18.51% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 5: blood line?

Chapter 5: blood line?

'yeah yeah whatever useless, do I have a beginners package?' I ask in excitement.

'arent you gonna ask why I chose you or where ive come from and all that stuff????' Eve asks in an irritated voice.

'open beginners package!!!' I really cant be bothered for her little story time right now, priority is to get out of this place called the middle of nowhere!!!

'fine heres your stupid pack' Eve moans.

{beginners pack}

- 10,000 system points

- Mew bloodline (S class)

- stun gun

- 3 senzu beans

"oh interesting, an Mew bloodline? so do I get its move sets and psychic abilities?" I ask with intrigue

'well you definitely get its psychic ability however your gonna have to train the psychic ability yourself and figure out how to make those moves yourself' Eve explains

'wait will I be weak against dark, ghost and bug types????' I ask sensing a major flaw

"yes but you can integrate other blood lines in future and even if your weak to those types with the blood line, your still more likely to survive against them with the blood lines since humans are basically worthless blood lines" Eve comments with scorn.

'hmm yeah we are pretty worthless, mind integrating the blood line please?; I ask with expectation

intergrating...20%.....80%...100%, intergration complete.

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: open beginners pack

reward: map function

'ow ow ow.... owww my head.... my head f****" I roll on the ground while groaning in pain, it hurts my head mostly since Mews blood line requires psychic power from the brain. My eyes glow purple in the midst of the intergration.

*ding* obtained the abilities {telekinesis} and {Synchronise}

'oi Eve...why didnt you tell me it would hurt!!!' I complain with irritation.

'well you should have been knocked out instead you know, not my fault you could handle the pressure and stay awake' Eve groans full of complaints

'fainting here would be way worse!!!' I say with even greater irritation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'Eve tell me what I can do with my new abilities'

{telekinesis}: The ability to move objects with just your mind and without touching them.

{synchronise}: Passes poison or paralyze status to whatever inflicted it.

oh synchronise is definetly a great survival ability, so im basically immune to being poisoned and paralyzed. Lets test out telekinesis, I look towards a boulder and think about using telekinesis............hummmmmmm..........nothing......didn't even budge......

'Adam its because your ability is still weak, you need to think of it like a muscle and keep training and it will eventually be able to move large boulders like that, try something smaller' Eve explains in a soft tone.

' that makes sense' I then concentrate on a small stone just below my feet and get my psychic power to surround it and command it to rise..........hmmmmm..........it rose!!! I then command it to fire towards a pidgy in the distance so Imagine the rock being fired via a sling and the little stone fires towards the pidgy but misses by a few meters.........guess I need to practice.


task: meet professor oak and obtain your first pokemon aswell as obtain your pokedex and some pokeballs

reward: 1000 system points and fire resistant clothing

oh lets check out the shop before I think about the mission.......


-search bar-

' Eve explain' I question with confusion

'well anything you can think of can be bought basically with the exception of living things obviously.........well herbs you can still buy too, so if you search something like senzu beans then an appropriate price will come up' Eve explains patiently.

I see......then how bout a machamp bloodline?

{machamp blood line} (A class): Your battle sense improves and you get 50/50 chance between the abilities guts/ no guard - 20,000,000 systemn points.

isnt that a rip off????? 'Eve is there a way of getting this cheaper?' I ask with hope

'yep you just need to catch the pokemon and then ill be able to analyse the blood better via pokeball and so the price will decrease by about 100 times so it'll be about 200,000 points instead'

ok thats good news, for now im gonna need pokeballs and a pokemon to survive in this place..........Map show me the direction and distance to Palet town


north in 1 km

oh so im pretty close....

Here I come Palet town!!!

Name: Adam

Age: 13

blood lines: ????, {mew( S class)}

STR: 5

AGL: 7

INT: 20> 25

Abilities: {????}, {telekinesis}, {sychronise}

SP: 10,000

sensless sensless

Any suggestions for first heroine in pokemon world?

Any pokemon in particular you want caught??

Comments (11)

  • Superheated


    Ive enjoyed the girl you’ve picked first I’m thoroughly suprised

  • ForeverFrozen


    wait our MC literally got cut apart for years and now he's not that good with pain

  • nothinsnew


    hoping mc changes from brat to mature soon

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