33.33% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 9: Eve confesses

Chapter 9: Eve confesses

*Eve POV*

*hic *hic*

'It hurts.....mum......dad.......why are you doing this.........I was a good boy'

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH it hurts it hurts stop!!!!!!! Not my eye please...........give it back........please'

"'Its' so cute when it spasms in pain like that"

"oh I cut the wrong spot, daddy has to start again hehe"

'kill me......please......I just want to die........please'

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*Adams POV*


Another shitty dream it seems, well its good to know im waking up out of that place.

'Eve what time is it?'......

*Ding* 'system is currently upgrading due to being forced by hosts circumstances. System will be available in 4 hours'

Thats weird......well its a good thing atleast. Before we went to sleep yesterday I set a morning and evening routine for Azar by telling her to jog first, then smack her tail against a tree for an hour, then meditate and try to control her fire energy to higher degree.

while she does all that, I jog too but then do general excersizes like push ups and sit ups. I put stones in my bag to practice the control of my telekinesis so no one can see, this way I can do it all day without attracting any unwanted attention too.

Just as we finish training and are about to make a move, we hear bull coming towards us.......

"HEY ASSHOLE!!! who told you to leave me behind!!!" oh nevermind, its just a raging ash mum.

she tries to come at me with a punch but luckily Azar comes between us and stops her act of injustice.

" I don't see why I have to wait for you?" I say groan with and irritated tone.

"were from the same town and were both beginners, aren't you scared of the wilderness? isn't their safety in numbers?" she says in a convincing tone.

"tch fine but once we get to pewter city, were splitting and also.........you keep your mouth shut" I say in a no negotiation voice.


*Ding* 'system upgraded'

reward: 100,000 Sp

*hic* *hic*

'Adam.............im sorry.........I.........I looked through your remaining memories' Eve says through her sobs.

As I hear her confession, my eyes glow red in anger.

"Im going for a pee, you guys stay here" I muffle with suppressed rage.

I then run of the path, run through the forest for 2 minutes where I eventually stop, however my rage hasn't been sated, I punch and punch a tree, I pummel it till my hands go bloody, till there was only bone left on the knuckles while ignoring Eves cries, begging me to stop.

'Eve get me something to heal my hands' I say in a monotone voice.


An ointment appears in my hand, I sit down while leaning on a bloodied tree and apply it quickly.

'Adam can you come to your soul place please...........I want to talk to you...........Please..................just close your eyes, clear your mind and ill bring you in' Eve expresses in a desperate tone.

I do as she says, not really thinking about it much.............. and then suddenly............. I feel warmth on my back, open my eyes to see what it is, when I do, I see a pair of glowing humanoid arms wrapping around my waist.

"Adam its ok now................im here for you............... im never leaving you..........im never hurting you...................... I promise.............please open up your heart...............I will never betray you........."Eve says in a soft but firm tone.

"tch who would........believe such..........bullsh......" as try to reject her, tears start streaming down my face and all the barriers in my heart start to fall as I break down crying in Eves arms,

"shshsh.......shshsh.......dont worry, im here for you" Eve squeezes tighter in her effort to comfort me.

Eventually I stop crying after a full 30 minutes.

"you better live up to your promise or ill never forgive you......" I say in an embarrassed tone.

"ofcourse hehe" Eve giggles

".......can I see your face Eve" I ask with a curious tone.

"no! not yet, its not that I don't want to show you...........its just that the system needs another level up before I actually gain human features.............I don't want you to see me like this, can you wait a little longer? please?" Eve says in a desperate voice.

"I don't really mind what you look like but since you want me to wait, Ill wait" I say with a big grin on my face.

"by the way, one of the systems new features might help you out with your first gym since Azar may struggle to handle it, you know since its a rock type gym" Eve says in an informative voice while still hugging me from behind.

"oh do tell" I inquire

"its called {pokemon scan}, it allows you to see the level of the pokemon your facing but also and more importantly, it gives you the option to pick a type of pokemon for example water and it finds a bunch within a 10 mile radius letting you decide which pokemon you want to pursue but you can only use it once a week, and it cost 10,000 Sp" Eve explains.

"thanks very much Eve, this will help a bunch. I think I need to go now or the others are gonna worry" I say in an excited voice.

Just as I feel my body starting to be pulled out of the soul palace, I turn my head quickly with my eyes closed and kiss Eve on the cheek. I then whisper a 'thank you' into her ear.

sensless sensless

Any recommended pokemon to catch first? for a rock type gym?

Comments (19)

  • AshSatola


    We need the Mc to dominate Eve. F@#k i dont want no snooper looking up my darkest secrets. Somehow make the Mc keep teasing Eve otherwise tch..(As we cant punish her)

  • LiroyJeckins


    I guess it is because he is too young and didnt get any love for 5 years, and maybe the soulspace transmite feelings better. But I think he still has his fears, it was only the initial breakdown to full recovery.

  • Silent_Moon


    Dominate Cynthia, Delia, Eve!!!

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