21.48% She Knew She Loved Him(Completed) / Chapter 26: Grape Flavored Ice Pop

Chapter 26: Grape Flavored Ice Pop

The moment she got home from spending a fulfilling day with Nyo, Zunnie took a shower and was about to do some reading when she noticed the bag on the island countertop. She had paced the kitchen for fifteen minutes, trying to decide whether to return it or not.

Now that she was in a problematic situation, she deeply regretted bringing the bowls over. 'I should have just left it by the door as I planned.' She thought, wanting to punch herself for walking into the current dilemma. She couldn't help but harshly curse deep down.

"Can you please let go of me?" Her attempt to keep a firm resolve was shot down by Alex's lips pressing against hers.

'Huh… Why are you kissing me? We don't know each other like that.' Zunnie screamed inside.

She was furious. If he was not holding onto her, she would punch him in his gut but she couldn't make her way out from his strong hold on her.

All she could do was let him kiss her and have him pay for it later.


Zunnie was too adorable standing there in his arms and Alex couldn't stand it anymore. As soon as she was done asking him to let her go, he tightened his grip around her, then planted his firm lips on to hers.

He brushed his tongue over them and tasted her cherry flavored lip balm. Her warmth lit a fire inside him. He used his tongue to part her lips and devoured them bottom, then top. Ahh, the fire was beginning to grow bigger. The hand he had used to tilt her face to meet his, slid behind her neck and caressed it gently; as his kiss simultaneously became deeper.

Noticing she was not fighting back, Alex used his tongue to open her mouth, then sucked her tongue like a man's mouth on nipples. His manhood slowly began erecting beneath the towel. The hand around her waist was caressing her back when he slightly felt her return his kiss.

However, he had no idea she was trying to find a way to bite his lips. His kisses were so deep Zunnie could not bring herself to get a forceful grip on his lips.

Filled with excitement at her imagined response, Alex slid his hand beneath her blouse to unhook her bra. He was now fully aroused, and his hammer stood erect ready to fill Zunnie Bai with all of him.

Alex, still kissing her, was having trouble unhooking her bra. He frowned and mutter on her lips,

"Where is the damn hook?"

Hearing his voice Zunnie was brought back to earth. His was not holding onto to her. She pushed him and backed away from his kiss. Her lips were throbbing and the places where Alex touched had a tingling sensation. She opened her eyes only to find his lust filled amber eyes staring at her.

"Did you just kiss me without my permission?" A shocked Zunnie asked.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Zunnie retorted as anger started to build up.

"I didn't mean to kiss you..." Alex felt a little nervous seeing that she looked angry.

Little did he know, even if Zunnie was angry he had kissed her, her body had slowly begun reacting to his kiss and touch; even if she had been desperately fighting it.

She was mad that she had taken too long to push away from him when his arms around her moved to her bra. Even though she didn't want to admit it, deep down she felt good.

"Then why did you do it?"

"You looked too cute standing there. It was just a reflex..." Alex tried to explain.

Zunnie burst out laughing, she wanted to cry because it was her first kiss. She did not understand how she had lost her first kiss because of a reflex action. And to her neighbor, who stood there in a towel with his manhood pointing at her.

"A reflex… that was a lame excuse…" She chided angrily, dropped the bag with the bowls to the floor and walked to the door.

When she reached the handle, she turned around and forcefully smiled at him; "By the way, the hook is in the front." She then pointed to the front of her bra where the hook was, stuck her tongue out at Alex, then left his condo.

Alex was more than amused. He was also shocked. He grinned, looked down at his erection and stroked it. He walked up to the bathroom, got in the shower and let the cold water cool off the raging fire that had grown inside him.


When Zunnie shut Alex's door, she almost sprinted to hers. As soon as she entered her condo, she dropped to the floor. She wanted to cry but no tears fell. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"What the hell just happened?" She placed her head on her knees and tried to rethink what in the world had occurred back in condo two.

Her heart was pounding like a drum in a high school music band. She breathed in and out trying hard to calm herself, but it was no help at all.

"Ahhh…" She ruffled her hair then got up and walked to the couch. Her lips were still throbbing. She licked them trying to soothe them but failed. They tasted different. Her cherry lip balm had been sucked off by the pervert. She frowned but continued licking them. She liked how they tasted but wondered if it was okay. She racked her brains trying to figure out where she had tasted that flavor.

"Ah, they taste like a grape ice pop. it really is the same grape ice pop I have." She said out loud shocking herself.

Zunnie stopped licking her lips when she remembered that grape was her favorite flavor. She always kept a box in the freezer. She stood up, sighed and walked to the fridge to get a grape ice pop.

Pgimz Pgimz

Hiiii...I couldn't leave you guys with a cliffhanger. So I decided to drop a treat. Please remember to drool..haha

enjoy xoxo

Comments (9)

  • StanLJP


    Definitely no proper way to start any relationship. His actions come off as creepy in the sense they barely know each other and he’s forcing kisses on her and even attempting to feel up her body. Not cool.

  • msdoc


    Now, they have something in common..they bith love grape flavored ice pop

  • Lizabelle88


    Alex and Zunnie, and the adventure begun....hehehe

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