11.8% The Long-awaited Mr Han / Chapter 57: Stop Humiliating Yourself

Chapter 57: Stop Humiliating Yourself

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Since there were people holding him back at the door, Lu Man was not worried. Only after she had settled Xia Qingwei down did she walk to the door.

"You two are?" Lu Man asked the two bodyguards.

"Miss Lu, I'm Zhou Cheng and he's Xu Hui. We were sent by Mr Han to protect you. Mr Han was afraid that some people would not give up and come here to create a mess again," Zhou Cheng said.

When Lu Qiyuan overheard that they were Han Zhuoli's men, he stiffly took a breath, alarmed and suspicious.

Even Lu Man was surprised. What was Han Zhuoli doing?

He had actually taken the effort to leave two men here to protect her! Even if Han Zhuoli had already helped her twice, she still did not believe that Han Zhuoli was simply just a good Samaritan who would help others without any reason.

Besides, from all the rumors about Han Zhuoli that she had heard in her past life, none of them was ever related to him being kind.

Nonetheless, with these two men protecting her right now, she was indeed a lot more relieved.

At least like now, Lu Qiyuan would not be to enter the hospital room and harass Xia Qingwei.

"Thank you. I'm grateful that you're here," Lu Man thanked them sincerely. "Could you help me to chase him away? We don't welcome him here."

"No problem." Zhou Cheng gladly twisted Lu Qiyuan's wrist. Together with Xu Hui, with both of them on each side, they started dragging Lu Qiyuan out.

"Let go of me. Lu Man, is this how you treat your father? Let others see! Is there anyone else as unfilial as you!" Lu Qiyuan shouted furiously. It was extremely embarrassing for him to be dragged out, by the wrist, by others like this.

Zhou Cheng immediately pressed on his waist. Suddenly, Lu Qiyuan felt as if he was being choked and could barely catch his breath.

It was so painful that his face turned pale, he was unable to speak another word.

"Mr Lu, nonetheless you're still the CEO of a big company. Even though you're not as famous as Mr Han, you should still try to stop humiliating yourself in public," Zhou Cheng warned quietly by Lu Qiyuan's ear.

Hence, Lu Qiyuan dared not speak a word, even if he could.

Remembering his status and identity, he knew that he needed to maintain an image.

Zhou Cheng turned towards Lu Man. "Miss Lu, if he ever comes again…"

"Chase him away immediately. Don't let him come close," Lu Man replied resolutely. "Thank you."

"It's our pleasure," Zhou Cheng replied with a smile.

As they went past the nurse station, Lu Man saw the nurse looking at them, her face was full of shock. Lu Man went up and said, "Hi, I'm really sorry but you must have known about this man who came here a few days ago and caused a huge ruckus. Could you do me a favour? He's definitely not here to visit any patients. He barely even wants my mother to recover. Just now, because of him shouting loudly and being vulgar, my mother rushed out of the bed despite her wound still not healed right after her surgery."

Upon hearing that, the nurse anxiously asked, "How's that patient's wound? Did it open?"

"I looked at it briefly. It seemed to be fine. However, could I trouble you to have a closer examination? After all, with my father there, I couldn't take a proper look at it. Besides, I'm not as professional as you are," Lu Man said, her face looked troubled and pale. The nurse knew that it must have been because of Lu Qiyuan, who had made her feel bad and troubled.

Moreover, everyone in the hospital knew about the huge fight that day. They knew that Lu Qiyuan and Lu Man's biological mother had a divorce and that even treated Lu Man like a step-daughter.

Looking at Lu Man's tired figure, the nurse felt sympathetic. "Alright, I'll go and take a look now. Rest assured, this time it was the hospital's fault for not being more attentive. In the future, we will definitely stop him from disturbing patients ever again." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

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  • helluva_girl


    Why do these novels always promote girl on girl hate???!!! I mean can't they have a good story plot without the women fighting over some man or another. Damn!!! there are more men than women in this world. So, why you gotta fight???!!!

  • Bhy85


    Ikr! The guy is the cheater with low self control, egotistical and selfish. Yet they make him sound like a weak puppy with no brains who is controlled by the “other” woman. Apparently, good guys stay virgins and have allergies to all “other” women while bad guys destroy their family for good sex and ignore their children 😑😑

  • Tsukirabbit


    Ahhh...I can't wait for the fluffy moments to happen this constant stream of her annoying family is definitely making my blood pressure go UP 😅😅😅

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