82.35% Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend (SEMI-HIATUS) / Chapter 81: Pitiful Little Jing...

Chapter 81: Pitiful Little Jing...

Sitting quietly in a lotus position, Wulin allowed his body and soul to be purified by the effects of the Spiritual Liquid.

Seeing his serene expression, Little Jing brought her little finger to her mouth as she curiously glanced at his lap.

Little Jing inched a little closer, but before she could get close, she was swept up by a blood-red beauty.

"Little Jing, don't disturb Master right now!" Xue Mei held Little Jing firmly, causing her head to sink between her bountiful valleys.

After this cleansing process, everyone's body condition has increased exponentially, and the girls' beauty have soared to new heights.

Their skin has become soft and smooth, even glistening lightly in the light while their hair is silky and shiny.

Their bodies, although not changing much, seems to have gained another kind of attraction. A sort of ethereal and pure kind of attraction.

Little Jing struggled futilely in Xue Mei's hold, her nine little tails flailing like an agitated octopus.

Little Jing's struggle caused Xue Mei's large and supple breasts to ripple like a raging tsunami, only serving to demoralise Little Jing even further.

Oscar and Fatty glanced at the commotion and almost had a nosebleed, the heavenly sight of mother nature putting its every effort into a human was present to them all.

However, they retracted their gaze as quickly as they looked since they were afraid she would notice.

Xue Mei is known to belong to Wulin, so they didn't dare to stare at her, lest she tells Wulin and gets them beaten to death.

They could only think enviously and wish that one day they could find somebody as perfect as her for themselves.

Before they could think any further, they were interrupted by a gasp. Their attention quickly returned to Wulin as they saw him begin to tremble slightly.

His tail unfurled from his waist and white fur began to appear all over his body, signifying his Spirit being summoned.

Having heard Wulin's explanation earlier, Flander immediately likened this scenario with a Secondary Awakening.

"His Spirit has come out! Is he going to undergo a Secondary Awakening?" He asked with excitement.

"But Brother Wulin said that he already went through a Secondary Awakening, is it possible to have another one?" Rong Rong asked.

Unable to answer it themselves, their questions became directed towards Tang San, the wisest and most experienced of the group.

Tang San's oceanic blue eyes flickered in confusion as he sadly shook his head, "I am not sure, I only found out about Secondary Awakening recently…"

"If Brother Wulin has already undergone a Secondary Awakening, does this count as a Tertiary Awakening?" Fatty asked.

They thought about it for a bit before nodding in agreement, "If there can be a Secondary, there can probably be a Tertiary."

At this time, the temperature of the room began to shift, heating up at one time and cooling down at another.

The rapid changes in temperature caused everyone to feel uncomfortable, their body wasn't given enough time to adapt before the temperature switched sides again.

"Are the fire and ice elements conflicting inside Sixth Brother's body?" Mu Bai asked cautiously.

"Ah!" Little Yue and Feng Feng exclaimed.

"Hubby absorbed some of our essence one time, which made him undergo a Secondary Awakening." Feng Feng said.

"Big Brother isn't in any trouble, is he?" Little Yue asked worriedly.

Tang San quickly consoled them, "He will be fine. If they did not conflict at an earlier time, it is unlikely that they are harmful to Brother Wulin."

"In this case, I believe the two powers are conflicting as a result of trying to find a balance. I feel that the severity of the shifts is lessening, so it is quickly finding balance." He explained.

Little Yue and Feng Feng gave a sigh of relief, they could also feel that the temperatures were not as extreme as before, and it was still subsiding.

Soon, the temperature in the room returned to normal as the two powers found balance.

At this time, the white furs covering Wulin's body began to shed, showing a coat of short ash grey hairs underneath.

Once all the white fur fell off, the ash grey fur began to grow to the original size, concealing his skin once more.

Wulin's Tertiary Awakening was much more tamed than Yu Xiao Gang's Secondary Awakening. However, nobody was disappointed by this, they could only take so much surprise in one day.

Not long after the fur grew back, Wulin's Spirit receded as he began to wake up.

Wulin calmly opened his eyes as he said, "Allow me to bathe first, then we can talk."

Not waiting for their reply, he quickly rushed out of the room to cleanse himself of the impurities stuck to his body.


Wulin leapt into the tub, soaking himself in clean water as he quickly washed off the impurities.

After he was rid of impurities, he got out and dried himself down, taking the chance to inspect his body further.

His skin didn't lose its bronze glow, but instead seemed enhanced, looking like bronze plating.

His muscles were cleansed and compacted further, with his bronze skin hugging them tightly. Wulin looked like a perfect sculpture made from metal.

The changes to his internal body was no less than his exterior, with his entire body receiving a qualitative transformation.

All his internal organs worked greater than before, his heart pumping new, pure blood with immense strength.

His blood felt heavy like mercury, yet his powerful heart was able to force it around his blood vessels with ease.

The power his blood contained gave him a strange sense of feeling, as if he had an ancient bloodline.

However, this is simply the result of drinking the Spiritual Liquid, his blood has become incredibly pure, as has the others.

He felt the density and strength of his bones were like titanium, increasing his internal defences by many folds.

It is very difficult to increase the internal defences of the body, with Spirit Masters having to rely on the natural transformation during breakthroughs to enhance their body.

Wulin was satisfied by the effects of the Spiritual Liquid and proceeded to use his Observation Ability to find any changes in his Spirit.


Name: Chen Wulin

Spirit Rank: 52

Spirit: Primal Monkey Sovereign (5 tails)


Wulin had already prepared himself for another mutation of his Spirit, after all, he could see the ash grey fur covering his tail.

Investigating his soul further, he found that this wasn't exactly a mutation of his Spirit, but a purification and balancing.

Back when he first absorbed Little Yue and Feng Feng's essences, his Spirit mutated to incorporate both Yin and Yang.

However, these essences weren't properly balanced. With the Yin/Ice element being dominant, the Yang/Fire element was suppressed and rarely showed itself.

With this purification process, both elements were purified to the same grade, allowing them to find balance and coexist, creating this new Spirit.

Along with this new Spirit, some of his Spirit Abilities also changed, becoming stronger than before.

First off, his Yin Ice Staff now incorporates the resulting mixture of Yin and Yang, Primal Energy, or Chaos Energy.

No longer being a suitable name, Wulin thought it would be more appropriate to call it Primal Energy Staff.

From the information provided by his Spirit Ring, he knew that Primal Energy was more than 10 times stronger than Yin Ice, and it was much easier to manipulate, decreasing his Spirit Power consumption.

On the other hand, his newly received Purifying Bottle Gourd also received some changes.

Likely due to the strong influence Monkey's had on his soul, his Purifying Bottle Gourd has become a Purifying Monkey Wine instead.

Instead of being a normal Spiritual Water, the liquid has changed to become aged Monkey Wine.

However, this is not one-million-year-old Monkey Wine, but instead ten thousand year old Monkey Wine.

Having a delicious wine to drink when bored is nice and all, but this is not the most important change in the Spirit Ability.

What really made Wulin excited was the additional effect of the Monkey Wine. It is able to increase Spirit Power Regeneration by 1% for 1 hour.

Although this may not seem like much right now, Spirit Power Regeneration is the most difficult to regenerate, so any increase will be of great help.

It also speaks for the potential of the Spirit Ability, even when the Spirit Ring reached one billion years of age, it will still be useful.

Wulin made a mental note to test the taste of the Monkey Wine in celebration with everyone tonight.

Now that he finished investigating the changes in his body, Wulin quickly got dressed and went outside to meet the others.

Little Jing was the first to rush towards him, jumping and forcing him to catch her in mid-air.

She had been pressed between Xue Mei's large mounds for a while and it was like a mental attack against her.

Feeling like those large breasts are just mocking her own pitiful size, she could only seek comfort from her Daddy that doesn't judge her size.

As he held her, Wulin felt Little Jing's bushy tails swiping across his hand. Their immense softness and silkiness distracting him.

This didn't go unnoticed by Little Jing as she used one of her tails to constantly stroke the hand that was holding her buttocks.

This was one of the advantages she had over the other girls, her fox appendages and their loveable feeling.

Wulin was satisfied as gave her a kiss on the forehead and brought her to the others to discuss further actions.

Yu Xiao Gang and Liu Erlong were also there, their eyes were a little red from crying.

Seeing everyone here, Yu Xiao Gang got straight to the point, "Everyone should spend some time getting used to their new condition and investigating any changes."

Yu Xiao Gang would be the one to spend the most time since he had changed so much, even skipping from Spirit Grandmaster to Spirit Saint in one go.

It would be a while before he can use his powers effectively.

There is also not a lot of time until the Continental Tournament starts, so everyone should become used to their new condition before getting into fights.

"I estimate that almost all of you should be able to reach the fortieth rank before the Continental Tournament begins, do not slack on your cultivation." He added seriously.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Xiao Wu winced as she noticed that he said 'almost', hinting that she won't be able to reach it.

However, her face quickly turned into determination. Even if she can't reach it, she won't fall behind the others and cultivate as hard as she can.

After they got the serious business out of the way, Wulin wanted to relax and celebrate recent events.

"How about we all go to the Dining Hall's private room and celebrate. We will begin our cultivation tomorrow, let's unwind for a bit." He coaxed them.

Their eyes lit up as they turned to Yu Xiao Gang with puppy dog eyes, begging to be allowed to celebrate for tonight.

Yu Xiao Gang frowned but was caught by Liu Erlong, "Xiao Gang, this is an event worthy of celebration. I also want to celebrate your Secondary Awakening!"

With Liu Erlong putting on a spoilt act in front of Yu Xiao Gang, he could only give up as he nodded his head.

Receiving the confirmation from Yu Xiao Gang, the group cheered as they made their way towards the Dining Hall.

The_Wulin The_Wulin

Decided to give you guys a chapter since Ace asked for one, and I didn't want to make you guys wait forever.

My assignments are due later this week, so I will be able to write again soon.

I was also wondering if I should create a *******, but I have nothing to really give you guys as rewards, so I don't think it will be worth it.

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