When the gale wolf dropped back down to the ground, it already turned into a meat paste.

Even Mu Xuan Yin herself was very surprised with her own strength right now. It looks like she somewhat managed to completely mastered the first level of Void God Scripture. It also means that right now, she had the strength that surpassed even the nine-star body tempering stage cultivator.

All the gale wolves turned more serious and menacing after Mu Xuan Yin slew one of their comrades. They began to dashing around Mu Xuan Yin in a circle then three of the pounced again toward her while the rest targeted her legs.


When all the gale wolves almost touched her, Mu Xuan Yin spun her body suddenly using all of her strength. All the gale wolves bounced off like smashed onto a full speed running truck and all of their neck bending into a weird shape. All of them died with opened eyes did not even knowing what hit and kill them until their last moment.

Mu Xuan Yin was grinning widely satisfied with her own current strength then he walked approaching the clear blood pool and jumped toward the altar in the middle of it.

After landed near the altar, she quickly reached her right hand towards the transparent runes that floating above it. All the transparent runes instantly flowing and entered Mu Xuan Yin's forehead.

She felt a terrible headache when all the transparent runes enter her mind. She was shouting and kneeled down while holding her painful head. However, after all of the transparent runes entered her head, she felt that her headache vanished and she also find that all of the Void God Scripture's cultivation technique already inside her brain.

"So it is only like this? So easy hehe… I thought I must memorize it all in this room. But it imprinted all of the content directly into my brain!" Mu Xuan Yin quite surprised by this. Since in the novel, it did not explain in detail on how the protagonist acquired this Void God Scripture.

Mu Xuan Yin business here already finished and her next destination is Dongzhou City where the Holy Light Sect exam will be held.

However, when Mu Xuan Yin walked back toward the secret passage, she found one of the gale wolves that survive and hiding behind one of the pillars while crouching and trembling.

Mu Xuan Yin chuckled then she approaching the gale wolf slowly. The gale wolf got even more frightened and it quickly bow down to Mu Xuan Yin while trembling harder, she can even hear its teeth chattering from where she stood up now.

"Answer me! Do you understand what I am saying right now?" Mu Xuan Yin stared menacingly toward the gale wolf.

The bowed gale wolf covered its eyes with its front paws while shook its head several times.

Mu Xuan Yin had an urge to laughing out loud when she saw the gale wolf. If it did not understand what she's saying then why it shook its head.

"You only have two choices right now! One, submit to me and become my mount. Two, you died here like all your comrades. Now choose?!" Mu Xuan Yin said it full of intimidating.

The gale wolf quickly turned its body then lowered it down to offer Mu Xuan Yin with its back. It looks like the gale wolf decided to choose the first choice.

"Smart boy!" Mu Xuan Yin patted the gale wolf back gently then jumped and sat on its back.

"Now Go! Run out of this ruin first then head to the east!" Mu Xuan Yin ordered the gale wolf. The gale wolf understood her immediately and quickly dashed with amazing speed that did not lose to the real motorbike.

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  • NoNameJustFame


    can someone tell me where i can buy a blood pool like that

  • Moonsredshadow


    D cups... ah the backpain, i recall the video for bras a while back, D cups are like rabbits equavlent in weight. It was a banned japanese commercial. 😂

  • Zehntel


    Feels like the D cup is overkill. I was expecting a cute fairy like appearance but now it changed to a sexy busty appearance.

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