77.77% Its Adam's turn (Pokemon > SAO) / Chapter 21: Lucy

Chapter 21: Lucy

We're at vermilion city, all I wanna know is how are all these cities so close together? anyway its been a few weeks since Delia got her swadloon bloodline so her stats have gone up a lot but apparently she can level up with only one bloodline which is weird, me and Eve both struggled to understand why but we concluded that its probably because of my other bloodlines.

{Delia status}

condition: healthy

bloodlines: {Swadloon (B class}

LVL: 12

HP: 100%

Abilities: {plant growth}(E), {overcoat}

Skills: bind

Name: Adam

Level: 19

condition: Healthy

bloodlines: {????}, {????}, {mew (S class)}, {riolu (B class)}

HP: 100%

Abilities: {????}, {????}, {Telekinesis}(E), {Sychronise}, {Aura}

Skills: Ancient Power

Pokemon: Charmeleon, Marshtomp, larvitar

SP: 200,000

Oh did I not mention that my the egg was a Larvitar? well he was. Thank god Eve found him, He hatched a few days after we left cerulean city so I trained him up a bit and gave him a bloodline purifying pill, so yes hes a dark green shiny and his name is Larimar.

{shiny larvitar}

name: Larimar

Condition: Healthy

HP: 100%

level: 20

Skills: rockslide, sandstorm, bite, headbutt

Ability: Guts

Bloodline purity: 50%

Hes my favourite with his trying to act calm and collected attitude, anyway Delias been doing pretty well but still struggles to control plants so the max she can do is bind but even thats slow. Delias appearance changed slightly im guessing to control her abilities better, her eyes have gone green, shes got 2 antennae that look like leaves tied into a ribbon and some streaks of green in her hair. Overall shes gone from pretty to too pretty, ofcourse I wont ever tell her that though.


*Delia POV*

"What do you want?" Adam asks with caution.

"what do you mean what do I want? im the gym leader here. I may not be able to use my legs but I can still throw a pokeball" gym leader replies with while giggling

'Delia be careful, its that crazy lucy woman' Adam suddenly informs me via telepathy

'how do you know? she was wearing a mask when she attacked us' I reply with curiosity

'same aura' he replies simply

"Dont F*** with me Lucy, I know its you!" Adam shouts with slight anger



Currently arm in arm with my Adam, hes still unsure of his feelings but hes basically mine hehe. Anyway we just ate and now were on our way to the vermilion city gym.

Adam pushes the door open and walks through the entrance and were greeted with a very pretty blonde lady.

"what do you want?"


*Adams POV*

"Oh I would really like to know how your so sure? Im pretty sure I didnt remove my mask" Lucy replies with curiosity.

'Adam you messed up...' Eve informs me of nothing useful as usual

"thats none of your business" I reply

Dammit theres no rocks to use ancient power so I cant do that, and shes to far to punch. Ill just try to get closer to her slowly first.

"Adam your giving me even more reason to find out whats going on in that head of yours" lucy states while looking directly into my eyes.

I eventually get close enough to make a quick dash, so I do. I grabbed her neck and push her from her seat to the ground.

"HAHA what are you gonna do? kill me? go ahead, its not like I have much to live for anymore...its not like youve crippled me already, its not like my dreams have been smashed, its not like team skull got rid of me and took my partners....my pokemon........, its not like........fair......." lucy suddenly starts crying with tears running from her green eyes down her cheeks and onto the ground.

her auras showing nothing but sincerity and hopelessness..........I really dont like the latter. I did this.........dammit this wasnt meant to happen..........this isnt how it is in anime, your just meant to be a bad guy, someone that doesnt have a story...........dammit dammit.


'Eve give me my last sensu bean' I make my request.

'Adam your being too soft, she took Delia remember' Eve replies

'I know, but thats all she did........she doesnt deserve to suffer this much. The least I can do is give her legs back' I reply with resolve

'fine you better not regret this' Eve replies while a sensu bean appears in my hand.

"open your mouth and eat this, it will give you back your legs" I speak directly to lucy

"HAHA you think im stupid? a little beans gonna somehow reconnect my nervous system? If your gonna kill me do it properly, trying to get away with murder by using a bean? please haha" Lucy replies with a crazed look Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


I was really hoping it wouldnt come to this, I chuck the bean into my mouth.


I move Lucys long blonde hair from her face, put my hand on her cheek, bend down and press my lips onto hers. I see her green eyes widen while Push the crushed sensu bean into her mouth and make her swallow.

"Adam you kissed another girl? do you want to die?" Suddenly I hear Delia speak while vines climb up my body towards my neck

'you deserve punishment' Eve replies simply

"guys you knew I had to, and whats the big deal? Delia kissed me too" I reply nonchalantly

"my legs.......my legs......I can feel them" we hear lucy speak while I climb off the ground.

"can we have our gym battle now?"

sensless sensless

Will Lucy take her revenge now that her legs are back?

Whys Adams view on kissing suddenly so skewed?

How are Delia and Eve going to deal with Adams cheating?

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  • Dragonwine


    You come back, thats strange i'm acostumed to authors GIVIng up un their novels

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    thanks for the chapter

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    Take her too then

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