66.66% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 18: Delia and Eve

Chapter 18: Delia and Eve

'Adam calm down you cant just go there' Eve speaks in voice with extreme anxiety.

'SHUT THE FUCK UP, SYSTEM TURN EVE OFF IMMEDIATELY' I scream letting my rage out again.

*Ding* 'Eve has been temporarily deactivated'


No calm down...shes in my party...I can talk to her via telepathy and find her real location...who cares if she finds out about the system, shes saved my life twice already....


*Delia POV*

shes brought me into a cave with a weird platform that forms a sphere that contains me.....shes sitting opposite a large screen watching the inside of another cave.

I heard her threaten Adam about cutting my fingers off, but right after she said shes not really interested in hurting me, she has some technology to replicate my fingers if he doesnt show up though....she also gave me this long story about how she wants to lead the world to a more peaceful civilisation and she can only see the world becoming like that through unlimited power.

'Delia can you hear me.....dont react, I dont have time to explain I just need you to tell me where you really are' I suddenly hear Adams voice which shocks me but I manage to keep my calm.

'I KNEW IT, YOU WERE KEEPING SECRETS!!!' I scream back towards Adam.

'I know, I know Im sorry, I was wrong now please tell me where you are' Adam speaks with genuine worry.

I quickly explain to him the directions she led me and how were in another cave.

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*Adams POV*

Im now opposite the cave Delia is really at, it seems like she never had any real intention of hurting us....but she threatened to hurt my only....real friend....the only one that hasnt hurt me in anyway, the only one thats saved my life more then once, the only one thats risked her life for me....how dare she hurt her!?!?

I use my telekinesis and ability to see aura to detect who is who and where they are in the cave.

I then buy a flash bang off the system.

'Delia when I give you the signal I want you to close your eyes and block your ears' I inform Delia so she doesnt get effected.

I then without hesitation undo the safety and pull the ring, I throw it deep into the cave with a hard throw.

'now!' I signal Delia.


I run in with my supernatural speed at full pace, I see her, the b**** that took Delia away....shes stumbling around rubbing her eyes while blood flows from ears.....I run right up to her and throw a hard punch into her gut, she flys backwards and slams into the large screen behind her as blood flows out her mouth.

I then see a large blue sphere with Delia in a crouching position, her eyes closed and her ears blocked.

I release lucys pokemon and tell them to take her to the hospital or she'll die, though she deserves to be punished, she doesnt deserve to die.

I walk up to the blue sphere and deactivate it while looking at Delias chaotic aura, shes scared.....

I crouch down, and pull her into my arms.

"Im sorry......its my fault, your safe now" I whisper into her ear.

As soon as I end my sentence I feel tear drops land on my clothes, I see her aura calm down by a lot as she breaks down crying in my arms.

Eventually she stops crying.

"So who was the girl that you really liked?" She suddenly asks.

"ehhhh......well im not sure if I like her anymore.....I dont really know anymore" I say trying to avoid the subject.

"hmmmm........tell me what your keeping from me......please and please tell me the reason for your nightmares.......ive seen them.......I dont know how but I know you haven't had the best life" She suddenly asks the a question that ive been expecting but then surprisingly asks about my nightmares? Dammit.......Eve again....


"are you sure you want to see the reasons for my nightmares? Ill tell you now that they arent nightmares but memories........I can make you see them all directly if your sure" I ask with hesitation in my voice.

"Im absolutely sure" She looks at me with conviction in her eyes.

I then order the system to send the memories of my past and about the system.

After around 2 minutes of a blank look given by Delia, tears start trickling down her face......she hugs me again........

"im sorry.......im so so sorry......." she keeps profusely apologising.

After another hour of me consoling her and telling her im fine she finally stops crying.

"I want to speak to Eve" she finally looks at me with firm eyes again.

"...why?......she left you to die...." I ask with confusion

"I know, even so.......I want to talk to her" Delia repeats


"fine..." I speak with an exhausted voice.

'System reactivate Eve'

*Ding* 'Eve has been activated'

'...although I couldnt communicate with you, I saw everything.......ill talk to Delia' Eve speaks in a sad voice.


*Delias POV*

'Hello Delia, I guess this is our first formal introduction?'

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Comments (16)

  • Prashant_Limbu


    I think I like good guy gone bad type of protagonists I am thinking like shut eve forever and tell the another girl to fuck off. Yeah but that's not happening so yeah good look and its nic?e so far.

  • Lord_lucky


    pls don't make eve part of his harem just leave it at that cuz it's already done in that fanfic the divine anime system and they have the same name 'eve' znd plz don't make him a cliche tsundere b***h and he needs to punish eve xuz she''s just a system and can't fictate sh*t

  • nadijr


    don't let eve controlle you

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