4.05% Holy Beast Saintess / Chapter 3: Prologue 3

Chapter 3: Prologue 3

Watching her actions the man let out a sneer as he watched her last struggles which would be in vain. "Useless! You cannot escape, this place has a barrier formation set up and you can't beat me in this form. Come and accept your death!"

He slowly walked towards her with a cold look on his face as a black mist slowly began to gather around his sword.

He struck out his sword and sent a cloud of black mist toward Reiny's soul, seeing the situation Reiny did not hesitate and took out a small black tablet from her ring and crushed it.

Instantly space ruptured around her and began swallowing the space around her as she entered it began to close.

The man however grew panicked at seeing what happened and used all of his reserved power to deliver a strike with the black mist as it collided with the defenseless soul knocking the soul off course from her original destination and fell into a gap in space between filled with spacial fissures and chaotic energy.

"No!! That hateful woman actually had a space talisman… no matter, in that state her soul will be destroyed by the journey as no soul can survive in such an environment… even if she manages to escape my corrosive dark energy will slowly kill her." The man chewed on his finger until it bled with a wild look on his face.

"How disappointing! I guess I will have to have you compensate me for your soul with 100 of your fellow young apprentices." He then slapped his head as if come to remember something important and laughed to himself.

"Not that I was planning on sparing them anyways silly me!" The turned around and walked out of the room and began skipping down a long corridor filled with numerous screams and mournful howls coming from the nearby rooms with an appearance of a child who just recieved a big pile of new toys.

Inside the space crack was a single soul in the midst of a very vast and dark environment, chaotic energies gradually weakening her soul with attacks as she was trying her hardest to defend with her energy and suppress the corrosive black energy invading and consuming her.

She originally used her only spacial escape talisman since it was a life and death situation, which she recieved after helping a inscription expert.

However when she was hit, instead of arriving at a random location far away she was knocked off course and fell into the space between the mortal and immortal worlds.

She grit her teeth and endured the pain and her eyes held a resolute glow, she used her energy to search for an exit but came upon a small light in the space.

Her soul was already greatly weakened and her strength already rapidly falling as her consciousness was drifting, she decided to risk the remaining power she had on this tiny light in the vast darkness.

A milky white glow surrounded her arm as it began to swell up exhausting her of her last drop of energy and she sent out a punch filled with everything as she opening the small light a little wider as her soul grew smaller and feeble fell through the small pathway she managed to force her way through.

Fang Mortal World Year

Holy Era year 1

In a small mortal world which is one of many hundred mortal worlds a shocking event took place which alarmed many mortals and martial cultivators, some speculated this event as a birth of a peerless treasure and sent their best men to search for it, others saw it as a start of a prosperous new era while others saw it as a bad omen.

On that same year children were born in different parts of the world and named as holy children blessed with a great future and destined to lead those under them to a prosperous life.

This world is named after the biggest imperial family which has held the most dominence for thousands of years and is largely populated by humans and spirit beasts.

All in this mortal world who witnessed it were in awe as the skies were illuminated by a milky white glow and had an overbearing aura which made the experts of the world quiver in fear.

Time slowly passed and no signs of the light was found after it appeared, the world slowly started to go back to normal affairs and thus began a new era.

Several months later in a small mountain top filled with caves, grass and a small lake which was filled with numerous beasts.

Groans of pain enveloped the mountain as a few new lives came into the world, the newborns were welcomed by the loving stares of affection from their mother and the stern gaze of their father.

The mother had dark brown eyes and hair and had a skinny but elegant appearance while the father had black eyes and dark grey hair and looked quite tough and masculine.

He had antlers on his head while the mother didn't and both had 4 legs with hooves a small furry tail and long body and face.

They greeted 3 newly birthed children into the world as a small family of deer race beasts which are technically a low class beast and are treated as cattle in most parts of the world.

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  • DarkImmortal_Intel


    Thank you for the chapter.

  • Zeno


    your appearance will be as xerneas of pokemon, or it could be a future evolution:   https://pre00.deviantart.net/095e/th/pre/f/2018/040/7/9/xerneas_by_shupamikey-dc2i2dh.png https://img00.deviantart.net/1b86/i/2015/110/c/6/716___xerneas__active_forme____art_v_3_by_tails19950-d6h7gls.png https://68.media.tumblr.com/e7cf5b1b2bef238b2e95b6c74a729441/tumblr_o08vvxbQgx1qkfh4wo1_500.jpg and later on if your cultivation becomes very strong, it could take on a human appearance, and it would be something to do. http://s110.youtaker.com/other/2016/3-12/oth9952593551992205cb1a344309f9b50abdc20913f1100.jpg http://orig02.deviantart.net/17fc/f/2013/339/a/c/xerneas_by_piyoyan-d6wuoaq.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5e/8e/78/5e8e78b4475038ba012e3df58c2cc6be.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a0/de/da/a0deda4b2c4637e90eb5b4910843bb22.jpg

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    Interesting... 🙃🙃🙃

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