50% Forgotten Night / Chapter 2: My long awaited gifts

Chapter 2: My long awaited gifts

After Mikle drove on, I looked around. I felt tired, I don't know from what, but I was tired. Because of that, I tried to keep my thoughts happy with my brother's gifts that he probably brought.

Near the bus stop, around a hundred meters was crossing, and near the road, there was a street light. It wasn't an ordinary street light, its automatic streetlight that has sensors on it detected nearby humans who want to cross the street.

As I waited for the green light from the streetlight, I looked at the cars. It's a habit of mine since it helps me to distract myself from useless thoughts.

All cars are electric, but I did hear in history class that humans used to use something else, not like I remember what it was.

I didn't see any sports cars, because of that I just counted numbers in my mind.

Soon I saw the green light on the other side of the street. I crossed the street and went right side.

A bit more and on the left was an automatic sliding door. It was a door to my family's apartment building. Apartments in this region are minimum fifty floors, with a maximum hundred and twenty.

My apartment building has eighty floors because this is one of the older building.

Older buildings have lesser floors, at least in our city region.

As I stepped into my apartment building, I walked into the elevator across the hall.

I live on the floor sixty-four, it's quite a hassle to climb through stairs. And on each floor lives around twelve families.

I was a bit surprised that I haven't seen a single person today, but I didn't take it to heart, because I know that I got today a lot earlier off from school.

Usually, the school day is from eight in the morning up to five. Sucks if anyone asks me because school hours are long as work hours.

Anyway, I didn't take long for me to reach near my home door, I took the home keys from my pants pocket and opened my home door.

As I stepped in, I yelled: I am home!

Mother replied: Your brother is in his room, wait for him in the living room, he is on the phone.

I put my bag on the dresser and went into the living room. Our apartment has six rooms, first is the Living Room, the kitchen, mother bedroom, brother room, my room, and a small room that we use as a keeping room.

Usually, old clothes and stuff fills it, before we get rid of them, by giving away or dumping trash bins.

In our living room, there is a large table surrounded by two large sofas and a large TV on the wall. Four bamboo flowers in corners as well, not sure what flowers those four exactly are, because I wasn't interested and I haven't asked.

It's quite empty if someone asks from me, but at the same time, I like it simple.

I sit on the sofa, and I spoke out: Channel four.

The TV went on and played channel four, its an action film channel. Shows usually the most popular and newest movies that are currently out.

As I was watching TV, time passed. But soon my brother came with a small gift bag and a gift box.

I smiled, got up and greeted my brother. He greeted me as well and gave me a gift box first and told me: Don't take that outside or I will keep it in my room safe.

I knew what was in the box after his words, and thanked him. My brother promised me to get a special dagger made from Dark flame crystal.

Dark flame crystals aren't ordinary crystals, it's possible to ignite them, and the whole dagger will burn, expect handle, of course, it's possible to control the flame and even slash the flame line out.

The dagger was beautiful, black red, similar to blood color. I liked it the moment I opened the box.

As I held the dagger, I felt it was quite heavy. I asked my brother: How much does it weigh?

He answered: Around 10 kg, but it's because of the Dark flame crystal, I went through a lot of trouble to get it.

Brother continued: It's your birthday soon, have you planned out what mutation you will take.

I answered: Not yet. But is the gift bag because of my birthday?

He nodded and wished me: Happy birthday, I know it's soon, but I will be busy soon, and you will learn later why, so enjoy your gifts, and make sure you don't lose the knife. After that, he handed me a gift bag he was holding on the other hand.

I nodded and put the gift bag on the table so I could sit down and put the dagger back into the box.

Dark flame crystal dagger is a bit special, it needs blood for a contract, and after that, it adjusts for the owner hand needs, and doesn't allow unallowed persons to touch it.

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This dagger isn't that expensive compared to other items, because there are many weapons, armors and unique items that are far more expensive. My brother has two crystal daggers as well, but he uses them.

After putting dagger back into the box, I grabbed the gift bag and looked what's inside the bag.

I saw three boxes. From the first box, I got a dark red ring. A crystal ring for protection, which made me smile, I put it on my middle finger, and I will drop blood later on the ring to recognize me. I know the ring is for protection because of the paper slip next to the ring.

The second box contained a dark red necklace, it was also for protection, I cursed a bit, my brother, he promised me the knife which I got, but other items that I wanted were missing, even though I got a few quite expensive items.

I wanted a car, a knife was far more expensive than a car, at least a hundred times.

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