62.96% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 17: lucy?

Chapter 17: lucy?

"Hello my names........well you can just call me lucy" I blonde girl with a white mask, white leggings and a white one piece speaks to us while sitting on a bewears shoulder.

{bewear status}

level: ???

HP: ???

'Adam be careful, the system cant see its level because its at more then 30 levels higher then you" Eve warns me with a hint of nervousness

"Is there something you need miss?" I ask with caution while slowly standing up and seeing a clear aggressive aura.


*10 minutes prior*

We've been travelling for a whole week and we still havent made it to Cerulean city, although some good things have come out of this one week. For one I found an egg, or more specifically Eve found it on the edge of a cliff disguised as a rock. I bought an incubator from Eve and shoved it in my bag, for some reason Delia just gave me weird look but didnt ask where I got the incubator from.

The best part about this week was my 5 level increase from absorbing the energy out of the blood from wild pokemon.

Name: Adam

Age: 13

Level: 5

EXP: 0/100

condition: Healthy

bloodlines: {????}, {????}, {mew (S class)}, {riolu (B class)}

HP: 40> 46

STR: 65> 73

DEF: 38> 53

AGL: 55> 63

INT: 30

Abilities: {????}, {????}, {Telekinesis}(E), {Sychronise}, {Aura}

Skills: Ancient Power

Pokemon: Charmeleon, Marshtomp

SP: 263,000

the only strange thing is that Eve said that the system detected a new bloodline that was dormant but hasn't been fully activated yet since the first time I absorbed Blood energy.

we were sitting under a tree eating food while I was in deep thought when a girls voice suddenly interrupted our meal...


*Present time*

"Something I need? nothing in particular..........actually their is one thing I need............you" she spoke these words but her aggressive aura clearly betrayed the feeling she was trying to put across.

"Woh lady arent you to straight forward? I know hes a pretty boy but us girls need some pride....." Delia however cant see her aura so clearly misunderstood her intentions.

"Sorry but I already have someone I like and shes very important to me so ill have to decline" Delia looks at me with a shocked face while her aura fluctuates.

'Hehe I wonder who that is' Eve cant help but tease even in the current situation.

"I see.........apologies but you forced my hand" she suddenly releases a mismaguis and a lilligant with the same statuses as her bewear.

"capture them" she commands her pokemon.

Shit shit, what the hell does she want!?!? I stand no chance against her as I am right now........I could probably run into the forest and lose her.........but what about Delia.....

"Adam run into the forest, she wants you so ill hold her off as long as possible!" Delia shouts interrupting my thoughts.

"Absolutely not, I will not allow anything to happen to you because of me" I reply without hesitation.

Suddenly my sight starts going blurry and I start falling unconscious....

"Im sorry Adam but you dont really have a choice this time..........he...he" Delia speaks with tears in her eyes.

Dammit she must have used budews sleep powder........

she quickly releases Azar and tells her to run me into forest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'Eve quickly buy me something ...to.....stay........awa....." I slip into unconsciousness.

'Im sorry but I need you to be safe Adam, so I can't quite do that' Eve mutters with sadness.


*Delias POV*

"you really think he could escape if I didnt want him to? Ive already put a little present in his pocket via my dear lilligants vines" Lucy speaks with a cunning voice.

".........so you wanted me this whole time? why?" I ask with confusion.

"Oh don't misunderstand, I still want Adam..........well I want to know what he knows. However hes too mysterious, hes an unstable element............Ive been keeping an eye on you two for the past week and discovered in the middle of the night while you sleep he took the oppurtunity to fight pokemon by hand................I dont like taking risks so I thought I might use something hes somewhat attached to" Lucy takes her time explaining things to me as her pokemon wraps me up in vines.

"Haha you want to use me as bait??? Adam doesn't care about me that much, he shows his dislike for me quite obviously" I speak with fake confidence

"......hmm we shall see"


*Adams POV*

'Eve you better give me a damn good explanation for not waking me up' I ask with a threatening voice.

'Adam please don't be angry, I just don't want anything to happen to you......' Eve tries to calm me down.


'IM DOING THIS FOR YOU!!!' Eve suddenly replies with anger.

*Ring Ring*

Suddenly a ringing comes from my pocket interrupting our argument.

I pull out a sphere with a button on it from my pocket, I then throw it a good distance away and press the button with my telekinesis..........suddenly a hologram of the girl in a white dress pops up.

"Hi again, well if your wondering, your friends actually completely fine..............for now" Lucy speaks with a casual voice.

"What do you want you psycho?" I speak trying to stay calm

"I just need you to come to the middle of this forest, you'll find a cave and in that cave will be a platform. I just want you to flick a switch just before it, and as it starts up I want you to stand in the middle of the platform. Thats it, pretty simple right?" Lucy speaks while tilting her head to the left.

" And what if I dont come?" I ask already knowing the answer.

"Then for every hour your not here............she loses a finger"

sensless sensless

guys please dont worry too much, this mostly just to introduce a new character while putting some pressure on Adam and Delias relationship. Nothing too big is happening as of yet.

please leave a good review!!!!

Comments (29)

  • Lord_lucky


    bruh this is just getting cringy wtf this eve doing stuff against his will, even if it's for the best stop making the mc a pushover ***** who's a tsundere plus eve is just a system don't have her making decisions for mc

  • Saneklinez


    Need to collect absorb abilities like water absorb and volt absorb. Wonder gaurd would be nice. Poison heal,clear body, super luck. Honestly mc should be collecting as many op abilities as possible. Maybe get more legandary bloodlines(also the psuedo legandary ones) for better potential. Get mewtwo bloodline and have it resonate with mews to create a higher psychic bloodline yes i know mewtwo is a clone of mew but there are clear differences between them likely from tampering with its dna to create him. Like height and shape. Plus he is shown to be more violent/offensive. Also their abilities are different he has pressure instead of synchronize. They are different enough but still similar enough that id like them combined into a super psychic pokemon that could crush either. Also considering his rage and overall instability i believe this bloodline goes well with adam. Besides he is just awesome. Another interesting one would be darkrai the freddy kreuger of the pokemon universe. Not to great in game(many better choices even though i think he is cool) this isnt the game their place in the universe should matter more so any pokemon with op domains like dreams,time,space would be op so dont discount lesser legendary pokemon.

  • SilverEyedLionKing


    Thanks for the chapter The plot cane to early in my opinion And please dear god dont let him be taken or his Pokémon taken And please don’t let anything that will make my stress go up happen to him I get enough of that through Wuxia novels (Seriously there are times in those novels I get so angry at the characters since they are so arrogant {I hate arrogant people})

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