87.26% The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss / Chapter 136: To Have Come About With No Effort (3)

Chapter 136: To Have Come About With No Effort (3)

"Un!" The adorable little dragon's articulation wasn't too clear, but he nodded firmly. He still couldn't speak, so he could only use this way to communicate.

"Fine, then let's peel it to find out." Su Luo handed the source stone back to him.

The adorable little dragon obediently took it. He quickly stripped down the source stone, in a showing off manner he handed the crystal stone inside to Su Luo.

He had a cute look that was clearly seeking praise, his little tail was cocked up high, continuously running around Su Luo.

Cyan color! To think it was actually cyan-colored! Su Luo looked at the hazy, fluorescently glowing cyan-coloured stone in her hand. She was both happy and astonished, which was then followed by excitement!

She was as happy as could be, Apothecary Leng had said, only ten cyan-colored crystal stones were needed to heal Nangong Liuyun's wounds.

She was as astonished as could be, that the adorable little dragon could see through the surface to the inside of the stones.

She was excited as could be because she could go source stone gambling, using the lowest prices to bet and won all the ones with crystal stones in them!

However, currently the most important thing was to save Nangong Liuyun.

So, based on her unlucky little black hands, Su Luo wouldn't even dare to touch those source stones. She let the adorable little dragon to peel all of the source stones.

After all, his speed was even faster than a cutting tool, not using him was a waste.

Also, though she did not know what the adorable little dragon's claws were made of, they were probably made of the same material as his teeth. So, as they say, dragons had a natural advantage, although on the outside he was a little puppy, his teeth and claws were far stronger than that of human's.

Just when Su Luo was indulging in flights of fancy, the adorable little dragon had already peeled all of the source stones.

Since this group of source stones came from Elder Zi Huo's cave, therefore the probability of source stones having crystal stones were extremely high.

There were approximately thirty stones, apart from those eaten by the adorable little dragon as snacks in the beginning, and those touched by Su Luo's darkly unlucky hands, the rest all had crystal stones. Moreover, the worst were yellow-colored crystal stones.

Among them, there were ten yellow-colored crystal stones, five green-colored crystal stones, and there were even three cyan-colored crystal stones. Finally, and unexpectedly, even a blue-colored crystal stone was peeled out. This probability was simply going against the Heavens.

This was calculated according to five times the original green-colored crystal stone conversion given by Apothecary Leng.

One piece of blue-colored crystal stone was equal to twenty-five pieces of green-colored crystal stones.

One piece of cyan-colored crystal stone was equivalent to five pieces of green-colored crystal stones.

Therefore, in Su Luo's hands, she had twenty-five plus fifteen, and adding another five pieces, giving a grand total of forty-five pieces of green-colored crystal stones! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Before, Ling Feng had carried back a lot of source stones, saying they were the ones with the highest probability from the mines. However, from so many source stones, not even a single piece of green-colored crystal stone was found. But, her own source stones, which numbered at a few dozen, would contain so many crystal stones!

Su Luo had a strong suspicion that Elder Zi Huo from that time, may have had the same skills as the adorable little dragon. He was probably also able to see through source stones and the situation within, at a glance.

Otherwise, there was simply no other way to explain the high probability of such a large number of high-grade crystal stones appearing in these source stones.

However, it was fortunate that, at that time she had tossed these stones into her space. Otherwise, she wouldn't know what ought to be done about Nangong Liuyun's injury.

After Su Luo appeased the adorable little dragon, she left her space.

She arrived at the practice area, this place, before, was indeed a practice area. However now, it was a place for cutting source stones.

The mood at the site was full of enthusiasm. Everybody was in the midst of enthusiastically cutting source stones.

Even Steward Xu was also personally cutting stones, but his luck clearly wasn't very good. Su Luo saw him cut open three to four stones and found them to be completely empty, not even a sliver of crystal stone could be seen.

When Steward Xu saw Su Luo came over, he inevitably let out a groan and said. "This entire afternoon, although a few crystal stones have been found, not a sliver from the side of a green-colored crystal stone could be seen. Ling Feng has become so anxious that he is about to go mad."

"Not even one was found?" Su Luo was so astonished that her eyes opened wide.

This entire afternoon, gold coins had been used like running water spilling out, but to actually not find a single green-colored crystal stone?

Was it because Ling Feng's luck was too terrible, or that green-colored crystal stones were truly difficult to find in this world?

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