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Rebirth and Rise: The Campus Business Woman

Author: Saadia95

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Chapter 1: Chapter One: Jumping into the Sea

Far away from the shore of the sea, a luxurious yacht sailed slowly.

At this moment, the sea resembled a roaring tiger head, surging and screaming violently with wild waves, Similar to the woman Tang Ai Ning's present mood.

Her body stood slightly slacked. She wore a casual white t-shirt and jeans below. Standing on the edge of the deck, so long as she drew a step back, she could fall into the deep sea.

However, this is not the point. The critical point is that at the moment, Tang Ai Ning right shoulder and left thigh were bleeding continuously due to the bullet embedded inside. The continuous loss of blood caused her whole body to shiver, on the verge of crumbling to the floor, but she still had enough strength not fall on the ground yet.

One can only imagine how much spirit and determination it took for her to stand on her two feet.

But it wasn't just the two gunshots, that had reduced Tang Ai Ning to the state she was in; It was also because she had been drugged earlier with medicine that took away her strength.

Otherwise, how could she let them catch her so quickly?

Opposite to her was standing the two people she currently had to confront head on, a man and a woman.

The woman dressed in a white bra and a short dress; she had heavy makeup. Dark red hair cascaded down her back, and an extremely seductive smile adorned her face.

The man appeared to be about 30 years old and wore a white suit. He was both handsome and extraordinary enhancing his appearance and astuteness.

The two people leaned close to each other, with their awkward posture the air around them had a taste of sluttiness.

Behind the pair of them stood eight well-built men dressed in black suits, their manners resembling that of a bodyguard.

However, the man dressed in white suit exuded coldness, and his eagle-like eyes were staring at Tang Ai Ning in front of him. His hand raised holding a pistol directly at her, his finger on the trigger ready to shoot at any moments notice.

This man was responsible for the wounds on Tang Ai Ning's body.

"Why?" Tang Ai Ning gritted her teeth. Her bloodshot eyes were looking at the intimate posture of the pair man and woman, with endless anger, pain, remorse, and unwillingness coursed through her body.

"Why? Hehe······" The woman, who is, Tang Yaxin looked at Tang Ai Ning ridiculous as if she heard a funny joke. She sneered, "Tang Ai Ning, ah, Tang Ai Ning, can you still not see the facts? From the beginning to the end, the one Ziyue loved was me. He was only with you to use you. Otherwise, why do you think Ziyue hasn't touched you once in the two years you spent together?"

"You······" Tang Ai Ning radiated with anger. If looks could kill, Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue would be lying dead on the floor long ago.

In truth, Tang Yaxin and Tang Ai Ning are half-sisters connected through their father; Tang Aining is two years older than her.

Ten years ago, Tang Yaxin and her mother appeared at their house. Tang Ai Ning's mother was so angry that she ran outside and got into a car accident and has been in a vegetative state in the hospital. And so Tang Yaxin and her mistress of a mother were able to enter her house as if they belonged there.

On the other hand, Tang Ai Ning was thrown into a killer organization by her father to being trained. When she was finally able to emerge, she was forced to delegate tasks of the Tang Family that couldn't be seen in the light of day.

Although Tang Ai Ning was unwilling to do that; however, her mother was still in the hands of her father. If she refused to do what she was told to do, he would have killed her mother.

Qi Ziyue, on the other hand, came from an ordinary background. However, he was quite a remarkable man. He always told Tang Ai Ning that he loved her for manner and intelligence, but he turned out to be nothing but a man with two-faced nature right in the open at this moment.

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Tang Yaxin ignored Tang Ai Ning's anger and continued: "Father knows that when your mother dies, he will no longer be able to control you completely. Therefore, he wanted to arrange a man to stay close to you who would be able to keep a leash on you. But you ignored all the men that father sent your way, but because of an accident, you took a liking to my man. For the Tang family, I could only endure as my man had to accompany and act as if he was in love with you,"

Tang Yaxin showed an appearance of a wronged grievances; although she was pretending to be, it still elicited feelings of pity towards her by those who saw her. And to coordinate with her performance, Qi Ziyue comforted her: "Baby, rest assured, from now on, I will always be by your side, I won't let you feel lonely at night ever again."

"But of course, you only belong to me alone, be it body or heart" Tang Yaxin spoke in a coaxing voice as her fingers drew a circle on his chest teasingly. Qi Ziyue could n't help but have lustful thoughts.

If there weren't something to take care of at this time, he would've been pressing Tang Yaxin under his body and have his way with her on deck.

A sense of disgust filled Tang Ai Ning's heart, but she was more disgusted with the couple in front of her.

If it weren't for the gun pointing at her, she wouldn't allow these people to act this kind of scene before her own eyes.

"You······" the words from Tang Ai Ning made Tang Yaxin's complexion darken, but before she could say anything, she was interrupted by Qi Ziyue. "Baby, don't let her upset you. She is going to die soon anyway, let her say what she wants."

Tang Yaxin Paused and added "I also, don't want to deal with her so early, but who let her know that her mother was dead? I have to say that this mother and daughter pair are very affectionate with each other, she wouldn't stand down even on your account."

After a pause, she added, "Tang Ai Ning, on account of the contributions you made towards the Tang family. I'll give you two choices. First, you can jump into the sea by yourself…" Tang Yaxin's face showed a meaningful smile: "Second, You can let the men here have some fun with you, and change from a girl to woman before you die."

Tang Ai Ning clenched her hand into fists, and her face turned an ugly color.

However, she was at a dead end. No matter how much she struggled.

Although before she dies, she could defiantly deal some damages to Tang Yaxin, Tang Ai Ning also knew that once she was caught. She would suffer at the hands of those men, that kind of humiliation was not something she could bear.


Tang Ai Ning smiled coldly at Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue. And coldly spoke, "If I live, I will make sure you die a death worse than a dog's."

Tang Ai Ning's words were like a curse, immediately Tang Yaxin heart and Qi Ziyue suddenly felt a chill as if this curse would undoubtedly take effect. But before they could react, Tang Ai Ning jumped into the raging sea.

Tang Ai Ning's body Sank, and her consciousness was becoming more and more blurred by the minute. However, during her trance, she saw the jade pendant hanging from her chest flash red, and then she completely lost consciousness.


F City, Hua Xia three string Town.

In a general ward of the city's central hospital, there were four beds in the department, but only on the right side of the room was occupied by a person.

On the hospital bed, a 17-year-old female student lay, her head wrapped in gauze. Her facial features were exquisite, however, at this moment her eyes were profoundly staring at the central news broadcast on the TV.

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