Chapter 15: The First Place?!

The trials went on fiercely, many participants were got injured, and some of them even died. Only several people with exceptional ability could pass it unharmed.

The second trial was a swamp full of hungry crocodiles. To pass this trial many of them use their quick dash and stepped on the hungry crocodiles head one by one until they passed the swamp but some of them that a little slower was devoured by the hungry crocodiles.

The third trial was a very high steep wall. All participants must be climbing up this steep wall carefully and after they arrived above, they must climbing back down from the other side of the wall. Unfortunately, the wall was not only slippery but also hard to find a stable place to grab so many of the participants dropped back down after reached certain height since the higher they climb, the wind will also blowing stronger.

The fourth trial was a huge hall full of the bronze doll. For each person that entered the hall, one bronze doll will awaken and attacking him/her. The bronze doll had a power equal to five-star body tempering stage but their sturdy body can even withstand seven-star body tempering stage.

The participants should have no problem defeating this bronze doll if in the normal situation but right now, they not only greatly exhausted, some of them even already sustained some injuries from the trial before. This trial went on even more violent and chaotic than any trial before this.

The fifth and the last trial, everyone imagined that it will be a very hard and bloody trial but out of everyone expectation, there was nothing in the fifth trial. Only one narrow tunnel that solely enough for one person to pass. In other words, the one that passed this tunnel will get the first place. All the participants that arrived in front of the tunnel began to fight each other fiercely.

However, Feng Ying Yue was the one that managed to enter the narrow tunnel in the end. She was smiling confidently while kept dashing to exit the tunnel.

When she came out of the tunnel, she arrived back in the hall where all the participants assembled together before. Feng Ying Yue was very sure that she is the one that got the first place and she walked approaching Elder Fang Guangli.

" Congratulation! Very good... As I expected from Feng Family daughter, you manage to get the second place despite your young age." Fang Guangli was smiling gently and congratulate Feng Ying Yue sincerely but his words like a hammer that shattering Feng Ying Yue's confidence and hope.

"Second... Place... Impossible!" Feng Ying Yue shocked in disbelief. She was very sure that no one in front of her so how could someone manage to get the first place beside her.

"Yes, that's right. You surely failed to notice that someone in front of you because the situation inside must be very chaotic. The one that managed to get the first place is Disciple Jian Chen here!" Fang Guangli knew that Feng Ying Yue expected that she was the one that got the first place so Fang Guangli explained the situation more clearly to her while pointing to where Mu Xuan Yin stood.

Feng Ying Yue shocked and stared at Mu Xuan Yin in disbelief, dizziness began to invade her mind, as she stood staggered. Mu Xuan Yin was smiling toward Feng Ying Yue and waving her hand to greet her but Feng Ying Yue thought that Mu Xuan Yin was silently mocking her. She gritted her teeth in dissatisfaction while staring at Mu Xuan Yin in anger.

Mu Xuan Yin puzzled as for why Feng Ying Yue stared at her angrily. Everyone wants to win and get the reward, so will Feng Ying Yue hate everyone that got the first place? Is this why she really hate Wang Jinhai before?

"Sigh... Human's heart is too complicated..." Mu Xuan Yin sighed in disappointment while keep rubbing her forehead.

After a few minutes, other people came out from the tunnel and arrived back in the hall one by one. There was not many of them left only about a fourth of them managed to pass the trial.

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Elder Fang Guangli waited for one more hour then concluded the trial was over. All the people in the hall right now are officially Holy Light Sect outer disciples.

"Now I will give the first prize to the one that manages to finish the trial in the first place! Jian Chen!" Elder Fang Guangli announced Jian Chen's name as the first place then Mu Xian Yin walked approaching Elder Fang Guangli to receive the Body Tempering Pill from him.

"Congratulation, work harder and do not forget that this is only the beginning! Your road still very long and arduous but you must remember to never give up!" Fang Guangli was smiling gently while handed the Body Tempering Pill over to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Thank you very much, Elder! This disciple promised that he will work harder and will never give up on his way!" Mu Xuan Yin answered Fang Guangli firmly and her eyes shone gallantly made even Elder Fang Guangli fascinated by it for a second.

Then Elder Fang Guangli nodded back to Mu Xuan Yin in satisfaction while thinking that 'all of the young generations should be like this.'

Elder Fang Guangli wanted to announce that the trial was over and he intended to order some of his disciples to lead all of these new disciples to their quarters but suddenly his communication talisman was glowing on.

Elder Fang Guangli quickly put his communication talisman out from his pocket and held it on his right hand while his left hand moved and made some kind of sign.

Mu Xuan Yin knew this 'communication talisman' from the novel but this was the first time she saw it directly like this. She kept staring at it full of curiosity.

This communication talisman function was the same as the mobile phone in the modern world but it did not use any kind of battery, chip, or Android OS. Instead, it only used a sheet of paper and special ink to draw some kind of inscription on it.

"Sect Leader! Uhum… Is there anything that Sect Leader need right now?" Elder Fang Guangli was very surprised at first but he quickly regained his composure and began talking with his communication talisman. It looks like the one that contacted Elder Fang Guangli was the mysterious Sect Leader that never been mentioned even once in the novel.

"What?! But… But… Uhh… Ok then if that is Sect Leader order… Yes, I understand… I will do it now." Elder Fang Guangli was talking with his communication talisman while keep staring at Mu Xuan Yin with a pitiful gaze.

Mu Xuan Yin frowned in suspicion when she saw Elder Fang Guangli gaze at her. She really had a bad feeling about this.

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Comments (13)

  • MoonlessLotusLake


    Lol. The MC is trying to do the same thing like in the novel and all she received are the hate from her harem. I think if she doesn't care for the harem girls she would attract all of them.

  • Moonlight_Lady


    Will he be the second ML?

  • Moonlight_Lady


    It is not hard to guess who the sect leader is.

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