47.82% After 300 Years Of Evil Let's Try The Latter / Chapter 11: Misunderstanding & Start Of Action

Chapter 11: Misunderstanding & Start Of Action

As the group leaves the kingdom they make their way to the holy church. Waiting there is Sir Quasar and a girl wearing a purple and black shozoku with a scarf covering her mouth. She taps Quasar's shoulder. "Hmm what is it Ash?" He asks. She stares at him then she glances at the path.

Walking along it is Argus's group with Gavin in the lead. "Ahh Gav how's it going." Quasar says. As he's running up to greet the group he sees an evil aura behind them he yells "dodge!" He draws the holy Blade Cracked Light and sends a light blade flying at Argus.

As it hits Argus he gets pushed back by the impact and his forearms are bleeding.

Everyone stands there stunned looking at the scene. "Wait Quasar he's…" Quasar doesn't hear Gavin speaking. He rushes Argus. "stop hiding your power I can see the evil in you." Quasar yells.

Argus obliges and removes his necklace sending fear in everyone. Argus shoots Gavin a look by his face Argus can tell he didn't tell Quasar there was a Lich with them.

"I recommend you stop and hear us out before I get pissed" Argus says.

"I don't know how you've infiltrated Gavin's group but your days end here." Quasar says charging sword drawn.

Quasar brings down his blade on Argus but its matched with the same power from Argus's wind. Surprised by Argus's strength he backs up and study's him. "What are you?" "I'm a Lich." Argus replies.

Argus swings his arm in a slanted direction sending a wind strike at Quasar. Its blocked by his blade but the force pushes him back.

"Seems I need to be serious." Quasar says releasing fighting spirit. As he rushes Argus again he calls out a sword art "Gale Strike." The Cracked Light forms four light blades surrounding the main blade. As he slashes at Argus one after another they cut towards him with vicious force.

After the volley of attacks Argus's crimson eyes burn. "Dead Air" he says and wind surrounds Quasar. "Uh wha.t is thi.s magic" Quasar calls out unable to breath. He falls to his knees then on his back gasping for air.

Argus stops his spell and starts to walk over to Quasar. Suddenly out of nowhere thin wire surrounds him and it starts to break the skin. He glances and sees the Ninja Girl from earlier. "You again." Argus says. The girl stares at him without saying a word and continues to pull on the wire digging further in Argus skin.

"Black wind." Argus casts another powerful spell centered on himself shredding the thin wire. When Ash's razor wire is broken her eyes go wide. Argus faces her and charges her pinning her on the ground.

He raises his hand ready to use a wind strike to kill Ash. "Oh man I can't believe I found you. You know you should apologize when you bump into someone." Argus says.

He sees terror in her eyes then Gavin speaks up "WAIT Argus stop." Argus glares at Gavin it's his fault for not informing them. After reeling back from the glare Gavin continues "This is a misunderstanding." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Quasar stands up "What do you mean?" "Argus is on our side." Gavin says. "But he's a Lich." Quasar says. "Yes we all know." Gaz says and everyone nods.

"So he is on our side right?" Quasar asks. "hmm I'm not sure anymore." Argus says.

Everyone shutters at those words. "Argus stop joking around." Vanessa says.

"Gavin I thought you said this guy killed the last demon lord or something. Argus says.

"That was 170 years ago I haven't fought anything on your level in a long time I guess I'm weak." Quasar says.

"Hmm fine but send another attack and I'm done playing around." Argus says and gets off of Ash he offers his hand to her and she accepts. Then Argus pulls her up to her feet then out of nowhere he flings her over his shoulder and she crashes in the ground. "a..." She squeaks out after smashing the ground.  "Argus!" Everyone looks at him. "That was from earlier." Argus says satisfied.

This time he offers Ash a real hand up she glares at him. "Get up already." Argus says and Ash gets up on her own. "Whatever."

They all gather inside of the church. "I want to apologize for our rudeness earlier." Quasar says bowing and forcing Ash to bow as well. "This is my partner Ash she's a mute so she can't speak."

"Hahaha" Argus laughs "no wonder you didn't use magic. She looks at the ground downcast.

Vanessa elbows Argus "oof what was that for?"

He asks. Vanessa glares at him.

The king fills Quasar and Ash in on what happen.

Meanwhile in the kingdom Alvon steps out in public and declares this kingdom his. He orders every citizen to gather or face execution by his hell fire.

When the citizens gathered in the center of town they see the Knights of the kingdom marching towards them with Alvon in the center.

"Hello my lovely citizens." He greets the town's folk.  Everyone seems uneasy seeing him.  "The old King has been silenced by my hand therefore I'm claiming this kingdom as my own." He says.

He hears a ton of chatter and before he can speak again one of the Knights tries to cut him down. "For King Kynzs" he yells. Then is burnt to ash by Alvon.

"Now then does anyone else want to try something I welcome it my hell fire is still hungry." He says

After seeing a knight turned to ash everyone runs in fear. "AHAHAHAH yes run but there's no escaping." Alvon snaps his fingers and a ring of hell fire surrounds the kingdom.

After Quasar hears what happened in the Kyzan Kingdom he says "count us in." Ash nods in agreement. "Thank you." The king says. Argus opens a gate and grabs two more fire resistance potion he passes it to Quasar and Ash. "Fire resistance." Argus says. Ash and Quasar down their potions after they finish it they look at the flask and sees Crimsons seal on it.

Ash goes wide eyed. "The Crimson Phoenix huh I'll put that potion to good use I know how expensive those are. Ash pulls her pockets out showing she has no money.

"Those are free after all their easy to make." Argus says implying he's Phoenix. Quasar and Ash are shocked of course.

"So what's our plan." Quasar asks. "Well once things kick off I'm sure Alvon will send his hellfire elementals to devour the townspeople. Once they eat a soul they'll stay and turn into demons." Argus says.

"Hmm we'll need to evacuate the citizens." The king says. "No if he sees everyone leaving the kingdom he'll probably incinerate them." Argus says.

"So what do we do then?" Quasar asks. "You all will be protecting the citizens from the elementals and I'll take on Alvon." Argus says.

"Are you sure?" "Yes although I would like some backup." Argus says looking over the group. "Hmm" he thinks to himself. He then looks at Ash. "Ash you can help me with infiltration." He says. She points to her mouth then acts like she's casting a spell with her hand.

"Right no magic do you know hand seals." He asks. She scratches her head. Argus opens a gate and grabs an old book on Ninja Arts. "Read it and learn some magic." He says. She gives a salute and opens the book.

Suddenly a massive wall of fire forms around the kingdom. "What the hell?" Gaz says surprised. "This is a new trick." Argus says to himself .

"Well it's do or die people Ash and I will go to the castle to fight Alvon and you guys will save the people." Argus says.

Everyone says okay and Ash gives a thumbs up.

JamesTheLostOne JamesTheLostOne

i got a little fight in for you guys the next chapter it really kicks off.

thanks as always and make sure to rate the chapters


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  • Racing_Tides


    Ha Ash is cute love her. 😏😄

  • JamesTheLostOne



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