Chapter 8: Aptitude Test Began!

Mu Xuan Yin quickly found an inn near the center of Dongzhou City. Since the Holy Light Sect exam will be held at the center of Dongzhou City later, so it was better for her to stay at the inn near it.

The inn Mu Xuan Yin staying was called Moonlight Inn. Moonlight Inn did not look too extravagant and can only be described as average at best but the most important for Mu Xuan Yin was the prize to stay is still in acceptable range, the environment also quite clean, and the atmosphere is relaxing.

Moonlight Inn first floor was a restaurant and the lodging room on the second floor. Mu Xuan Yin walked to innkeeper's counter and booked one room. After she got the room key, she went upstairs and entered her room then locked the door.

Mu Xuan Yin put her luggage on the table and sat on her bed then she pulled a dilapidated book from inside her clothes. She got this book from one of the real Jian Chen belonging. This book titled "Beginner Cultivation Manual" explained about how to start cultivating at the body tempering stage.

Mu Xuan Yin was a librarian so she had a strong memory and she only needs a few minutes to memorize all the content in the dilapidated book. She closed the book and threw it to the table then quickly sat in lotus position on her bed and closed her eyes.

Mu Xuan Yin began to circulate her inner force to all over her body repeatedly again and again. There was white smoke coming out from every pore of her body when she tempering every part of her body using her inner force and her sweat began to wetting her clothes.


After a few hours, Mu Xuan Yin felt that something inside her broke out. It looks like that she managed to achieve one-star body tempering stage.

"Hehe… I only need a few hours to break through to one-star body tempering stage! If I continue to cultivating at this speed, reaching nine-star body tempering stage would be no problem at all!" Mu Xuan Yin was smiling full of confidence.

Unfortunately, everything was not as easy as Mu Xuan Yin predicted. After reached one-star body tempering stage, her cultivation speed slowed down a lot and she needs a few days to break through to two-star body tempering stage.

Other than eating, drinking, and taking a bath, Mu Xuan Yin keeps cultivating non-stop in her room. However, she still needs more than a month to reach three-star body tempering stage just barely reaching the minimum requirement for Holy Light Sect exam before the exam started.

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Holy Light Sect exam was held today simultaneously at many big cities and Dongzhou City is one of them. Many people from all over the nearby cities and villages came to Dongzhou City to try their luck in this exam.

Dongzhou City was really crowded today made the temperature around the central district raised a lot but everyone waited orderly and patiently for Holy Light Sect examiner come. The crowd became chaotic when the Holy Light Sect examiner arrived precisely at midday. There was three of them, that flew down to the central platform that already prepared by the Dongzhou's City Lord for them.

One of the examiners that stood at the front raised his hand and the crowd silent down instantly. After that, he began to say some greeting and explained the rules of the exam.

The first rules are all of the participant's age must be less than twenty years old. Mu Xuan Yin was only eighteen years old so this rule would not be any trouble for her.

The second rules are only someone with aptitude higher than C rank in any element that can participate in the exam. Mu Xuan Yin never tested her aptitude before since she transmigrated here but she already baptized by the void god's blood pool so her aptitude rank should be not too low right now.

The three examiners each put a clear crystal ball on the table in front of them and the participant began to form three queues then one by one, they began to put their hands on the top of it.

The aptitude test began smoothly and all of the participants only need to put their hand on the top of the crystal ball then the ball began to shine the stronger the light the higher their aptitude rank. Red light for fire, green light for wind, blue light for water, brown light for earth, yellow light for thunder, white light for light, and black light for darkness.

D-rank fire aptitude… Failed!

C-rank water aptitude…Passed!

E-rank earth aptitude… Failed!

D-rank wind aptitude… Failed!

Many participants eliminated instantly, only about one of the five people that passed this aptitude test. Anyone could easily see how harsh the requirement to enter the Holy Light Sect.

A-rank lightning aptitude… Passed!

The crowd became noisy when they heard someone has an A-rank lightning aptitude. However, the man with A-rank lightning aptitude ignored them all and walks away with the expression full of arrogance.

"So that is Sun Xiang, Dong Zhuo's City Lord only son. He was managed to reach seven-star body tempering stage at nineteen years old and also the main character's early rival…"Mu Xuan Yin was smiling while watched calmly from nearby exam queue.

After a few hours, finally, it was Mu Xuan Yin's turn to test her aptitude. Mu Xuan Yin put her right hand on the top of the crystal ball and waited for a few seconds.


However, after a few minutes, the crystal ball still did not show any change at all. Mu Xuan Yin frowned and the examiner began to become impatient.

No aptitude rank… Failed!

All the crowds burst in laughter when they heard about it. Amongst all the persons that participate in this aptitude test until now, only Mu Xuan Yin that did not have any aptitude rank.

"Wait… Wait… Let me hold the crystal ball with my left hand then!" Mu Xuan Yin put her left hand on the top of the crystal ball but after a few minutes, it still did not show any change.

The crowd burst into laugh even harder when they saw Mu Xuan Yin no aptitude rank result once again.

"TRASH!!!" Sun Xiang scoffed Mu Xuan Yin harshly.

Mu Xuan Yin did not have any energy left to rebuke him and she limply walked down from the stage.

Cling… Cling… Cling…

Mu Xuan Yin sluggish took her mobile phone from inside her sleeve and checked the supreme god message.

Supreme God: Sigh… My Dear, how can you become so stupid? You did not even check my handmade application that this supreme personally installed into your phone.

"Handmade application?" Mu Xuan Yin frowned. She actually completely had forgotten about her mobile phone after the real Jian Chen incident. She thought that the battery surely will not hold much longer and it will run out sooner or later. However, when she paid attention to the battery sign right now, there is an infinity symbol at the place where the battery percentage was usually shown.

Mu Xuan Yin began to browse all of her application and found that there was a new application installed with the name 'Supreme God's System' in her mobile phone.

godadi godadi

The time for secret technique! Supreme God System!

Lol stay tuned to know what is the function of this application!

Also do not forget to vote your powerstone... Wink... Wink...

Comments (22)

  • wisheart


    Hahahaha that's too funny.. Her walking confidently, then zero aptitude! 😂 and here I am, imagining the ball bursting because of her overflowing talent (like how some novels promote the lead character). Author sure knows how to throw the readers off.

  • Rinzuka


    Infinite battery! That's my favorite part!

  • Porkthesecond


    Infinite battery you say? Vibration function you say?

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