The Meta Plane.

The Meta-Plane consists of four planets; each with an astral chain that connects them to the central realm – the source of energy of the planets. Unlike other planets, the four planets of the Meta-Plane doesn't have a core and instead relies on the central realm.

The following are the planets and each of their necessary information.

Primal Exodus is a planet that is mostly consists of water with only three large pieces of land. At the extreme east is the Aleora Continent, where most of the parts are humid with some being dry desserts.

At the middle is the Aestoran, which is mostly tropical without any change of season. Just a few hundred thousand miles from it is the Abolian Continent, where most of the regions are mountainous.

The four moons orbiting it are named by the direction they mostly affect. They are called respectively: Eastern Moon, Western Moon, Southern Moon and Northern Moon.

The highest level ever known to be achieved in the annals of the Primal Exodus is LVL.30.

Planet Immemorial Corruption was once a planet of similar structure to Primal Exodus, however after the corruption race succeeded in taking over the planet, changes appeared. The blue waters changed into a bright violet hue and the land became as dark as the ashes.

The color of the atmosphere surrounding the planet became orange, and the air turned into poison for those not corrupted. After the "Great War" Era, the originally large three continents broke into many pieces.

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The ruling race, "Corruption", are only creatures tainted by the darkness of the universe. Because of the corruption nature of the race, they corrupt everything they touch and give birth to many variants; such as Corrupted Dragons and Corrupted Goblins.

Variant Races are subjected to the control of the Pure Corruption Races such as the Corruption Devil.

The four moons orbiting the planet weren't spared from the corruption. The space between the moons isn't far, thus when night falls, you could see – a bright crimson moon, a dull orange moon, a hazy yellow moon, and a bright violet moon – appearing side by side.

The moons are called respectively; Werner the Wrath's Moon, Sussie the Sloth's Moon, Prey the Pride's Moon, and Lushes the Lust's Moon.

The highest lever ever known since the beginning of corruption is LVL 50.

Planet Everlasting Wars is where the atmosphere is completely red and clouds of dark always covered the skies of the planet. The waters and land is dyed with the color of fresh blood. There is only one continent in the planet, which occupies most of the planet's space.

The ruling race, "Blood Spawns", are violent creatures with the tendency to wage war even against their own race. Thus, the entire world is in complete chaos and everywhere, there would be blood shed.

However, because of the fast growth and birth rate of the race, the population would instead steadily increase. Unlike other races, Blood Spawns survive by devouring blood, so they don't suffer any problems regarding food.

The four moons orbiting the planet is of similar color to the planet. If lines were to connect the four moons position, it would form a diamond shape.

The four moons are named based from the strongest individuals of the planet, so it isn't strange for it to change. The current names are the Üèr Moon, Îæd Moon, Híûø Moon and Êêūp Moon.

The highest level ever known in the history of this planet is LVL.60.

Planet Immortal Spirits is technically a real gas planet, because of its fog-like appearance. The planet is composed of a hazy, milky-blue gas which the ruling races with the name "Spirit" relies for survival.

Spirit Continents are masses of land suspended by the gas. The largest spirit continent – which takes up 25% of the gaseous planet – is the Melio Continent; currently ruled by the Immortal Spirit God Klaos.

The ruling races that hold most power are the "Burning Chaos Spirits", "Divine Water Spirits", "Immortal Wood Spirits, "Creation Metal Spirits,"Suppression Earth Spirits" and finally the "God Emperor Spirits."

The five races govern in harmony with the Godly Emperor Spirits leading. However, the appearance of the "Abyss Corruption Spirits" plunged the world in an era of strife and death.

The four moons orbiting the planet are named by the most notable eras of the planet. The Genesis Moon and The Bloom Moon appear side by side. The following moons, The Ruling Moon and Spirit Moon, follow the same appearance.

The highest level known in this planet is LVL.90.

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