74.07% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 20: Cerulean City

Chapter 20: Cerulean City

.....Eve was right....shes a pervert, Delia stole my first kiss last night and since then I havent been able to look her in the eye, every time I do my heart throbs like hell. Its uncomfortable. I dont like it but I kinda want it to continue, such a strange feeling.

Ofcourse ive read about these heart throb moments in my previously cut short otaku life and its meant to be love right? But im not sure, pretty sure its just me being nervous.....


Were pretty close to cerulean city, For now lets just try and smash this damn gym.


*Delia's POV*

'die....die.....die....die' Eve repeats.

Shes been repeating that word since I....'sexually assaulted' Adam, ive already tried to apologise but we all know im not really sorry hehe.

At first I was really worried about what Adam would say but hes just acting completely the same, like nothing happened...can't say im not disappointed but im definitely somewhat relieved. For now im just gonna go with the flow, weve got plenty of time, were only 13 after all.


*Adams POV*

"We made it!" Delia speaks in an exhausted tone.

"Im going to the gym, if your tired then go rest at the pokemon center...............I will most definitely come to you after im done with my battle............yes......yes I will not ditch the pervert......." I say while thinking about my future tactics.

"Hey hey your totally planning on ditching me!!" Delia suddenly shouts behind me.

"How did you know?!?!" I shout with concern

'Adam you said it out loud.........*sigh*.....' Eve informs me halfheartedly.

"....tch.......forget it lets go reck this gym" I reply changing the subject.

We eventually make it to the entrance of the gym, I walk in an hear a crowd blaring and whistling while looking towards a pool.......to my suprise the cerulean sisters are actually here like the original...........except a little older........like 50s older.......

Suddenly I see one of the cerulean sisters auras shift from joyous to pain ridden........everyones concentrating on the other 2 sisters while she slowly sinks lower and lower until her aura suddenly shifts to absolute fear.......

S*** shes drowning, she must have sprained her hip or something, I use my supernatural speed and rush to the side of the pool where I dive and use my telekinesis to propel me towards her, I eventually reach her and grab her. She uses her hands gesturing from her mouth to mine..........kiss? its not really the time right now and your like 50? shouldnt you be a bit more restrained?.....................................normally I would think she needs air straight away but because of a certain someone its not as easy to decipher as it should be.

'Adam she needs air! Ive already bought an oxygen mask, just give it to her quick' Eve suddenly shouts in my head.

Ofcourse she does what am I even thinking, dammit Delia. I quickly recover and put the oxygen mask on her face while slowly propelling us back up to the surface.

"......Huff......huff...thank you so much" the old cerulean sister suddenly speaks while pulling me into her embrace.

The other sisters obviously noticed what happened after I jumped in and ended the show with haste.

We eventually went to a separate room where they gave me a towel and took my clothes to dry, obviously I didnt stand there naked, I just bought a new pair while pretending to pull it out of my bag.

"please both of you sit and have some tea with us" One of the sisters speaks.

Both me and Delia sit nonchalantly.

"Us sisters cant thank you enough, please if theirs anything we can do to repay you just ask..............our chaste bodies are even up for offer" one of the sisters looks into my eye with sincerity..........and scarily enough her auras radiating absolute sincerity............my only question is...............50 and chaste? amazing.

"uhm Adams.........gay sorry.......... but I did hear he wants the gym badge?" Delia suddenly speaks on my behalf.

That sentence had Eve written all over it.......

"Ofcourse please take it, no need to battle........." one of the sisters replies without hesitation.

"I guess since your offering I might aswell take it but can we still have a match?" I ask wanting my pokemon to get some experience.

"Ofcourse" they quickly agree.

We eventually started battles, I ofcourse didnt use Azar. Through out the all the matches im pretty sure they lost on purpose because it was way too easy especially with their pokemon being at level 20.

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Free experience I guess, Maya fortunately evolved into marshtomp.

{shiny mudkip >shiny marshtomp status}

name: Maya

Condition: Healthy

HP: 100%

level: 18

EXP: 20/100

Skills: Tackle, Growl, Aqua jet

Ability: Torrent

Bloodline purity: 53%

Yes I know, Maya didnt even lose a single percent of health.......as for why the status structure changed, I asked Eve to simplify it. I know that my pokemon can beat average pokemon that are 2 levels higher then them in stats so its better this way.

We eventually leave the gym and tour the city, visit a few shops, buy some souvenirs, get some food and eventually get back to a hostel.

I called Delia to my room, unfortunately this perverts got a blush on her face probably thinking of assaulting me again but im not stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

"Delia im gonna give you a bloodline............" I suddenly break the silence.

Delia sits there with her eyes wide open and suddenly smiles while her aura gets all soft and fluffy.............perv.

"I want you to journey with me, your someone that even though is a complete and utter pervert, I can still trust you. So without further ado" I take a deep breath "would you like to officially join me on my journey across the multiverse?" I ask with a bit of worry in my voice.

"you think you can leave me just like that?......you took my first kiss so you have to take responsibility" Delia replies in a shy tone.

" I did no such thing! If anyone should be taking responsibility it should be you!" As soon as the words escape my mouth I regret it.

".........guess ive gotta go with you and take responsibility then hehe" Delia replies with a cute smile.

'oi oi stop getting lovey dovey, Adams mine. get away filthy pervert' Eve interjects making us both blush in embarrassment.

"Eve please activate the random bloodline ticket for Delia"

sensless sensless

Ok im back guys, im not gonna give you stable updates but Ill be sure not to drop the story lol.

What bloodline is Delia gonna get?

what relationship do Adam and Delia have?

Comments (22)

  • CloudyAlliance


    I think her personality goes well with gardevoir but i think a chansey bloodline would be best for her because he needs someone that can play the role of a support/healer and plus chansey also has her motherly instinc and gentle personality and chansey is a normal type means a lot of HP = harder to kill not deadweight with descent attacking power.

  • OldSinner


    Glad to see ya back

  • CloudyAlliance


    Im just thinking the same thing when i read your comment

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