9.21% The Long-awaited Mr Han / Chapter 54: Aren't We A Family?

Chapter 54: Aren't We A Family?

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"Yes, I have to rest well and get better, only then can I protect you." Xia Qingwei held onto Lu Man's hand remorsefully. "Originally, I thought that leaving you with the Lu Family was for your own good. No matter how heartless your father was to me, you were still his own flesh and blood, so I believed that he wouldn't mistreat you and being with him would be better off than suffering with me. Yet, who knew that he barely has any shred of humanity left in him!"

However, Lu Man felt that Lu Qiyuan was not inhumane. It was just that he gave all of his love and sympathy to Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi, thus there was none left for her and Xia Qingwei.

"Man Man, tell me the truth. What 'hurting someone' or 'going to jail'? What exactly is going on?" Xia Qingwei asked.

Thus Lu Man had to tell her everything in detail. "After I woke up, the lamp that had injured someone was in my hands and Lu Qi was nowhere to be found. Hence, I knew that they were probably trying to frame me, so I quickly ran away. But who'd have known that they would still refuse to give up."

"Those bastards!" Fury burned up in Xia Qingwei's eyes. Lu Man was his daughter too, yet he ill-treated her so badly!

She had been pregnant with Lu Man for 10 months, thus for her, her daughter was more important than her own life!

Hence, Xia Qingwei's heart ached.

"Mom, don't get too agitated, don't forget that your heart isn't well and you've just finished an operation. I have explained everything to you in detail as I was afraid that you will get angry in case I had lied to you. Yet, you are furious upon hearing the truth, do you want me to worry to death?" Lu Man hurriedly tried to soothe Xia Qingwei. "Mom, you're all that I have now. If anything is to happen to you, who will love me?"

"Right." Xia Qingwei took a couple of deep breaths before she managed to calm down. "Even though your dad doesn't treat you as his daughter anymore, I'm still here. Mom will always love you."

Lu Man smiled and nodded. "That's right. If anything, I still need you to help me take charge of the situation."

After finally calming down and comforting Xia Qingwei, Lu Man quickly went to brush her teeth. After that, she went to the hospital canteen to buy some porridge for Xia Qingwei.

Since Xia Qingwei had recently undergone an operation, she could not eat anything else.

Moreover, now she also needed to have someone around to help her. Hence Lu Man could not even go back home to prepare something better her. Only when Xia Qingwei would recover a little, she could leave for a moment.

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On Wednesday, probably afraid that others would beat him to it, Tang Zi took advantage of the 9 o'clock peak hour, when everyone was on their way to work, and released the photos and video he had taken, including the recording that Lu Man had passed to him.

All these concrete evidence not only proved that Lu Man was forced to be a scapegoat but also solidified the matter that Lu Qi cheated with Lu Man's ex-boyfriend.

There were even some "do-gooders" who really went to find the after-sales of Brand C and discovered that the serial number of Lu Qi's bracelet and the engraving on it, and immediately uploaded it on the Internet.

However, Tang Zi first sought Lu Man's permission, before releasing the news, and Lu Man was completely alright with revealing all these, even if it would involve her.

"This matter will have a grave impact on Lu Qi. I, on the other hand, won't be affected that much. Let the netizens dig if they want to. Hopefully, they might even dig up how Xia Qingyang ruined my mother's marriage and how the Lu Family has been bullying me." Since the impact that it would have on Lu Qi was more beneficial than detrimental.

"Great! Hearing these words, I can freely do whatever I want." Tang Zi rolled up his sleeves, planning to put on a big show.

Eventually, Lu Qi found out about this matter but only after hearing it from her manager. She almost went crazy upon taking a look at the uproar on the Internet.

"Dad, Mom, how could Elder Sis do this! She's clearly laying down a trap for us! It's alright that she doesn't like me and is trying to frame me, but how could she do this to you… Dad too? What would others think of us after hearing this recording? Hasn't Dad already suffered enough yesterday? Because of her, were we not already humiliated enough? How could she try to frame us like this! Aren't we her family?" Lu Qi cried. She was genuinely crying.

She was crying over her future acting career; it was very likely that she would never be able to make a comeback ever again.

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  • Invisible_Ecka


    It's okay if your future acting career is ruined Lu Qi, you can just continue acting in front of your family. Or perhaps, even try acting in jail. You can be an entertainer in jail you know. Your won't be put to waste then.

  • Geo7594


    This shameless mofo lu Qi. Girl I would slap you left and right and end it with an upper cut. Lol 😝

  • ImortalButterfly


    Every time our girl tries to stand up for herself this shameless bunch always cries "aren't we family?" It really makes me want to scream back "Yeah! Aren't you family?! Who the freaking heck would treat their family the way you shameless bunch treat Man-Man?!" Shameless bunch: We're family so we shouldn't care about this little bit of money. Have lower wages. Me: You're family! You shouldn't care about this little bit of money! Give the girl some space to live! Give her fair wages! Shameless bunch: You're her older sister so you should look after your little sister. Lie to the authorities and go to jail for her. Me: Looking after one's little sister should be trying to prevent them against getting into that kind of situation in the first place... Oh wait! She already freaking did! If the little sister insists and gets herself into trouble, the big sister's duty at that point is to make sure her little sister learns from her mistakes so as to not repeat them. So go to jail already stupid shameless actress brat. At the point you're at, I doubt if even jail time will help you learn from your mistakes but it's the best chance you've got so freaking go already!

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