51.85% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 14: Brock!?!?

Chapter 14: Brock!?!?

We're currently opposite the entrance to the gym, I know its the gym because theirs a big sign pointing towards it saying 'Brock the Rocks gym' with a smaller font under written 'pretty ladies get to touch my onix'....their are so many problems with the sign.

The most shocking thing to me is that Brocks old enough to be a gym leader while Delia is 13.....?

'Adam stop looking so shocked, I already talked about the parallel worlds dumb dumb' Eve reads my mind and reminds me.

ofcourse I remember but its just a bit weird....especially since hes middle aged right now. Why do I know this? He's currently proposing to Delia while she clings to my arm.....

"YOUR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IVE EVER SEEN, PLEASE MARRY ME!" as Brock ends his sentence he smashes his forehead onto the ground and enters a dogeza postion.

Delia being the polite girl she is, is just casually rejecting him saying..... things like 'your not my type' and 'I like someone else'.

suddenly while Brock is in the dogeza position his head is stepped on by a pretty middle aged lady I recognise as.....officer Jenny?

"haha sorry about him guys, sometimes my 'hubby' just cant help admiring pretty girls" officer Jenny pushes his head into the ground as she emphasises on the word 'hubby'.

'isn't this kind of pedophilia? Well its hard to blame him, especially since Delia is more developed then most girls her age...but still' Eve speaks in a slightly creeped out voice.

' please don't sully Brocks character, im pretty sure he wouldn't do anything even if a young girl accepted his proposal' I speak passionately since Brock was one of my favourite characters.

After Brock has his head thoroughly shoved into the ground he gets up casually, wipes himself off and speaks.

"so you guys want your first gym badge right? come with me, lets head to the arena" Brock speaks with a poker face.

Brock turns around and leads us into the gym, down a hallway and into a large arena while Jenny gives us a quick goodbye and heads towards the market.

"so whos going first?" Brock asks as he moves to his side of the arena

Its best if I watch how he fights first so I can think of some tactics....

"Delia you go first...." I casually use Delia to help myself since she deserves it. Shes been getting awfully smug recently since ive been trying to be nicer to her. Im pretty sure whenever she see's a girl walk by is when she grabs my arm...

'tsundereeeeee...' Eves been getting to proficient at reading my mind recently too.

"sure I don't mind" Delia doesn't really think about it and agrees to go first.

she walks to the opposite side of the arena and the battle begins.

"Go budew!!!" Delia shouts as she releases her budew.

"Go geodude!!!" Brock also shouts as he releases a geodude.

{geodude status}

level: 5

HP: 40/40

wait......level 5? Delias budew is level 13......isn't this gonna be an easy win?

"budew use mega drain!"

budew quickly uses mega drain and........geodude faints......what the hell!?!?

"oh no im out of pokemon, your too strong. Here just take my badge, your too strong" Brock acts like a damsel in destress as he hands Delia the rock badge.

shouldn't this be a breeze? I walk towards Delias side of the arena intending to take the next match as she walks past me with a face full of happiness.

"begin!" the umpire shouts.

wait doesnt brock need to heal his geodude before we fight? well lets just go with the flow.

"Go Azar!!!" I shout

"GO geodude!!!"

{status of geodude}

level: 14

HP: 60/60

'PAHAHA HE GOT YOU GOOD' Eve bursts out laughing at my misfortune.

Turns out Delia got off easy because shes pretty. This is total bullshit.

I then start using telepathy to communicate with Azar.

'Just try your best to get close and use iron tale, ill warn you if anything unexpected happens'

suddenly Azar sprints towards geodude and swings her tail towards it, however Brock is quick to react.

"use dig quickly!!!"


*Brocks POV*

"Go Azar!!!"

what the hell its a shiny charmander!!! huh its already attacking without any orders??? wait let me get over my shock!!!

"use dig quickly!!!"

you think you can win against me without speaking? haha this is what you get.

Just as pre-planned, geodude appears behind the charmander but before I can shout my next move.


without even looking the charmander uses iron tale behind it and geodude gets flung away.

dammit its like the charmander knew geodude was behind it without being told

plan B it is then.


*Adams POV*

{status of geodude}

level: 14

HP: 60/60> 20/60

'good job Azar, keep at it'

"use dig again!!!"

didn't he learn from the first time? somethings going on

suddenly geodudes hands sprout from the ground and pull Azar half way into the ground.

"use rollout!!"


"rollout again"


dammit what do I do!!! Azars HP is about to hit zero

'hang in there Azar, dammit!!!' shes too far into the ground to use iron tail........think........think!!!!

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Suddenly Azar starts glowing....

*Ding* {mission complete}

task: evolve a pokemon for the first time

reward: 50,000 Sp and a random bloodline ticket

sensless sensless

any pokemon bloodlines you prefer? preferably ones that strengthens Adams body

were gonna have some nice romance soon so I hope you guys are ready!!!

Also please leave a good review!!!

Comments (20)

  • YunCheXaioChe


    Lucario bloodline it strengthens body and gives aura usability

  • Thom_Costa


    super thx chappy

  • HeavenlySun


    You need a little work on this novel

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