92.85% A Goblin's Evolution / Chapter 64: A Long Pregnancy

Chapter 64: A Long Pregnancy

Miyumi woke up, the memory of having sex with her father still vivid in her mind. She felt like she could remember every thrust into her, every ejaculation inside her. They weren't happy memories. But Miyumi was determined to not let her new sexual relationship with her dad affect how much she loved whoring.

If having sex with her father was what she needed to do to stay a whore, she'd do it. After all, he was just another paying customer. At least, that's what Miyumi wanted to think.

After leaving her room, she met Min in the hallway. Min had a big belly by now, but she still looked to be aways off from birth, which puzzled Miyumi, because she knew that Min had been pregnant before the brothel opened. Miyumi didn't know much about Min's backgroun or her race, so she wondered just how long it'd take before her employer gave birth.

"Hello there, sweetie. I heard that you had sex with your dad yesterday and felt bad after. Man, I remember having sex with my dad the first time. Back then, I used to have sex with him every chance I could get. Things were different over there. Any dad would be happy to fuck his daughter, especially if she's a beauty like me. But Dralu won't even think about fucking Ellie, which we think is sad, but I also understand him. For you people, having sex with a family member is taboo. But I really don't think you should feel bad about having sex with your dad. If you just accept it and enjoy it, it might bring the two of you closer than ever. Back in my old home, we were all so close, exactly because we shared in everything, be it food, sleep, or sex. I had sex with all my friends there, my brother, sister, mother, and father included. While I love my current life, I do sometimes miss those times. Although they are a bit blurry in my memory, since it was so long ago," Min said, feeling nostalgic as she reminisced about those days so long ago.

She could not remember the faces of her parents, siblings, or dear friends, but she missed them so. She wondered if she'd recognize them if she ever met them again. But it didn't matter. They were long dead.

"What kind of place did you come from?" Miyumi asked. Her homeland was very different from this place, but even that place was as different as Min's homeland. The society Min described seemed so carnal. Miyumi thought she might not have minded living there, if it wasn't for the family sex thing.

"It was a kind of tribal society, but it doesn't really matter. It's gone now. But don't mind me, I just wanted to give you some encouragement. Next time your dad asks for you, just say yes with a smile and enjoy it, as he fucks you. You love sex, so it shouldn't matter if it's with your dad," Min said, as she put her hand on Miyumi's arm.

Miyumi smiled at the caring, pale blue girl. She wished she could do as Min suggested, but it just wasn't that easy for her. Min had a very unique way of thinking.

"I'll do my best," Miyumi replied, smiling meekly. Min chuckled, and gave Miyumi a kiss on the cheek.

"Good! Well, see you later," Min said, before waddling off.

Min made her way outside and sat down in the shade under a tree. She opened the book she was carrying and started reading. Min liked to read under this tree on a warm day like this.

However, after only a few minutes of reading, she was interrupted by a familiar face. A Dark Elf, dressed in exquisitely fancy black ropes approached the studying teenager.

"Master!" Min exclaimed as she saw the man. She immediately sprung up and hugged her beloved Master. It had been a while since she last saw her Master, as he'd gone away on an important trip.

"Min, last time we spoke, you were quite close to reaching level 100 in dark magic. Have you made it yet?" Altraz asked, wasting no time on idle talk.

"I have! And I also surpassed level 75 in light magic!" Min exclaimed, as she hung from Altraz's neck. Min's naked butt rested in Altraz's hand, as he was forced to support Min's weight.

"That's good. You can now be considered skilled in magic. It's usually at this level that mages become able to upgrade their spells to a new level. You were able to do this much earlier to one of your spells, but that was due to luck," Altraz said.

"Then won't you reward me with sex? Pretty please? I really want to feel you inside me, and feel your seed flow into me. It's my biggest wish!" Min begged, Min's lower region growing wet as she spoke. Something Altraz could definitely feel, with where his hand was placed.

"I won't. And don't you get enough sex as a prostitute?" Altraz said.

"You can never have too much sex, Master. And besides, I'm super pregnant right now, so not that many people are interested in me at the moment. I only get a few customers every day, although I cherish every one of them," Min said. As Min clasped her hands over her heart, a dreamy look in her eyes, Altraz finally got the opportunity to put his pregnant student down.

"Hey, Master, won't you come inside? Kemah gave birth to an adorable baby girl, and it seems like Dralu might be the dad. You have to come look at her! The baby's name is Kira," Min said, as she grabbed Altraz's hand and dragged him away, not waiting for an answer.

"I suppose," Altraz replied. When the two made it to the top floor of the brothel, they were met with the sight of Dralu pounding Kemah from behind. Not far away, was the baby girl Kira, looking at her mom with curiosity. She didn't understand what was going on, but she was interested in the ordeal.

Min and Kemah didn't want their household to be one where anyone was shy of sex, so they'd have sex whether any babies were present or not.

Kemah had even had Dralu fuck her while she was breastfeeding Kira. This way, Kira would definitely grow up to be comfortable with sex, and when she was old enough, she could even join the Moonshine Garden as a prostitute, just like Ellie.

In Min's ideal world, all the females of her family would be prostitutes.

After Kemah and Dralu were finished, Kemah introduced Altraz to Kira. The group spent some time together, before Altraz and Min retreated, so Altraz could test her magical capabilities.

Time flowed on peacefully. After Kemah recovered from giving birth, and Kira grew to the point where she could eat solid foods, Kemah returned to her duties as an assassin.

However, she wouldn't do any missions that would require her to be absent for more than a day. Kira still preferred breast milk, and Kemah didn't want to be away from her for too long. But whenever she did leave on a mission, Min and Ellie would take care of Kira.

Nine months passed, since Miyumi had sex with her father for the first time. Ever since, Miyumi's father would return every once in a while, always drunk. Miyumi would always let him fuck her without complaint, and after a while, she grew used to it.

However, her mother was still in the dark, and Miyumi visited them less and less. The fact that her dad was cheating on her mother with Miyumi made her feel too guilty.

By now, Min had been pregnant for more than two years, and her belly had grown very big. Even bigger than that of most girls.

Min still continued to have sex with customers, despite her extreme pregnancy. And it was while she was enjoying one of those customers inside her that her water broke. On that night, the Moonshine Garden closed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Something that had happened only on three occasions. First, when Kemah gave birth. Second, when Rina gave birth to her son. And now a third time, as Min was giving birth.

Min's second birth was a lengthy ordeal, even though she'd done it once before. Perhaps it was because it was simply so long ago, the last time. By now, it had been more than seventeen years. Back then, she hadn't even been one year old, and now, she was eighteen.

As the day neared midnight, Min was introduced to her second daughter. Her hair and eyes matched Min's. Her hair was a pearly silver, while her eyes were the same black and red as Min's. Her skin was also blue like Min's, just a bit darker. But it was still lighter than Ellie's skin tone.

When Ellie had been born, Min's skin tone had also been darker.

After this baby girl was born, something unexpected happened.

"Wait, I think there's another one!" Min said, as her contractions continued, and she felt another creature slowly slide out of her.

"Holy shit, you're right! I'm going to have twin siblings!" Ellie said, as she looked into Min's vagina.

"Quick, let me see!" Kemah said, eager to see another child be born. Thus, Min gave birth to a second child, that night.

After it was all over, Min held two babies in her arms.


Author's Note:

This chapter was a bit short, but I really wanted to end the chapter here. What gender would you like to see the twins be? Boys, girls, or one of both?

If you like my stories, please consider visiting my Patr3on page, where you can get various rewards, like art, a hentai comic, and several books.

You can find my Patr3on page at: https://www.patr3on.com/LucyLynn

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  • WPOmega


    2 dhampir? dhampirs? whatever, should be a boy and girl who have accelerated growth until like age 4 or 5 (physically) then it slows down until almost stopping at an ambiguous 17 like their mother. Their first times should be with their mother or sister.

  • SilentByakko


    A boy, for Dralu, and a girl for Min to teach magic and all things s*xual.

  • Galactic


    boy & girl or both girls

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