7.4% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 2: *sizzle*

Chapter 2: *sizzle*

"its hurts....its hurts...so much" I moaned in my head with an exhausted tone. Its been 5 years, thats right. Its my birthday again. Every week on a Saturday for the last 5 years they have taken pieces of my body bit by bit, they stop the bleeding by dowsing the wound with scorching hot oil...they started with the tongue, then an eye, then my arms, then my legs and even an organ...im missing a kidney.

I haven't run out of meat for them to eat since they only took parts of each limb at a time....through out the week sometimes they feel like adding some garnish to their meals so they sometimes extract my blood or get a grater and peel my skin off.....it heals so they just repeat and repeat...im tired....im exhausted...todays meat day again....yep its meat day number 260.....im already 13 today.....

It turns out im really not their son, they just found me in front of some mansion with a note telling them the date of my birth.....its a lot easier to tell now since they pointed out that I have black hair and black eyes with light skin, while the sick bastard of an old man has red hair and black eyes, and the sick whore of a woman is brown haired and has black eyes. Im brown but fair skinned which wouldn't make any sense if we were related...."I was really stupid to think we were actually related" I groan in my head with a voice filled with pity.


guess its time to suffer a bit more, I really wonder which part of my body they're planning on taking next? I mean they cant take my willy since that'll probably kill me haha.....think im going a bit psychotic....calm down...

"son guess who it is!!......oh no answer? oh woops how could I forget that we poured acid down your throat so you could no longer use that voice box, how silly of me" the old bastard screeches

he walks to the cage, crouches and spots a plate filled with rodents like mice, worms and cockroaches..."son why havent you eaten again? me and mum are worried about your health, you dont need to worry that your food will get you sick because we boiled them in hot water so all the bad stuff dies. We only do whats best for you so why dont you eat?...or would you like me to remove another tooth and then force it down your throat again?" the old bastard complains with a chilling smile.

i dont want it.....not again.....it hurts....I wiggle my way to the plate in the cage and dig my face into a handful of cockroaches...I chew and swallow.

"thats a good boy, ok now lay down now so I can begin the extraction of another organ......guess which one it is this time?.....its the appendix, mum really wants to try it so I thought id spoil her a bit today" the bastard picks me up from the cage, puts me on a bed, ties my neck and waist down. Without waiting a minute, without giving any kind of sedative, he slices my stomach open again. I spasm, rock back and forth, try to free my self, I scream, no sound escapes my throat, tears run down my face once again, my remaining eye goes blurry, I fall in and out of consciousness due to the constant pain from incisions.

"oh wow son as a surgeon ive never seen this in a body before.....2 different appendices!!! ive gotta tell your mum. HONEY come down here and look were getting one appendix each, oh and bring the hair straightener!!!" the old bastard calls for the old whore to come down, I guess they're eating directly from my body again...

"I got it babe, oh my god 'it' has 2, talk about great luck hehe, take the the hair straightener babe, I want the bigger appendix!" she moans excitedly while staring at my body with hungery eyes.

" yes, yes honey of course you get the bigger one, ok lets begin" he puts the hot hair straightener close to the appendix as I watch in trepidation and fear filled eyes wile hoping this damn life would end sooner so I could feel some relief, but unfortunately.....

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Comments (20)

  • AshSatola


    Ok i just wanna give you a suggestion here, you shouldnt really mention the ethinicity or race of person as ppl can(will) usually get triggered when they see it and might leave bad ratings and that to when youre describing evil doers who eat childrens organs. Plus with this the readers are gonna be turned off to read your work and might drop it even if its good later on. Otherwise content wise its good unique and nice flow, a little depressing but not something we cant handle so ya Good luk and dont Drop Dead.

  • CliffkunLolRekt


    You do know most of us doods read this stuff cus it makes us feel away from the stress of home right it’s hard for me to want to put myself in this carters mindset

  • CliffkunLolRekt


    Wtf just kill the poor guy already what is this lector couples adition why the freak are you letting this stretch out let the guy die and go to many worlds so he can be free also after he dies this better be the end of sad crap cus I don’t want a mc that always suffer even after there fist death And I want a.confimation that you author hate ntr and simalar stuff FYI kill the mc befor he gets turned into a unch I do not want to read anything about that sort of thing that would cross all the lines I don’t want to think or read about 😭

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