Chapter 2: rebirth

kace "G GG god but you look like Stan Lee "


god" ha ha ha yes I look like Stan Lee but it's just I made my self look like him he made good movies"

kace" so your a fan of him"

kace is surprise that god could watch movies

god" you look surprised"

kace" yes I am god "

kace" so are you going to send me to hell or heaven "

god" what do you think?"

kace"*sigh* hell it is ~_~

god " why is that kace"

kace" because I am bad I killed people"

god" how many people did you kill" p.s he kill 90,000

kace"I killed 90,000 people"

god" but you saved 90,001 people" :)

kace" I save that many people ?_? "

god" yes. because of that you may be reincarnated in any realm you want with 13 wishes"

kace !_! " y y your not joking right"

god" no I never lie"

kace" f*ck ya oh ho yes " jumping up and down

god" *_* ha ha "

kace" the realm I want to be reincarnated in highschool dxd"

god"very well"

kace" as for the 13 wishes let me think"

god" ok "

kace"my 1 wish [born as issei hyoudo]


kace "my 2 wish [ keep all my memories]"


kace "my 3 wish is [being able to use all the powers of draig without the side effects.that includes the juggernaut drive]

god" that will take a day after you are born but you will be able to talk with draig "

kace"ok. my 4 wish is [the ability to master any ability , techniques , or combat style , instantly]


kace"my 5 wish is [to have sasuke Uchiha Sharingan to evolve rinnegan without the blindness of the mangekyo ]"

god"Uchiha bloodline mmmm very well"

kace" my 6 wish is [to have a AI to keep track of my stats and skills ]"

god"why not a system?"

kace"to op for me "

god"ha ha good "

kace"my 7 wish is [ fire & lightning magic powers]"


kace"my 8 wish is [ fire & lightning Justus of Madara and Sasuke ]"

god"very well" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

kace"my 9 wish is [ weapon wheel for swords]

god"mmm why weapon wheel for swords ?"

kace" because it can store my next wish/swords"

god" I see "

kace"my 10 wish is [ to have durandal & divine sword, also sasuke sword]"

god"very well"

kace" my 11 wish is [being able to trian my body with 10,000 time's the speed and ease of a normal person"

god"mmm ok"

kace"my 12 wish is [ to have 25 million dollars]

god"why money?"

kace"to support my family and seal 20 million until I'm in highschool "

god" very well"

kace"as my 13 & last wish is [ iq of 300]

god"why just 300 iq ?"

kace" it's perfect for me don't you think"

god"ha ha aha ah ok "

god"I hope we meet again but not to soon"

kace" me too bye god"

a white light appeared and kace was gone

god" shit I forgot if he wanted to be reborn in the womb or as a kid ... oh well

kace" what is this place... help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

n.a {the Divine sword is a two hand katana with a black blade form death march}

next chapter is published on Wednesday

thanks for reading

Comments (6)

  • Jumper994


    half wishless useless

  • DevilsArray


    The wishes are not up to the best, but I hope u use them to their full capabilities.

  • Zekenation


    Why not unlimited blade works or the Gate of Babylon both with every sword in anime included?

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