Chapter 70: Water Dragon Anger?

"You dare! Miss Mu is this prince's most important person! This prince will not allow anyone to touch her if you want to take her then step over this prince dead body first!" Qing Tian was shouting out loud full of threatening and resolute. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After Qing Tian shouted several battalions of strong warriors wore the set of thick black armor from their tip head to toe riding their sturdy horse toward Qing Tian. With heavy black iron spear in their right hand along with thick black shield in their left hand, anyone could judge with a single glance that all of these warriors were on the entire different level than the silver armored guards in Mu Xuan Yin's palace before.

Even the red armored warriors that surrounded the Long Autumn Palace were intimidated by the black-armored warrior's tyrannical bloodlust aura from their presence and opened a way for them to Qing Tian.

"Black Dragon Platoon Cavalry!" The red-armored captain shocked and his face turned gloomy in an instant when he saw the Black Dragon Cavalry circled Qing Tian and Mu Xuan Yin with the orderly neat formation and pointing their heavy black spears to the red armored warriors.

There's no doubt that even though the red armored warrior's number was far superior to the Black Dragon Platoon Cavalry but the latter was vastly more powerful and experienced than the former. If the fight really broke out, the Black Dragon Platoon Cavalry could easily flatten all the red armored warriors in a few minutes.

In Nanshu Empire, the most powerful and feared platoon was the golden dragon platoon which is in charge of royal palace security only Nanshu Emperor can command this platoon and the other one was this Black Dragon Platoon which is in charge of protecting the borders.

Only someone that held the Dragon Protection Emblem could command the Black Dragon Platoon and that Dragon Protection Emblem was currently in the Nanshu Empire's crown prince hand, Duan Qing Tian.

"Dragon Platoon Cavalry… All of them already reach high-level body tempering stage! Only a step away from Qi Condensation Stage! Sigh… As expected from one of the strongest Empire." Even Mu Xuan Yin was stunned silly and sighed in awe when she saw the black armored cavalry in front of her.

This line up was almost as strong as outer disciples of six great sects! Moreover, with their neat and orderly formation, even the outer disciples of six great sects would not be their match at all.

"Your Highness, please do not misunderstand… This is not this subordinate's will but it's prime minister's order. Moreover, if this matter is not cleared up then it will ruin Miss Mu reputation too. Does Your Highness agree?" The red-armored captain was smiling awkwardly and asked Qing Tian with the half pleading tone.

"This…" Qing Tian was hesitating and began to ponder it.

'It won't be good if Miss Mu reputation tarnished since it will make royal father oppose our relationship but if we go to the prime minister's residence, there is no guarantee that old cunning fox will not play some tricks then reverse the black and white later…'Qing Tian frowned deeper as he was really having a hard time to decide.

"I will go! I am not guilty so I am not afraid to get interrogated!" Mu Xuan Yin said to Qin Tian resolutely.

"Are you sure? There is no guarantee that they will not fabricate the fact and make you the perpetrator later." Qing Tian asked Mu Xuan Yin seriously but Mu Xuan Yin nodded her head full of confidence.

Even if the prime minister tried to forcefully arrest her later, she still has several magical treasures that she got from her Master that can help her escape without any difficulty so she was not even the least bit afraid.

"Ok, then this Prince will accompany you with all of these Black Dragon Cavalry! Let's see what that prime minister wants to say!" Qing Tian said with the stern tone and mounted one of the black sturdy horses and gave one for Mu Xuan Yin.

"I… I can't ride horse… Hehe sorry…"Mu Xuan Yin said to Qing Tian with an apologetic smile. She had only ever ridden a gale wolf before, it also because she already made it submit to her before riding it and she was actually only sat on its back while the gale wolf ran to the direction that she pointed to.

"Then please let me give you a ride." Qing Tian was smiling gently and reached his right hand to Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin stunned and reached her hand to Qing Tian then Qing Tian swiftly pulled her toward him made Mu Xuan Yin sat in front of him.

Qing Tian sat behind her but both of his arms encircled Mu Xuan Yin's body from behind and held the horse rein, their posture was really intimate made even the cold-blooded Black Dragon Cavalry gawked in shock and stared in envy to Qing Tian.

Mu Xuan Yin was feeling rather uncomfortable in this position but she forced herself to accept it for now since Qing Tian was accompanying her to protect her from harm after all.

Qing Tian was grinning full of happiness while keep looking at the peerless beautiful girl in front of hin right now. He never thought that this kind of problem was actually can bring him closer to the girl that he always dreaming lately.

Qing Tian sniffed the light natural floral fragrance that coming from Mu Xuan Yin's body, he can see Mu Xuan Yin's snow-white nape from behind and he tightening both of his arms a bit like hugging Mu Xuan Yin from behind to felt her body warm and softness a bit.

Qing Tian's eyes glint with passion while hardened his resolve even more than before 'this woman no matter what happens must become mine!'


Along the way, all of the red-armored warriors, Black Dragon Cavalry, and Qing Tian were dumbfounded in shock once again.

All of them were coming from the different direction before so they did not see these messed up scenes before and only when they headed toward the prime minister's residence they finally saw this chaos like some huge demonic beast rampaged around and flattened several walls, trees, and buildings.

"You over there! What happens here?" Qing Tian called the nearby guards and asked curiously while Mu Xuan Yin bowed down her head in guilty with a pained expression.

Rather than the poison matter, she actually feels more guilty and sorry about this. Yesterday, she actually did not plan to do that but her blood already rushed to her head when the black-clothed man escaped from her sight again and again.

"Report to your highness! According to the patrolling guards yesterday, there is a thief that stole something from the sacred ground and makes the water dragon angry then chasing after him that leads to this mess." The silver armored guards kneeling and answered Qing Tian politely.

"Water dragon? have they caught the thief yet?" Qing Tian asked again with the skeptical expression.

"No. According to their testimony, they already rendered the thief unconscious before but it looks like the water dragon took him away since they cannot found him now or the thief probably already been eaten by the water dragon!" The guards answered Qing Tian.

"Search and find the thief at all cost! Arrest him and force him to pay for the damage compensation!" Qing Tian ordered with a serious expression.

"Cough… Cough… Cough…"Mu Xuan Yin choked on her own saliva when she heard their ridiculous explanation and the punishment but she did not dare to say anything since if they knew that she was the one that did it, they probably will arrest her and ask her for the compensation too.

How a poor person like her could pay for the compensation?! Mu Xuan Yin could only pray that no one saw her last night so her secret will remain hidden forever.

She also feels really sorry for the black-clothed man right now because if he got discovered later, he will be charged because of damaging the royal palace not only he will be imprisoned but he also must pay the damage compensation.

"Sigh... So this is what it feels when passing the buck to someone. I am really sorry black-clothed brother, I hope that your wallet is far more thicker than mine." Mu Xuan Yin sighed in resignation and decided to forget it for now. If the black-clothed man could heard what Mu Xuan Yin said right now, he would probably spurted out several liters of blood and hanged himself in frustration.

godadi godadi

RIP that black-clothed man lol not only got captured but also must pay for the property damage pffft...

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also thank you very much everyone who has already voted and gave me the gift!

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    A VERY unfortunate man

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    It is ok you are just delegating it to him lol

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