95.4% Holy Beast Saintess / Chapter 83: Promise

Chapter 83: Promise

The elder bear woke up and did not feel as powerless as before so he tried to sit up until a voice stopped him. "Do not get up until your body is fully recovered, right now you need to recuperate and regain your strength."

The bear looked up and saw the deer standing by his son. "The pain is no longer there but I still feel itchy on my wound. How did you heal me?"

He looked down and saw that the infected wound skin around his wound were no longer there and the cleaned wound had already began to scab over, in time it would leave behind another scar on his body.

"You have suffered many wounds from many battles, during the healing process your body also has to fight off infection and illness. Every injury and loss of blood adds up to worsen your overall condition, then there is your age... if you were younger you may have been able to fight off the infection but as you are now you became greatly weakened. Your wound became rotten and infected further from not being properly treated after a long time. I had to remove the rotten flesh, force out the infected blood from your body and speed up the healing process." Shadow spoke nonchalantly.

"I do not fully understand everything you said but thank you." The elder bear replied while further inspecting his wound clearly impressed.

The sun bear beside Shadow walked over and placed a plant next to the elder. "Eat this, it should help with your recovery."

The elder bear looked at the plant, looked at his son and then Shadow and back at the plant again. "Okay."

His emotions inside were quite complicated, he knew his son well...

His son seemed simple on the surface and too trusting but he was not completely hopeless.

His son would never get involved with anyone who had harmful thoughts towards his family or himself.

If someone was sincere towards him he would be accepting of them, judging from how he trusted in Shadows words proved that even if she had any thoughts towards their clan it would be in their benefit too.

Since she had already cured him he should keep his end of the deal.

"You said you come from the mountain, is that old monkey still alive?" The elder bear let out a sigh.

"Yes he is but his current situation is not favourable right now but I am working on changing that." Shadow spoke with confidence. "The clans he allied with in the past are on the verge of a revolt so there will soon be a large battle. So I need allies not just for the survival of those I wish to stay alive but also for my future ambition."

"Ambition?" The elder bear looked towards her with interest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I want to leave this small world in which we are trapped and see the much larger world but right now we are blocked from doing so until we break through the barrier that traps us inside. This place we live in is a prison, we all believe we are born free but do not realise the truth. We see our limits in strength in this small world but what we do not realise is that in the outside world we are merely ants in the eyes of those who live in this outside world. So I need allies to grow strong together, to explore new lands, to face new enemies. I need your clan and many others to overcome these hardships." Shadow spoke again while revealing the cold harsh truth of this world and then promised. "My promise to you is that I will find the way to escape from this barrier, take you all with me and let you experience a new world while you will face hardships I will also be there to face them with you."

During the time they were talking Shadow began to remove the arrow from the sun bears bottom and began treatment until she finally finished and waited for the elder bears response.

"I see, this is a lot to take in all at once. I will discuss this with my son and let you know my reply." The elder bear was very surprised in his heart. "Son first escort the young lady out of our territory safely."

"Yes father!" The sun bear quickly followed his fathers orders.

"I will send a messenger to your clan to keep in contact, so have your clan keep an eye out for any intruders outside your territory. I will send over a green coloured snake, to avoid confusion the password he will carry with him will be 'the arrow flies towards the sun' so you will know I sent them." Shadow smirked while her eyes fell onto the sun bears wounded behind after she had removed the arrow and healed the wound for him. "Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon."

Seeing the figure of Shadow disappear from his sight he began to think about her proposal.

After some time he began to feel youthful and energetic compared to his dispirited and old self, he felt alive again.

The elder bear who had long grown tired and bored had his fire reignited this day.

He experience many battles, explored the whole desolate forest, encountered humans, explored towards the humans territory unable to enter and being attacked until he was driven away.

Eventually he had to give up on his old ways to be there and ensure the survival of his clansmen but Shadows words ignited his adventurous spirit once more.

Once you find out you are a frog in a well, you will have the desire to explore the outside to see what you were missing out on and expand your view.

As Shadow had said, the limits which he knew were nothing to others in the outside world.

Then if he supported Shadow with the clan they would also be able to grow enough to be able to break through the limits he once knew and compete with hose on the outside world one day.

"It seems we have found an interesting ally." The elder bear calmed himself down before closing his eyes to try to sleep.

Sadly the elder bear would not sleep well this night because of his over excitement until he finally fell asleep the next day and did not wake up for another 2 days.

This small episode caused the sun bear clan to be quite alarmed and worried because of the elders sudden long nap but afterwards they heard about his treatment and recovery from his son, the sun bears expressed their happiness towards his recovery and gratitude towards his saviour.

Not even 5 days would pass after the sun bear clans fateful meeting, the entire clan listened to their elders words and followed his orders faithfully towards their future path.

After the whole clan was under the complete control of the elder and his son they could begin to talk with Shadow through the green snake which arrived at their clan shortly after she left.

The agreement was settled and Shadow gained new powerful allies, the sun bear clan gained new challenges and an exciting future.

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