Chapter 114: A Bitter Kiss (4)

Su Luo gazed at Qin Ning, a grim smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. The maid at Jade Lake fairy's side was also not so simple.

"Were they hunting you?" Nangong Liuyun's dark eyes became increasingly malicious. His entire person seemed arrogant and aloof, emitting a dense majestic aura.

Su Luo's smile was helpless and stark. "They were not the only group of people that was hunting me."

What Su Luo just said had a double meaning. She raised an eyebrow and looked at the Jade Lake's fairy with a smile that was not quite a smile. Her gaze landed on the fairy's white, pointed and extremely clever hands.

That final arrow with world-shaking force, could it really have not left a single trace on those pretty hand that were occupied with schemes?

Within just this one day and night, it could be said that she had been surrounded by perils. If it weren't for the goddess of fortune standing on her side; she would have died eighteen thousand times by now.

Today's hatred from being hunted, in the future, she, Su Luo, would absolutely return it tenfold!

At this time, the Jade Lake's fairy had a warm, soft and genial smile on her face. That smile was tranquil and serene, lacking even a ripple on the surface a large body of water, as if she was a fairy from the heavenly realm.

Nangong Liuyun's beautiful icy eyes had a ruthless and savage light, it gazed deeply at Su Luo. Stressing each word he asked. "Who else were among the people trying to kill you?"

Nangong Liuyun, this was what you demanded. It was not something I had voluntarily tattletaled.

"If I were to say that the Jade Lake fairy's people were also among them, would you believe me?" Su Luo employed a relaxed and mocking tone, while staring at him with a smile that was not quite a smile.

However, an earnest and cautious expression very quickly passed through Su Luo eyes.

If Nangong Liuyun believed her, then she would decide not to conceal the truth from him. She would reveal everything to him and tell him that his Jade Lake's fairy was a snake with a scorpion's vicious poison.

If Nangong Liuyun did not believe her…..Su Luo bleakly forced a bitter smile.

An icy light swifty flitted through Nangong Liuyun's hawk-like eyes. He rubbed her head, that pair of red phoenix eyes becoming even more joyous and demonically alluring as they gazed at her. With an indulgent and spoiling manner he said. "Do not joke around, you must tell this king the truth."

In a split second, Su Luo's heart immediately dropped to the bottom, it was so cold as to reach the freezing point. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sure enough, she had expected too much.

As expected, how could a few short days of association compete with the mutual trust developed from growing up together since childhood?

The Jade Lake's fairy used a sweet-tempered smile to look at her. That pair of sparkling and translucent, jade-like beautiful eyes had a self-satisfied, boastful, gloating laugh in their depths.

As if to say to Su Luo: So what if I dispatched people to kill you? Nangong Liuyun doesn't believe you. He–absolutely—won't—believe—it!

Yes, he did not believe it.

Su Luo's mouth raised with a hint of irony, she forcefully pushed Nangong Liuyun away, in a very light tone and low volume said. "I'm tired, I want to rest."

Now, what was the point of saying even more? Anyhow, he believed in the Jade Lake's fairy without any doubt.

Nangong Liuyun saw that she was in a bad mood. He thought it was because she was tired from this one day and night away. So he followed her wish and gently said. "Okay, we'll rest for one night here, and do our task tomorrow."

"No need." Su Luo coldly refused.

The task he was referring to was slaughtering an Armored Back Dragon. Since her space was already opened, there was no need go and kill a dragon.

"Believe in this king, this king will definitely find the culprit!" Nangong Liuyun watched her back as she determinedly walked away, his sharp eyebrows were low. His voice was firm as if swearing an oath.

Su Luo mouth rose with a slight bitterness,

Find the killer? I had even told you who it was, yet you won't believe me. How will you find the killer then?

Su Luo's footsteps paused. She glanced back with a shallow smile, her smile was like that of March's fireworks, dazzling and lonely. In a clear and indifferent voice, she said "Really, then I'll first thank you"

Nangong Liuyun firmly watched her leaving figure from the back. His face was indeterminately flickering between clear and overcast, suddenly dark then bright. The veins of his knuckles tightened until they burst.

"Third senior brother...." the Jade Lake fairy's charmingly gentle and beautiful eyes were like mist moving slightly, she somewhat hesitantly stared at Nangong Liuyun." Do you believe me?"


  • JayFeatherYM


    The prince is not smart AT ALL!HES PLAIN STUPID.FL,I know you will get your revenge 😤

  • Hahathejetski


    Agree...what a stupid prince

  • Swindler_L_Noko


    I'm disappointed in Jin. Really disappointed.

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