27.82% The Long-awaited Mr Han / Chapter 101: I Won't Let Her Get Away!

Chapter 101: I Won't Let Her Get Away!

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"Alright," Ye Xiaoxing quickly left.

Meanwhile, Lu Man had been sitting in Han Zhuoli's office for quite long, yet no one even came to give her a drink.

Although it was a small matter, and it was not that she could not tolerate it, it was just that she was very thirsty right now.

Moreover, she did not know when Han Zhuoli's meeting would be over, also she could not talk about her case with Han Zhouli in a hoarse voice.

Thus Lu Man could only go out to find her way to the secretarial office opposite the CEO office.

It just happened that Ye Xuanxuan's office table was near the door.

"Excuse me, may I have a cup of water to drink?" Standing in front of Ye Xuanxuan's table, Lu Man asked her politely.

Ye Xuanxuan raised her head to look at her once, then lowered her head to continue to file her nails, "I'm busy now, don't you know how to go to the pantry to take water?"

Lu Man frowned slightly, today was just her first day at work, yet because of Lu Qiyuan, everyone in the Public Relations Department had bad impressions of her, but she could understand the reason why.

However, what was with the person in front of her?

She did not even know who she was, so why was she throwing her temper at her?

Lu Man took a peek at her employee ID card and saw that on it was written Ye Xuanxuan.

As Lu Man turned her gaze away and walked out, she heard Ye Xuanxuan quietly mutter under her breath behind her back, "Who does she think she is, that people have to serve her? First of all, she isn't a leader, secondly, she isn't a client, so what right does she have?"

At that moment, Lu Man stopped walking, turning around to ask her, "Did I say or do something rude that violated you, or have I offended you anytime before?"

Ye Xuanxuan was stunned, "Are you talking to me?"

Ye Xuanxuan was furious, a newcomer dared to go head-to-head with her instead of being meek and not offending anyone?

"Yes," Lu Man decided that she might as well walk back over and face Ye Xuanxuan, "Today is my first day at work, however, I have never seen you before, so I should not have offended you right?"

"You disturbed my work, and that's offending me already," Ye Xuanxuan refused to believe that Lu Man would really dare to offend her with her being an old employee.

"Work?" Lu Man smiled, "So your job is to file your nails right? I know that now. Later on, when the meeting is over, I'll go and ask Assistant Zheng, if there's still any vacancies in this kind of good job, because I want to do it too."

"You!" Ye Xuanxuan was so angry that she stood up and spoke harshly, "You want to tell on me?"

She came just for one day, and already wanted to tell on her colleagues, did Lu Man even want to continue working at the company!

"I just wanted to ask about some things concerning what I don't know about my job," Lu Man smiled slightly, and walked out.

Ye Xuanxuan got really frantic, she was very scared that Lu Man would actually tell Zheng Tianming.

She would not be fired, but she definitely would not be able to escape a scolding.

Moreover, she could not afford to be embarrassed like that!

"Stop right where you are!" Ye Xuanxuan's voice was much higher in a moment of desperation, almost spreading throughout the entire level.

She made her way around her working table and wanted to chase after Lu Man, but her colleague held her back, "What are you doing? The meeting room is not far from here, and at this moment, all the leaders are there, even if Lu Man really told Assistant Zheng, the most he would do is just scold you a bit. However, if the leaders hear about it, it won't be just scolding anymore, you don't want to work here anymore?"

Hence, Ye Xuanxuan abruptly stopped, but she was still not resigned to accepting her fate, "Then should I just let her scheme against me? I really thought too lowly of her, it's her first day at work and she's already so arrogant!"

"Don't you have a lot of chances to bully her in the future? The future is long, so don't suffer losses here," her colleague urged.

At last, Ye Xuanxuan was finally convinced, "I won't let her get away!"

What else could the colleague say?

Moreover, she did not approve of Ye Xuanxuan finding trouble for Lu Man, after all, Lu Man did not offend her first. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Furthermore, the colleague felt that Ye Xuanxuan's sister really wasn't anything good, she was very snobbish and could not stand it when others were living well.

She also believed that if Ye Xiaoxing continued being like that, Ye Xuanxuan would end up being implicated by Ye Xiaoxing some day.

Just as Ye Xuanxuan was about to return to her seat, who would have expected that Han Zhuoli's elder uncle, Han Dongping would bring a 24-year-old beautiful woman into the office.

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  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Xuanxuan you think you can be b*tchy and can bully Lu Man and she will let you!?!? Dream ON!!!! Oh who is the girl Uncle Han brought to Zhuoli!?!? I guess he might be trying to set her up with Zhuoli..... There love story haven't even started and A third party B*tch is already here.... Alas!!!!

  • sabihaallana


    Now who is this new entry with Mr Hans uncle Isn't there enough trouble for Lu Man at her workplace 🙇

  • Ria_Ella_Orolf


    Thats my girl...show them that your not easy to step on..loving it...go Lu Man.🤣🤣😂💖

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