66.66% Successor of the Universe Origin / Chapter 4: Creation of the World

Chapter 4: Creation of the World

And there she is, my fiancée. I sees her for the first time, from my balcony. And right next to her carriage is her grandfather the elf, Gabriel. Gabriel is a level 9 Wizard. And he is more than capable of mowing down the city to his right. The city of 'Never winter'. The city that my grandfather is charged with governing, since he became a level 8 Magician over a decade ago. Magicians are divided into 2 parts. Men like my grandfather are called Wizards and women like my mother are called Witches. But, my mother does not live with us, my grandfather thinks she is dead. However in reality she is a Saint ruling a vast land in the 'Under Dark'. Which thankfully my Grandfather remains ignorant off, as he hates them with a burning passion from all evidences.

The reason that my mother being a ruler of 'Under Dark' and my father a champion of light faction dying to protect her and me is another tale altogether. A tale I would not have known if I had not read the 'Book of Destiny'. Coincidentally, it is this very bloodline that is about to screw me over tomorrow.

Our mansion, the keep of Never Winter where we keep prisoners and my grandfather's Wizard Tower is located on a small hill next to the city. With the help of his Wizard Tower grandfather Samuel can go toe to toe with Gabriel, my grandfather in law to be.

Thank all the Gods that ever were and ever will be that Grandpa Samuel did not see me dig a tunnel out of the cell. Technically I did not dig the tunnel out of my cell as it would be too obvious to a wizard. So, I hid the spare key to my future cell and some scrolls in that cell, behind a removable brick. The tunnel was in another unlocked cell. The key came from the grandfathers' room.

So, my plan of escape is complete. But, what about my grandfather. The tunnel will not be large enough for him to escape even if he agrees to come with me. And he won't. Hmm… this is going to take some serious planning. So I try to recollect as much as I can about this world.

At the age of 13 every one in this empire needed to be tested. They determine whether a young lad has the potential to be a Magician, a Knight or a Summoner. Each profession draws energy from the world.

Energy (Chaos energy) that is divided into 14 elements. When he masters an element he knows all 5 laws of that element and form an incorporeal crystal representing that element within himself. Thereafter, he is known as a Saint. Saints are devastatingly powerful and are capable of Flight. Saints try to become a Demi Gods then a Gods. It is just a title.

A God has mastered a row of elements. It can be either 5 elements (Air + Water + Earth + Fire + Lightning = Chaos), 4 elements (Light + Darkness + Metal + Wood = Chaos), 3 elements (Sun light + Moon light + Star light = Chaos), 2 elements (Creation + Destruction = Chaos) or 1 element Chaos. Chaos energy cannot be drawn without a medium. Several elements combined can form Chaos energy and vice versa but pure Chaos energy cannot be drawn. Chaos energy is Unique.

In the beginning there was nothing from which came Grand Mist Energy or Chaos energy. It created the planets and solar system.

This planet used to be like the Venus back in my world. That was until a wounded Dragon came to this planet from another galaxy. He recuperated here for 20,000 years. After 20,000 year old slumber he created the oceans and the trees.

This Dragon, Dragoneel only had one element. That was destruction. But the opposite of Destruction was Creation. In other words, the other face of destruction was the creation. The dragon realized this truth as he was recuperating on this planet. Thereafter, he used his power as freely as he can to create in animate objects in his euphoric state. When he learnt the Creation and Destruction laws fully a crown made of wisps started forming 3 to 5 inches above his head. These wisps were Chaos energy. He had learned another type of energy, the energy that made this galaxy. Then he instinctively knew how to convert Chaos energy into other elements that made everything.

It was not long before Elves, Dwarves, Beast men and Humans came to this planet, while escaping from their dying planet. Soon, they met the Dragon, he taught them about the elements. And how to harness them. He also made mindless animals for these new creatures to hunt and enjoy from his own diluted blood.

It was not long before some of them started to worship the Dragon as the Creator. Which inflated his already big ego even further. However, it was not long before other creatures emerged.

These creatures were born from the blood of the dragon. The blood that the dragon shed when he first came to this planet, mixed with his newest mindless creatures, lead to an evolution in all species. Chief among them were Orcs, Demons and Devils. These creatures were blood thirsty, violent and hated sunlight. For this reason they took refuge in the hollow spaces in the planet. Then they drilled tunnels from one space to the others. Subjugating a race after race until only those 3 races remained to rule. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Shortly after that came the Great War between light faction and the Dark Horde. This war was fought for resources. Resources without which the future for both factions seemed bleak.

It was not long before the Dragon was forced to intervene in this war for he did not wish for his new toys to be destroyed. In one such confrontation he killed everyone in a city for disobedience. This city happened to have the wife and all the Children of Merlin the White. Merlin was a leader among the light faction. A God who had mastered all light elements. There on the ruins of the dead city clenching the ashes of his now dead family he vowed vengeance.

But vengeance was more difficult to have than he imagined. As according to all texts he read the hide of the Dragon was impossible to pierce. Every inch of Skin on Dragoneel was covered in armor like scales. He theorized that the pure form of an element could pierce it. But the elements were divided. Take Sunlight element for instance. The Knights Combine it with their Qi in dantain, while Wizards combine it with their Mana in their heart and Summoners combined it with their sprit in their head.

If he were to do this he needed to find a method to fuse the powers of a Knight, Magician and Summoner. Eventually he found a method but it required him to abandon the teachings of the Dragon and become a normal human again. Which was impossible at that time as the war raged on. Therefore he invented a spell to cleave a piece of his soul and force it to enter the cycle of Samsara. This soul was then born again with all of Merlin's memories intact. In the second life Merlin II focused his studies on the creation element. Eventually he mastered it. And made the Creation crystal which will adorn his crown. This crystal was more corporeal than any saints' crystal. Eventually he made crystal out of all his other light elements. Now 4 very real crystals adorned his crown that represented his Godhood.

Then came the 10 year war where Merlin and Dragoneel fought again and again, until one was battered and ran for their life. This continued until the Devil King Baal controlled the mind of the Dragon and tried to wipe out the light faction. This forced the Merlin to give up his body to seal the ravaging dragon in the core of the planet. Along with himself in sprit form.

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