44.44% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 12: System functions

Chapter 12: System functions

*Delia POV*

....In my dreams suddenly I feel something enter my mouth and I do the only thing I can do and chew, I feel a wave of calming energy spread through out my body, it takes the pain away.......

After around 20 seconds I realise that im wide awake, didnt I just get smacked away by a gyarados? I slowly open my eyes to see my squirtle being flung towards me, so I quickly stand up and catch it. I then look up to see if Adams ok........suddenly multiple rocks rise...........




*Adams POV*

" Adaaaam...Adaaaaaaam" I hear my name being whispered into my ear.

I slowly open my eyes and notice that im in my soul palace and like last time Eves hugging me from behind.

"you won Adam, you saved everyone..........you did a really really good job..........you can relax now" all the pent up stress from a hard battle releases.

ah shit here come the tears again, no no not again!!!

"relax, no one can see you here" Eve notices me holding back,

"dammit you can see me!!!" I scream and then start balling my eyes out. Just like a baby.

After half an hour I finally finish and I just sit there in Eves arms, relaxing with my eyes closed.

Name: Adam

Age: 13 (unconscious)

condition: healthy

blood lines: {????}, {mew (S class)}

HP: 30

STR: 5

DEF: 3

AGL: 7

INT: 25 > 30

Abilities: {????}, {telekinesis}(F>E), {sychronise}

Skills: ancient power*

Pokemon: charmander, mudkip

SP: 130,500

" so would my little tsundere like to see his new system functions? Didn't really get a chance to show you before" Eve starts a topic while casually teasing me.

"tch.......go ahead" I say trying to ignore her teasing.

"my new functions are {pokemon scanner} and {party}, you already know what the pokemon scanner does so I wont bother with that. 'Party' is an option where you allow people and their pokemon to join your 'party' so they're connected to you and so they can receive items from the system, so you can not only talk to them telepathically and check their status but you can even give them..............ready for it..................bloodlines!" Eve speaks in an excited tone.

"Delia risked her life to save me.............hey Eve..............do you think I can maybe...................trust her too?" I hear Eve's explanation but I currently have something else on my mind.

"Adam you need to understand that not everyone is like that couple in your past, I can only guide you. Whether you trust her or not, its up to you" Eve says in a patient but serious voice.

"...........I understand, ill think about it............I think its time I go see them, I wanna see if they're ok with my own eyes" I say with a calculating face.

Just as im being pulled out of the soul palace I try to turn my head again but its clamped forward by Eve, I then suddenly feel a peck on my cheek and then a whisper "your welcome" in my ear as I wake up.

Dammit she got me good............I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE DAMMIT!!!

As I open my eyes, I find myself in the exact same position I was in last time I left my soul palace, leaning on a tree with Azar on my lap and Delia playing with her squirtle............oh and mudkips leaning on my left arm, our new addition.

{shiny charmander status}

name: Azar

Condition: Healthy

level: 7> 10


HP: 50> 59

STR: 60> 70

DEF: 53> 59

AGL: 75> 81

Skills: Growl, Scratch, Ember

Ability: blaze

Bloodline purity: 50%

{shiny mudkip status}

name: n/a

Condition: Healthy

level: 8> 10

EXP: 80/100

HP: 60> 67

STR: 80> 82

DEF: 61> 65

AGL: 50> 52

Skills: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun

Ability: Torrent Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Bloodline purity: 53%

{Delia status}

Age: 13

condition: healthy

blood lines: n/a

HP: 28

STR: 7

DEF: 3

AGL: 7

INT: 13

Abilities: n/a

Skills: n/a

Pokemon: squirtle

"well good morning Adam, you slept for a full 12 hours you know. I had to use all my precious potions to heal everyone, I would like telekinesis as compensation!" Delia speaks in a cunning voice.

"Oh you know I cant just give you telekinesis right? it isn't anything special, aren't a lot of the psychic gym leaders born with the same ability?" I recite my prepared excuse.

"oh..........you have a point, im so jealous though!!! You were so cool!!! Especially when that purple ring in your golden eyes started glowing......." Delia says in an excited voice.

Golden eyes? purple ring? my eyes are black though aren't they?

'Eve what colour are my eyes?" I ask in a confused voice.

'oh you probably haven't seen your face for the past 5 years, you got golden eyes from that golden man I think? And the purple ring is from when you integrated the mew bloodline so it makes sense that it glows when you use a lot of its power. Your quite the looker now you know hehe' Eve explains while teasing.

'interesting........' I say with in a contemplative voice.

"well Delia shall we get a move on?" I ask politely.

"Oh your asking my opinion now huh? well I don't see why we wouldn't make a move, lets go haha" Delia replies with a big smirk on her face.


sensless sensless

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    Thanks for the chapter

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    Team rocket are top 10 best anime villain of all time

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    Muito bom chapy

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