3.7% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 1: *slice*
Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) original

Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO)

Author: sensless

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Chapter 1: *slice*

Hey, my names Iann Taylor and im 7 years old. I live in a small town on the coast of England in the south. Right now Im drawing a picture of me and my 2 favourite people. My mum and my dad of course!

Why are they my favourite people you ask? Well its because mum makes me all my favourite foods, she plays with me, she cleans me, she even helps me clean myself in the toilet even though I should be able to do that myself. My dad is my favourite because he takes me to fun places and reads me bed time stories hehe.

Its my birthday tomorrow and I cant stop thinking about my presents and about how were gonna go to France and visit disney land. I asked to go when I was 5 and ive been waiting a whole 3 years to go. Mum and dad promised they would take me so how can i not be excited?!?!


mum: "Iann!!! come down stairs hun its time for dinner!" mum shouts from downstairs.

hmm dinner time already? guess ill finish the drawing later.

me: "coming mum!!!" I run down the stairs excited for a pre-birthday meal to find a plate full of...vegetables?

me: "mum why do we have to have vegetables every friday?!?" i moan while already knowing the reason

mum: "obviously so you have a strong and healthy body hun, how many times do i have to tell you?" mum says without a tinge of anger.

me: "fiiinneeee" I sit down with mum and start chewing the carrots, pees and tomatoes while forcing them down with quite a few glasses of water....its not cheating since im still eating it hehe.

me: "mum guess what..."

mum: "you think your a girl stuck in a boys body.....?"

me: "....what does that mean???"

mum: "cough cough never mind pretend i didnt say that.....its your birthday right hehe?"

me: "yay you remembered! whens dad coming back? hes not gonna miss it right?"

mum: "dont worry hun he said he'll be back from london later tonight....soooo the sooner you sleep the sooner it'll be your birthday"

me: "aaahhh I guess that makes sense" as soon as I end my sentence I bolt up the stairs, brush my teeth and lay in bed.

me: "mum im in bed!!!"

mum: " ok hun im sure you brushed your teeth already, sleep tight!!!" she shouted from the kitchen

pffft im not silly, who goes to sleep when they've got the day off the next day? ofcourse I pull out my tablet, watch a few episodes of anime, then play some pokemon on my DS and then finally read some webnovels. Gotta get my daily dose of nerdiness hehe. My eyes eventually close on their own while i slowly drift into dream land.



me: "OW!!!....huh.....mum...dad......why am i in a cage???" I cry with anguish

mum: "'it's shocked!!! hahahaha" my mum laughs hysterically while holding a sadistic twisted grin.

dad: "darling dont scare it yet, we have to shut the basement door so no one outside hears 'it' scream haha" my dad cackles with the same sadistic grin.

whats going on? why do mum and dad look so scary?? why are they calling me 'it' instead of 'hun' like usual???

me: "dad...mum its my birthday remember? this isnt very fun and im feeling kinda scared" I ask full of fear. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

mum: "PAHAHA 'it' actually thinks were related still, what a little freak!" mum screeches.

whats mum saying, ofcourse im their son.....why do they keep calling me 'it'.....why am I a freak??? i dont understand

dad: "hmmm 'it' talks too much.......darling I heard that the tongue has quite a bit of protein?" dad grabs my chin and forces my mouth open through the cage.

me: "ow dad it hurts...." I start to tear up and cry while hoping that they'll show some sympathy.

mum: "mmm ive heard the same, we already decided to have some of 'it' when it turns 8 remember?

Tongue sounds like a good starter to me" mum replies with a wide grin while handing dad some weirdly shaped forceps.

'its' tongue? what do they mean tongue? my tongue??? whats happening????

dad: "open wideeeee" dad forces the forceps into my mouth.......something grips my tongue......

huh wait whats going on.... why is it holding my tongue....wait wait....my tears start pouring out and I start screaming while finally realising whats happening. Just as i was about to try and push away.....


blood flows.....

sensless sensless

please comment any suggestions.

criticism is need but not too much, you dont want me losing motivation to continue now do you haha

also rate and say nice things so i feel better about myself. cheers!

Comments (15)

  • YoungestKing


    I'm so hella confusionated

  • LiroyJeckins


    Just wow.

  • CliffkunLolRekt


    Serously wtf did I just read if I have to guess he was born in Tokyo goul and this is slightly depressing way to start can we have some more kill the mc fast so he won’t suffer and he will definitely wed a harem after this to cure the trama and to feel love that will replace the fake parently was taken away with a shock by whatever these monsters are

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