22.31% She Knew She Loved Him(Completed) / Chapter 27: He Apologized

Chapter 27: He Apologized

Both Alex and Zunnie simultaneously laid in bed, unable to fall asleep. The events of earlier replayed in each of their minds.

Alex admitted he did behave on impulse, but somewhere in his heart, he felt contented. However, elsewhere in his heart, he felt aggrieved noticing that he had permitted his lusts to get the best of him. He massaged his temples, rolled out of bed and walked to the glass wall. He opened the door and stepped on to the balcony. A cool breeze clouted his handsome face evading his solemn mood.

The serene night sky stood still, it was filled with gleaming stars and a first quarter moon. In a distance, an owl hooted. The trees swayed slowly as if they were dancing to a slow tune, yet Alex felt melancholic taking in the scenery.

Thinking of ways apologize to Zunnie Bai, he sighed and walked back into his room. Alex picked up his phone to call her but halted when he remembered he did not have her number.

A gloomy feeling filled his room. He paced back and forth whilst practicing a speech if he were to meet her the following day.

A frustrated Alex disheveled his hair then exited his bedroom with a small resolve. He opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of forest spring flavored water and chugged it.

He inhaled a gulp of air then let it out. He walked to the front door, opened it and stepped out. He slowly and nervously walked to Zunnie's door and pushed the bell.

He looked like a child who had done something to upset his parents and was walking to their bedroom to apologize so his play station would not be confiscated

When no one unlocked the door after two minutes, he pressed the button again. Deep down he really wanted her to open the door. He felt hopeless standing there knowing the last person Zunnie wanted to see had to be him.

Just as he was about to walk back down the hall to his condo, the door flew open.


Zunnie had been staring at Alex on the security screen next to the door for a while. When he first rang the doorbell, she was in the kitchen eating a grape flavored ice pop.

After she returned from his condo earlier, she had eaten three of the grape ice pops. She watched TV till her eyes were stinging, then went to lay in her cozy king size bed. Unable to fall asleep after thirty minutes, she had gone downstairs for some warm milk but opted for another ice pop.

Hearing the bell echoing through the house she guessed it probably was no one other than Alexander Zi the pervert.

She slowly walked over and amusingly stared at him while sucking on the grape ice pop. When he turned to walk back, she pulled open the door and said; Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Hi, how can I help you?"

"Can I come in?" The man standing outside replied with a question.

"What for? To take advantage of me?" Zunnie smirked when she heard him asking to come in.

"No, I came to apologize for my impulsiveness earlier." Alex flashed her a beautiful heart pounding smile.

"You, don't need to come in to do that."

"Even if, I understand your tenacity, being the gentleman that I am, I would like to come in and properly apologize for my actions earlier."

Zunnie scoffed then replied, "My you are quite a charmer Mr. Zi, do come in; want a grape flavored ice pop?"

The angel in Zunnie's head was screaming at her. 'Why would you invite him in? You even offered him an ice pop! Are you trying to die?' Even she could not explain her actions. She sighed inside and let Alex in.

She walked to the freezer and pulled out the ice pops and gave one to Alex.

"Ahh, I like this flavor too…" Alex said surprised they actually had something in common.

"Oh…trust me I know…" A nonchalant Zunnie replied.

"How so?"

Zunnie peered into his amber eyes then touched her lips. "That's how…"

Alex was caught off guard by her reply and blushed slightly.

"Miss Bai I'm really sorry about earlier. Although I must admit I did enjoy kissing you. I'm sorry it happened under the circumstances it did. I should have been more respectful."

Hearing his apology, Zunnie's cheeks flushed a light pink shade. Shouldn't she be mad, why the heck is she blushing? Feeling her face get warm, Zunnie cleared her throat and said…

"Mr. Zi… seeing that you stole my first kiss and it can't be replaced; You're going to have to make it up to me. I do owe you a dinner date. Let's have dinner tomorrow night, I'll pick the place. As for how you will make it up to me, I'll let you figure that out… with that said, apology accepted…you can get out now."

Alex chuckled after listening to Zunnie speak. He stood up, said good night then walked back to his condo.

Comments (2)

  • Lizabelle88


    a***, give me the Popsicle please!

  • Beanguyen


    All right... I’m glad you apologized and even use the word respect. I hope she put you in your place. Now, let’s see how you’re going to get back in our favor. 😏

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