91.3% After 300 Years Of Evil Let's Try The Latter / Chapter 21: Argus's Cursed Sword & Meldy's Class

Chapter 21: Argus's Cursed Sword & Meldy's Class

After everyone's training they all relax at Raven Rum enjoying a peaceful meal. Nile is talking to Lisa while Ash and Lilly chat with Beira. With all that's going on Saia decided to close down the inn for awhile. She's still supporting everyone with food and rooms.

Saia and Silica sit down with Ash and Lilly and start chatting for a bit. After a while Quasar and Argus enter the Inn they seem to be arguing about something.

"Argus if you're trained with a sword why not use it more?" Quasar asks almost yelling. "I'm not a fan okay! I prefer magic over sword arts." Argus fires back.

"I thought you hated magic?" Quasar asks. "I do but it's easier than using a sword." Argus replies annoyed. "Still if you can use a sword it would be useful to fight Cyrus." Quasar says.

"Fine!" Argus groans and opens a gate he pulls out a sheathed Katana wrapped in chains with multiple locks on it.

Seeing the commotion going on everyone gathers to see what's happening. "What's that evil aura I feel it's giving me the chills." Ash says with her arms crossed. "This is the sword I've used a couple centuries ago." Argus says.

Everyone in the room can feel a malignant force emanating from Argus's sword. "Actually Quasar you might recognize this sword." Argus says channeling magic into the hilt of the sword unlocking the locks on it.

The chains and locks hit the ground with a clang and Argus unsheathed the katana. When Quasar sees the crimson of the blade he starts to shake. "That…. That was Algrims Sword." Quasar says shaking in place. "Well actually it was mine before his but your right." Argus says not concerned at all.

"The Indestructible Cursed Blade Hells Starscape." Quasar says the name of the sword "Yeah I don't know what I was thinking…" Argus says. "About Algrim?" Quasar asks. "Oh no. I meant the name you can't see stars in hell I thought it sounded cool back then but… thinking about it now it's kinda dumb." Argus says.

"Argus!" Quasar seems upset. "What you wanted to see my sword ability." So raise your holy blade." Argus says. Quasar shakley draws Cracked Light. "I beat that sword before you know." He says to Argus. "Well technically you beat Algrim." Argus says.

Quasar stays silent "here I come." He finally says and rushes Argus. Quasar swings down with all his force. But Argus uses Hell Starscape to blocks he does it one handed.

"Crimson Memory Mirror ." a dark voice says Argus uses a sword art after knocking Quasar's sword back. The crimson blade shows a reflection to Quasar it feels like time has stopped to him he sees a town devastated and on fire he sees Algrim killing people with that sword. Suddenly Argus is standing in front of him. But he seems off almost like a shadow of him.

"The hell is this. Argus?" Quasar asks. "Argus isn't in control right now." Argus's shadow says. Quasar ready his sword. Suddenly Argus is attacking violently. Quasar tries to block but he's unable to block a lot of the attacks. "Ahhh Dammit." He feels a searing pain where the attacks hit.

"How does it feel I remember that same feeling when you cut Algrim down." Shadow Argus says. Quasar is on a knee and Argus walks up to him sword readied.

Argus takes control again and sheathed the blade returning the surroundings to normal. For the others Only a second has passed but when they return Quasar falls to the ground.

Argus sheathed the sword and rushed over to him. "Quasar you okay." Argus is concerned.

"What's was that Argus?" Quasar says glaring at him.

"This sword seems to hate you." Argus says not telling them anything. "Did it use a sword art on its own?" Lisa asks. "Yeah we heard a voice call out a skill" Nile says.

Quasar stands up feeling better. Argus re-chains and locks the cursed blade then places it in a gate.

"Argus you shouldn't use that sword anymore." Beira says. "I know… I will say its Quasar's fault." Argus says. Quasar sees Argus is back to being himself.

Argus leaves for his room. Everyone doesn't know what happened except Quasar. The only thing they understand is that sword is evil.

Argus lays in his bed holding his hand up looking at it. "I've recovered some of my power." Argus says. "Now we're at 70% and you can hear me again can't you." A voice says to him. "What of it." Argus says.

"Hehehe." The voice laughs. "10% of my power was stuck to the sword." Argus says. "Yeah you gave Algrim 40% of your power." The voice says. "So Galith only has 30% of my power" Argus says.

"Correct. you should go reclaim it and be back to full power. Then we can have some fun again." The voice says.

"Back to bringing destruction I think I'll pass." Argus says. "Hahaha I'll be waiting for your return." The voice fades.

"Dammit." Argus curses out loud.

The next morning Argus had a meeting with the king he's informed about Reztel and The Empires stance on Eris. Reztel and Kyzan will work together to stop Eris while The Empire plans to deal with it alone. Reztel is closest to Eris so it'll be attacked first. In 2 days The Kyzan Knights and some of Teachers and students from the academy will mobilize and head towards Reztel. Argus and co will also go with them.

After leaving the castle Argus decides to head to the academy and he drops into Meldy's class. She's currently teaching ""advance"" magic to the students. "Ms. Meldy do know about unique magic." A student asks. "Unique magic is very rare…" before Meldy can finish Argus opens the door and walks in.

"Hey Meldy." Argus says. "Oh.. Argus what brings you here?" Meldy asks. "Ehh." Argus says and sits down in an empty seat with the students actually he looks like he could pass for a student. The students look at him then look at Meldy. Since Argus doesn't say anything Meldy continues. "Anyways where were we?" She asks. "You were explaining Unique magic." a blonde girl says. "Ah right well unique magic is very hard to master you may go your whole life without learning anything about it.

Suddenly Argus starts to laugh loudly. "Ahahahaha." He interrupts again. This time the blonde girl has a problem with it. "What's so funny." She goes off on Argus.

"Hmm oh I just find this so amusing." He says snickering. This time the girl stands up and walks over to him. "Hey Casey stop." Meldy says but Casey doesn't stop.

Now she's in front of Argus "what can you even do you have no magic power." She says. Argus laughs again. This time Casey flares up in anger. She starts to chant a spell. "Heed my words I command the spirits of wind strike him down. Wind strike."

Argus is surprised that someone is using wind magic it uses less mana but it's the weakest among the other elements.

Casey's wind strike hits Argus but its really weak. Compared to his. "Hehe." Argus stands up. "You chanted that fast I guess Meldy isn't so bad after all. I'm a little surprised that your using wind." Argus says. "Tch well wind is the only magic I can use." She says.

"Though your power is so weak you'd be dead if you faced anything." He says. This shocks Casey she doesn't know what to say. "Now" Argus holds 1 finger up and slashes with it. "Wind strike." He says. The blast of wind is 10x more powerful than hers. It blasts into the brick wall putting a slash in it.

The entire class is in awe because Casey is the best in the class. Argus sits back down. Casey stands in front of him amazed.

Meldy lets out a sigh of relief. "Casey take your seat." She turns and goes back to her seat.

"You all remember what I said about our mission to fight the demon lord well Argus here is the one who defeated him." Meldy says. Everyone stares at him.

"Well go ahead and finish your class." Argus says.

Argus sits in his seat listening to Meldy speak

All the points she says are right. Though at some point Argus got bored and opened a gate and pulled out an old looking tome with arcane runes on it.

"Meldy." He interrupts her lecture she turns around and he throws the book at her. She catches it and opens it. She has an amazed look on her face. The book is about ancient magic arts. Meldy is enthralled with it and Argus takes over the class.

"Do any of you understand what she's saying?" Argus asks. Everyone looks at one another. Then Casey answer. "Yes we understand." She says. "I sense you all think magic is to amazing well listen up magic isn't anything special. You heard her Chant when she used wind strike that's all it takes if you know your affinity magic.

Everyone tries it and suddenly all of them are on the same level as Casey. Everyone is once again amazed.

"See what I mean." Argus says. Then a clock strikes the hour mark and everyone leaves the room.

"Meldy you heading to Reztel with us in a few days?" Argus asks. "Yeah me Gaz, Vanessa, and that girl Casey along with a few other students from Gaz's class." She says.

"Alright see you then." He says and starts to leave. "Wait did you come here just to ask me that?" she says. "Yep." Argus says and leaves the room. Outside is that girl Casey Argus walks past her but she calls out to him. "Wait" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Argus turns around "oh it's you." He says. "Could you teach me about wind magic?" She asks.

"I'm not the best role model for your impressionable young mind." He says and walks away.

She catches up again. "Your heading to Reztel with us so if there's time I'll teach ya something." Argus says. Before she could says anything he walked into a gate.

Argus returns to the inn and makes preparations for the coming days.

JamesTheLostOne JamesTheLostOne

another long wait sorry I do attempt to write everyday but like last time I needed a good chapter and i wrote another but was once again unsatisfied. this one's a bit better.

I'll try to get chapters out when I can but if not expect one once a weak at least.

anyways thanks for reading.


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