89.47% Ultimate Naruto System in a Different World / Chapter 33: Chapter 32

Chapter 33: Chapter 32

4 Days ago...

Primux Town,

The top floor of an Invictus Branch of operation,

Cara's Diner.

Kat's POV

There were several men dressed in expensive robes here. These Men sat awkwardly as they listened to the Man enthusiastically reading out the weekly report along with other boring stuff.

The Man secretly glanced at me with the corner of his eyes along with the eighteen others, while I sat at the chairman's end chair which blocks the door.

To leave is to invite of a bleak future which revolves around torture if I'm in a good mood or a gruesome death... and I'm definitely not in a good mood.

The room reached an all time level of boredom 18 minutes ago. To find meaning in this report would be like discovering protein in lettuce.

Meanwhile, I have got 6 other urgent reports to return to.

Every one of them is way more crucial than this with the conflict happening out of town, but we must solve this issue in other to get the blue dust flowing.

Bran, across the boardroom table sees the agony in my eyes. My whole insides shout, "Just shut up. we get it, Let us proceed!" but I chose to keep it at bay as I am to show utmost respect as long as no one tried leaving, especially Mr Phil who was speaking as He controls about 5 Hidden routes.

"Cocky Bastard" I cussed in my mind as I noticed the disgusting way he looked at me from time to time.

Every time I make eye contact Bran, I see a reflection of my own urgent need for freedom. I think that the Fool is about to conclude. Oh, no. He announced [And another thing...] Please, somebody, get me 2 Earplugs and stick them in my ears.

Robes and egos, not a smile that isn't painted on or an opinion that isn't so safe as to be completely pointless. It's as if They're colluding in how to have the most un-fun experience of living possible... away from everything that really matters to all of us. Now, a meeting with kids playing would be better than being here with this cowardly wooden planks, right?.

"Ah! I can't take it anymore" I finally lost it.

[Shut up!!! All of you quiet down this instant!] I yelled while releasing my King Aura. "Ah... I can finally breathe"

Looking at their pale faces I couldn't help but find it comical, Perhaps they all felt I was a cute little flower following Lord Ordis around.

Clearing my mind from all the random thoughts, I calmly stood up from my Chair while saying, [So you either want to change route completely or rather continue as we always have?.]

No one Answered.

[In other words, you are too scared to solve your problems and wish to continue to waste The Lord's resources.] Silence remained as I continued to speak while most of them got paler.

[Are you all retarded???, Do you even know where he attacked last?...Mr Phil, Could you enlighten me?] I demanded as I watched every one of their respective reactions.

[Just before the gates on the west side...but he chased our man passed the market] Mr Phil awkwardly responded, [After which we lost sight of him, according to our guy... He was chased away by a paladin...]

[Humph... I leave for a bit and everything is like this... does Lord Ordis have to come solve your problems?]I scanned the room with a menacing glare.

Silence filled the room until Bran's voice pierced through it [One of my grunts claims to have news from Mr Darius...]

[oh? What does that manwhore want?] I couldn't help but ask.

Bran calmly stood up and said, [He wants us to join hands and take care of the 'devil']

[But we have no interest in killing him?... ] I asked in confusion as my fingers lightly tapped on the table.

To this Bran smiles as he said meaningfully, [We aren't, Why don't we use them to check the limit of this so called devil cultivator before we recruit him... perhaps use the chance to 'rescue' him].

[This... ]

[Lady Kat!... this could lead to potentially 2 dangerous enemies!]

[But if it succeeds!... it would weaken Our rivals and get us a powerful cultivator within our ranks.] Phil quickly countered as I made calculations in my head.

[very well we will.... ]


Present Day...

Assault leader's POV:

I raised my weapon to block of the youth's sword strike when I looked into his eyes...


The moment our eyes met!, an explosion went through my mind.


Suddenly, it seemed the heavens and earth dimmed as an extremely terrifying aura spread out in the sky, instantly covering the entire world. The sky had a Massive red moon with several black spot like things on it.

I looked up at the sky in fear, my body frozen and completely cold. I felt as if my heart was being gripped by a pair of large hands, and it was as if I were going to die.

The sky was still completely darkened without a trace of light at all besides the blood moon. It was a boundless darkness.


In an attempt to make a run for it, I noticed that I was hung up on a Cross of some sort and An aura of killing swept down, causing me to feel terror. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.



Another almighty explosion rang out as the sky seemed to be torn once again. Fathomless blood red light streaked across the dark sky and landed in front of me. it gave off an aura that made everything under the heavens and earth to want to submit.

an extremely cold aura, that would make people shiver, swept over me as the youth stood there watching me with blood red eyes.

[Welcome to my World!! ] he said with wide open arms and a chilling smirk.

Giving off immense pressure, nothing compared to what he had used in the earlier battle.

it was suddenly difficult for me to even breathe. A feeling of despair and terror welled up in my heart.

[Wait!] I screamed, not comprehending what Was going on..." could this be an illusion?"

"What's going on? Could it be…" I tried using my Qi to stimulate myself out of the illusion but nothing happened...it felt like my consciousness was pulled out of my body.

When the thought of this came, I felt greatly startled and looked towards The Young man. He, who seemed to have been watching a show with an amused smile, was now once again moving towards me.

a mischievous smile slowly appeared on his face, his two terrifying eyes seeming even more horrifying. The both pupils had become even more blood-red colored, giving off blood-red light and looking like two blood-red jewels.

Those eyes looked Deep and Curious, completely not matching the emotions that he should be showing and now every step he took seem to be filled with only destruction as the floor began to quake.


Before I could register anything, a muffled stab sounded out as my body was stabbed by a Dagger , causing me to throw my head back and scream , Within a few seconds , the young man mutter a few words , his face extremely focused as if he gained enlightenment. If it wasn't for the scenery you would think he was in a garden.

[Hmm... it seems distance doesn't matter as long as I will it ...Ah my apologies, I just had to try it. Don't worry I won't let you die... yet, There a lot of things I want to understand about this ability. allow me to thank you in advance for bringing yourself to as a Guinea pig.]

This shocking words caused me to feel a chill in my heart. The youth once again moved, gripping a Black spear and lodged it in my chest. He vigorously pulled it out, and his terrifying eyes turned to me asking.

[How do you feel?] I could only look at him with pleading eyes but he simply made a humming sound.

Immediately, My hairs stood on end as if he was being gazed at by an incredibly terrifying beast. A sense of extreme danger welled up in my heart, and he immediately understood why...



at that moment, The youth threw out the Black spear from a distance, which seemed to turn into a bolt of Black lightning and instantly pierced through my body, but He suddenly appeared next to me and stabbed me with two dagger like weapons. The three attack came at the same time.


My chest had been pierced and the scream could not begin to show just how much it hurt. There was a large crater beneath The Youth's feet.

but I was not dead...In fact I wished to die as my body kept bleeding and twitching. blood continuously leaked out of my lips, I must be forming a wretched sight.

The blood-red eyes emotionlessly turned to look at me and nodded ... [There's no lag what so ever, unless I choose to, Huh? lag? what am I saying?] He said as he face palmed himself.

[well we still have a long day ahead... ]

I felt a chill in my heart and did not hesitate to struggle even futher.



Meanwhile, Xavier was speechless as he saw both parties staring at each other amidst the battlefield with no one moving at all.

"Battle of Minds? " He said as he studied both parties, It was then he noticed Haru's blood red eyes.

Xuyi Xuyi

yo.... thanks for your comments and all... at least it tells me that someone is still reading my work...

so I'll leave the title of this chapter to you guys..


Also I decided to put a bit of what was happening in Primux while he was away... IDK what do you all think?

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  • Noob_Writer


    Ok first of all the descriptions of the battles keep getting more blury to the point your just making it sound cool without giving a proper view of the fight for the readers and dude... **** their's just too many mistakes to point out and typing is hard so fix them or leave them all alone.

  • Shameless_Buddha


    Thanks for the new chapter

  • A_Mantis_Shrimp


    Thanks for the chapter

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