29.62% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 8: shiny?

Chapter 8: shiny?

'Ive binded to the pokedex so I now have a lot of basic information on most pokemon' Eve says in a sulky voice that I casually ignore.

after I bind my pokedex I walk out with Delia behind me staring at her pokeball, as we exit I see a middle aged couple suddenly surround and start hugging Delia.......tch all hugs on the surface, you cant tell what they're really like.....I continue on my way with my pre- planned route which is towards pewter city.

as im walking it starts to rain so I stop under a tree deciding that its a good time to rest. I bring out charmander while im at it and decide we should talk a bit and get to know each other better.

I eventually found out why this charmander is so afraid of betrayal, it all started when she hatched from her egg, in her clan they lived by the ruling 'the strongest are rewarded', she being born with a weak flame was often bullied, beaten bloody, dowsed in waves of water and basically treated like garbage. Her parents, her only support and the only things that kept her mental state firm but they suddenly tossed her aside and called her useless and an embarrassment, her whole world came crashing down and without any direction she got lost in the wilderness where she was eventually found and caught by the professors people.

'Eve can you show me her status?' I ask hoping to find out more about charmander

{charmanders status}

name: n/a

level: 5


HP: 36

STR: 45

DEF: 37

AGL: 50

moves: Growl, scratch

ability: blaze

bloodline purity: 15%

blaze: Blaze increases the power of Fire-type moves by 50% when the ability-bearer's HP falls below a third of its maximum.

her base stats are even lower then a level 1 charmanders.........hmm its probably to do with her bloodline purity.

'Eve get me...........a blood refining pill' I say with some hesitation.

'are you sure you want to burn 10,000 points' Eve asks in a monotone voice.

'she is someone I promised I would help, and so I will. Buy it' I say with a commanding tone

the pill appears in my hand, I then look towards charmander.

"hey charmander" she turns her head while her mouth hangs open so I take the oppurtunity to flick the pill into her mouth.

"what was tha....." as she starts to question me she suddenly glows like when a pokemon evolves but after the glow fades instead of evolving she comes out with a yellow-gold skin colour and a much more vibrant flame on her tale

{shiny charmanders status}

name: n/a

level: 5>7


HP: 36>50

STR: 45>60

DEF: 37>53

AGL: 50>75

moves: Growl, scratch, ember

ability: blaze

bloodline purity: 15%>50%

"woh I feel so much stronger all of a sudden, what was that?" charmander then asked with excitement.

"well your definetly stronger haha, and that was just my first gift to you, their will be many more in the future" I say hiding the fact that I have a system.

" I think its about time you get a name just represent how you've been reborn.......right Azar"

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: name your first pokemon

reward: 1000 SP

after that she thanked me profusely as tears poured down her face, eventually I calmed her down and bought her something to eat while pretending to pull it out of a ruck sack that I bought with 50 SP earlier.

It gets dark and Azar falls asleep, I take the opportunity to train my telekinesis again and then enter my sleeping bag while using Azars tail for warmth. Eventually slipping into sleep.


*Delia POV*

Right now im at home with my parents eating dinner, excited about tomorrow, me and pretty boy are gonna travel together and become amazing pokemon trainers!!! But first I must finish dinner hehe.

I finish dinner and then brush my teeth, hang out with squirtle for a bit and go to sleep.

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I jump out of bed ready for the day, get changed, brush my teeth and chat with my mum a bit on the breakfast table.

"im gonna go to pewter city with the other guy that got a pokemon today" I say while taking a casual bite from my food.

"honey im pretty sure I saw that boy leave yesterday just after the pokemon picking" my mum says in a matter of fact voice.



*Eves POV*

hmph I clearly gave you the cold shoulder all day for you to apologise, but nothing, and since were sharing a body shouldnt I get the right to know everything about it? I dont care anymore, not like you can stop me in your sleep. Here I come unseen memories!!!

Comments (15)

  • LiroyJeckins


    Now the cliff got me, I am hooked

  • KickMeAndSaviorIt


    It's funny... I don't think Ash ever had a dad. XD

  • Shinosuke


    *cough* did i say fuck you? *cough* I meant you're amazing...

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