25.92% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 7: Delia ketchum

Chapter 7: Delia ketchum

*Delia's POV*

Todays the day I get to choose my pokemon! My names Delia ketchum and im from palet town, todays the day I get to finally fulfill one of my dreams which is to become a pokemon trainer!!! Well at least I hope one of the Pokemon pick me.

I get up out of bed, look at the clock beside the it and notice that ive only got 5 minutes to get to the lab before the decisions made so I rush to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, change my clothes and run towards the lab and actually make it 30 seconds before time runs out hehe.

On the last 5 seconds as im handing in my consent form I notice a boy with raven black hair, golden eyes with a ring of purple in them come in.....woh isnt he too pretty???? Those eyes are especially beautiful.

*clap* *clap*


*Adams POV*

"I see the fear of betrayal in your eyes"

The charmander jumps backwards in shock and stares in my direction.

"how did you do that?!?!" the charmander asks with clear anxiety but with a suprisingly high pitched female voice.

"listen clearly charmander, we are of the same cloth. I know what its like to be betrayed. Ill prove it to you.......give me a chance and ill give you power to fight for what you deserve" I look deep into the charmanders eyes as I scream with emotion and dripping melancholy.

The charmander comes towards me walking past all the other kids while maintaining eye contact with me.

'Eve transfer him the memories from my dream when I touch him, use as many SP's as you need' I say with resolution.

while we stare into each others eyes I crouch down and down send the memories of my so called parents betrayal filled with my emotions of fear, confusion and desperation........the day they removed my tongue. A memory that never escapes my dreams.

as the memories enter the charmanders head, its blue eyes go blank as they process the memories I transfer and after around 5 seconds they become clear again, full of conviction. The charmander turns around, picks up its pokeball, hands it to me and presses the 'return' button and finally enters the pokeball.


*Delia POV*

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The professor just brought out the pokemon.

"You all probably know these pokemon but ill introduce them anyway, this is squirtle a water type pokemon, this is bulbasaur a grass type pokemon and this is a char..." the professor stops in the middle of his introductions to watch as the charmander suddenly jumps backwards in a defensive position.

everyones eyes turn towards the charmander in confusion and then look in the direction its looking........Its pretty boy? whats going on?

suddenly the charmander walks to pretty boy and lets him touch his forehead........no way........suddenly the charmander turns around, grabs its pokeball and hands it to pretty boy as it returns to the pokeball......


*Adams POV*

I got my first pokemon!?!!?! HOLY SHIT I DID IT?!?!

"congratulations Adam.......that was really something, ok wait over there for now" the professor asks me to wait in the corner while showing a clear look of shock.

as I walk to the corner I notice a girl with chestnut long hair and light brown eyes looking directly at me.....wow shes pretty, I guess webnovels did say that around 13 is when boys start getting attracted to girls......but I never thought they could be this pretty.......wait.........HOLY SHIT ITS ASH'ES MUM!!!!!!

hmmm as tribute to the pokemon series ill help her out I guess, I reckon squirtle is a good match for her. As soon as I come to this conclusion I communicate with the squirtle.

"Squirtle I have a suggestion for you, see the pretty lady with the chestnut hair? follow her, shes kind hearted and will most certainly treat you right. Come here and ill prove it but your seeing a potential future so you have to keep it secret"

the squirtle looks at me with a curious glint and comes towards me, I bend down and repeat what i did with charmander but instead transfer all the scenes that show Ash'es mum from the multiple seasons, the squirle gives the same blank look and then eventually turns around and hands its pokeball to Delia.

job done, Delia eventually walks up to me bows and thanks me continuously while I deny all involvement and then after finally accepting her thanks she stands next to me with an extremely excited expression.

eventually everyone else leaves with disappointed expressions as the bulbasaur responds to none of them and instead sticks to the professor.

"hehe I guess bulbasaur is a bit too attached now so im gonna have to rely on you two to help with my research, im sure you want to start your journey as soon as possible heres some pokedex, just put one of your hairs into that slot and it will bind to you.......oh I almost forgot, and heres 10 pokeballs each to start you off on your journey. Theres 1000 pokecoins in each pokedex, as you challenge people and fight the pokex will automatically transfer money between you, now ive got something urgent to do so Ill see you guys later!!!" the professor shouts as he runs out of the lab.

wow that was a brain dump, I quickly pull a hair from my head and activate my pokedex.

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: meet professor oak and obtain your first pokemon aswell as obtain your pokedex and some pokeballs

reward: 1000 system points and fire resistant clothing + 500 SP( for method of execution).

Name: Adam

Age: 13

blood lines: ????, {mew( S class)}

STR: 5

AGL: 7

INT: 25


Abilities: {????}, {telekinesis}(>F), {sychronise}

SP: 10,150

sensless sensless

please rate and leave suggestions

I like to imagine the current delia like this


Comments (13)

  • overgodMonarch


    I see you going for ash mom. You earn my respect

  • Superheated


    Wow that’s a change I like the randomness and unpredictability

  • SilverEyedLionKing


    Thanks for the chapter I would really like to know what type of Pokémon will he specialize in or will he be an all rounder and will that affect his strength

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