25.61% She Knew She Loved Him(Completed) / Chapter 31: A Five Minutes Decision

Chapter 31: A Five Minutes Decision

Alex planted his lips on hers and kissed her roughly without waiting for her to reply…with one hand caressing her breast and the other caressing her back, his manhood throbbed.

He was familiar with the condo's layout, so he picked Zunnie up and carried her up to her bedroom. He gently placed her on the plush bed and climbed over her. He bent down to kiss her lovingly then hugged her tightly.

He loved how she felt in his muscular embrace. Her skin was soft and smooth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Are you okay?" Alex had been holding her for a while without saying anything.

"Mhm," he whispered sweetly against her ears but didn't let go.

Zunnie found everything Alex was doing to her irresistible; she couldn't refuse. Her heart overflowed with desire and being held by him made her feel treasured.

'Is this love?' She thought, blushing like a high school girl who got confessed to by her crush.

She gazed at him then smiled; she wrapped her arm around his neck and kissed him passionately.

"I like you…" She whispered against his lips. She had spoken so softly, he almost didn't hear.

"Then marry me!"

"What do you mean, marry you? We've only just met. Don't we have to date and..."

"Be my wife. Be Mrs. Alexander Zi…" Alex said firmly.

He stunned himself when he asked her to marry him so suddenly. Since when did he want to marry a girl who confessed to him because of his desires. His thoughts started spinning around in his head.

After he had spent his days curiously wondering about who the heck the girl with the red-brown hair was, he had slowly been falling for her, and his curiosity now seemed like an obsession. Zunnie made him behave like a horny cow on steroids.

When he finally saw her at the Bai Entertainment gala, he wanted to make her his simply because he wanted no one else to have her.

Even if he said he was only trying to help her during the auction; after seeing her up close in the lobby, Alex knew he had to have her. She had been looking at the paintings in the lobby with poise and beauty. At first, he was only going to follow her; but when he saw how sad she stared at one of the paintings, he wanted to make her smile.

She was the rarest jewel he had ever seen. He wanted to keep her near him and shield her from prying eyes. However, marrying her had never occurred to him. Alex bit his tongue as he thought about what he just said.

Zunnie Bai was different from the women he had slept with. She was confident and every time he saw her, she spiked his interest. Sitting on her bed his heart longed for her. He wanted to fill her with all of him, so if anyone tried to court her they wouldn't even get a chance.


"Ummm…" Zunnie was speechless. She accidentally confessed to him and now he was asking her to marry him. She had no idea what to say. She wanted to scream yes but part of her wanted to refuse him.

What a dilemma. If she said yes, her family and friends would finally get off her back. If she said no would her time with Alex be over? What the hell was she doing? She did not even know much about him and he was suddenly asking her to spend her forever with him.

'Is this how the process goes?' She chewed her bottom lip thinking about a resolve.

"C-Can I t-think about it?" She asked nervously.

"Sure, you have five minutes." Alex got off the bed and went downstairs leaving a confused and shocked Zunnie alone in the room.

His actions tonight were that of a desperate man and although he knew he was being ruthless, he wanted to sweep her away with him.

"W-wait, what do you mean five minutes...I need more time?"

Alex stopped in his tracks and turned to the cute girl sitting on the bed, "You have five minutes to decide, I'll be back then."

He walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

"You're being unfair Mr. Zi!" Zunnie shouted at the tightly shut bedroom door.

"What a bossy jerk!" She mumbled and fell back onto the pillows.


Alex knew he was being unfair, but he was a businessman after all. When he wanted a client to sign, he did his best to get them. He was certain that if he gave Zunnie Bai more time she would waver, so he gave her only five minutes.

He had no idea if there were other men in her life and neither did he care. Right now, all he wanted was her. Her intelligence, her cute and embarrassed sides, her angry glares, her sweetness; all of her...he wanted it to be his.

He was indeed acting impulsively, but who knew what tomorrow looked liked.

'That should be enough for her to come to a decision.'

He walked to the freezer and pulled out a grape-flavored ice pop. Alex sat on the couch then grabbed his phone. The entire night he had not checked his phone, so he had a few messages.

There were a few missed calls from his grandparents. Natalia had sent him a few messages. He had a few emails but opened none of them. He was about to lock his phone but stopped, seeing a familiar name.

Alex opened the message from Zunnie and smiled when he saw it. He was surprised that she had taken this really good picture of him.

"I'm sorry Zunnie, I can't leave you alone." He whispered then opened his phone gallery and played the short video he had secretly taken of her. She was gazing at the night sky and spinning in circles as she giggled.

Alex had watched her every move in admiration but had quickly hidden his phone and pretended he was looking up at the night sky when she stopped and crouched over her knees.

He checked the time…it was had been five minutes. Alex put the phone down and walked up the stairs and back into the master bedroom.

If she said no, he would get her pregnant and take responsibility. If she said yes…

Pgimz Pgimz

Here's an early release to my loyal readers.

Happy readings!

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  • Lizabelle88


    ah, am a happy camper here...

  • Pgimz


    lol surprise.. enjoy

  • NatsumeRikka


    Alex is so cool!! In my mind I'm like : yeah, go make them babies

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