5.76% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 1: What in the world?

Chapter 1: What in the world?

A young man in his 20s wakes up in a field. He is dressed in blue jean pants, a white shirt, and a black blue cap with matching shoes. The young man looked around trying to figure out what he was doing here. And for that matter how did he get here. After a few seconds, his nose started to bleed and a migraine developed. Information poured into his head. It contains the who did it. The reason why. And where he was. After an hour the headache stopped.

The consolidated information appeared in a bubble text.

(He was here to become a Ace Trainer. He ended up here due to a Grim Reaper claiming his life by mistake. The good news, Saint Peter caught it at the gates and sent him to the path of transportation/rebirth. Since he died way before his time with no real merit towards good or evil this option was chosen.)

(Choose your starter. Also, it's gender.)

"So I am in the world of an alternate Pokemon storyline. Mixtures of comic games and movie events. Whelp I am bone. I have no idea how must of the stuff works anymore. At least I am young again. What region am I in?" The young man said to himself. He tried to figure out his next move. He started to cycle the bubble text trying to figure his starter.

"Screw it. Let's go random." The young man said as he swished his had across the Rolodex. The screen changed through multiple images before stopping. The bubble disappeared and dropped an egg. The egg was a dark yellow color with brown spots with a dark blue spot on top of it.

"Hmm well, I wonder what you are." The young man said as he went to pick it up. The moment he had it in hands it glowed. A voice transmitted from his surroundings.

"@el%o n#%& to me@t y&%," A cutesy voice said. It sounded like that of an infant.

"No way! Are you talking to me?" He asked as the egg shook again.

"Well, that is something. How are you communicating with me? And how long are you gonna take to hatch?" The young man asked as he started to walk around. The egg did not respond. But a faint glow had circled the young man and the egg.

(1000 steps to hatch. Aura power has synchronized.)

(Awarding Poke incubator +4 for Aura ability unlock and synch.)

The bubbles disappeared. A three x three-foot tall cube dropped by the young man's feet. A slight tingle pass through his head as the aura completely faded and the new info on the incubator appeared in his memories.

"Well, the best thing to do would be to put you in this. At least inside you will adjust to the perfect temperature and would be safe relatively speaking." The young man said as he placed the egg inside. A weird air secreted into the incubator filling the container and placing the egg in a firm field of comfort. Even if the incubator was to shake or fall the gas would keep it safe.

"Now what?" The young man asked as he started to walk with the egg in his embrace. The bubble reappeared with his next options.

(Choose your second class. First is default Trainer {Ace Trainer} Second will be a hobby.)

"Let's go with the breeder I guess. Hopefully, it will give me additional info on how to raise these little and big guys and gals in the future." With that selection made the young man stopped as he received new info.

"At least it is only some of it and not all. But then again this is starting to get easier." With that said he started to walk again on the dirt road.

Looking around all the young man could see was a forest to the left and right. Down the way, a town could be seen on the horizon.

"Well, partner this will take a bit to reach." The young man said as he looked at the egg. "But at least you have a free ride, " he said with a grin.

After a bit of an hour or so he made it to a landmark stop. It was just in time as he kept stopping along the way looking at the Pokemon on the path. Moving his neck around continuously but making sure not to leave the dirt road was exhausting. Along the way, there were several Pokemon with different types.

Apparently, the whole world was affected by something called the cataclysmic event. That's what was in his head anyway. It has been five years since the event and the new leagues have just opened up. He was only behind by a week of the official Trainers who received a Pokedex.

But as a wild Trainer and an Ace Trainer candidate, he was allowed to carry as many Pokemon he wanted. But the side effect he had to house and care for his Pokemon on his own. Also, Pokemon Centers will charge him. And no starting gear. But the text bubbles will take care of that apparently.

The young man set down at the rest stop and thought about the Pokemon he came across. He also was waiting for the egg to hatch. The counter on the incubator showed zero on the step counter.

"It is about time that you hatch." He stared at the egg. "Since you don't want to come out, I will tell you about the Pokemon I will have you fight and this area. Hopefully, you will like to fight if not I don't know what will happen. " The egg started to shake as he spoke to it.

"Well, there are Red Pidgeys with fire dancing around there feet, Green squirtles with leafy shells, I swear I saw Growlithe spitting flames with ice forming around its target. Which happened to be another growlithe. But that one was spitting really intense flames. You should have seen it, I had to duck and roll to keep from getting singed." The young man said excitedly to the egg.

Unknown to him a young lady around 21 sat behind him listening. She enjoyed watching him talk to his egg happily. At first, she was upset having awoken to him talking but relaxed realizing he didn't do it on purpose. She did leave the door open due to the air unit not working. If the door was closed she wouldn't hear anything.

Thinking to herself she decided to go introduce herself. Bad news she forgot to get completely dressed. Walking out with her pants unbuttoned and a sports bra was quite dangerous. Well for the other party anyway. She was a former Gym Leader turned Trainer again and was having trouble remembering to be on guard.

Reaching outside she decided to play a prank on the young man attempting to scare him. She snuck up right on him. Before she could jump at him the egg started to glow.

"Well about time partner." The young man watches with glee as his first Pokemon comes to the world. He knew someone was behind him due to his Aura ability. Without any ill intent from the other party, he ignored it. Figuring they were just coming to introduce themselves.

"crack...crack.." the remainder of the shell disappeared along with the light and the incubator. Revealing a little Abra.

"A variant type neat. Hi I..am...Gray nice to meet you. Let's get along, shall we?" Gray said as he reached his hand out. A bubble appeared.

(Congrats on your first hatch. Awarding Pokewatch and 1000 pokedollars. Check your pockets.)

(Your Abra is a variant type. Base stats are as followed.)

(Abra level 5 Gender female Health 24

Hit Points 3 Attack 2 Defense 2

Special Attack 11 Special Defense 6 Speed 9

Points: 4/4 Bonus 5/5 Total 9/9

"It is nice to meet you. What is my name? What is the individual behind you doing with there hands in the air? Is the lady behind you an enemy?" The Abra said to him telepathically. The last part was a little hostile.

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Gray reached forward, grabbing the Abra by the sides and setting her on his lap. "There, there calm down." He started to stroke her head with his hands that glowed with a little Aura energy. He was wiping away the residue from the egg. The Aura power absorbed it slowly leaving the Abra nice and clean It had the bonus effect of calming her down.

"Draaa dra." The Abra let out some noise of content.

The young woman behind reached into her pocket pulling out her Pokedex. It showed the base stats and its gender with question marks. Along with its height and weight. 'How powerful is she?' She wondered to herself. This was a very powerful Pokemon. She was to wrapped up in the Pokedex entry she didn't see what happened next.

"Let's scare her! You will teleport behind her tapping her on the shoulder while I look terrified at her. Ok?" Gray said as he realized she was gonna pull a prank based on Abras description.

"Dr draaa, " No problem she said. With that, she teleported behind the lady.

"Chp" she disappeared.

Gray stood up and faced the young lady.

'Huh she looks familiar but oh well.' Gray thought to himself. He then stood right in front of her looking terrified. Shaking his hands and pointing behind her.

"M..m..m iisss what's that b.bbb..ehind you. It's so so..imy lo..looking and long." Gray said with his best-terrified expression.

Abra did one better as she. appeared behind the woman sticking her tongue out. Placing it on the ladies shoulders.

"Aaahhh it's so gross! Help!" The young lady said petrified. She turned her head slowly. Making her face to face with the mysterious creature. Her face paled and foam came out of her mouth as she passed out.

Abra was behind her pulling its eyelids down showing pure darkness with little white dots moving around. Her tongue slinked up on the young woman's shoulder which caused her to pass out.

"Nice job. But we may have gone too far." Gray said to Abra as he picked her up and reach to grab the Pokedex.

"Abra bra bra ab abb br, " that's what she gets for trying to scare you. She said as she shook her hand at the knocked out woman.

"Hehe your right but still. Ah. Button her clothes up for her ok. I think I see a pillow inside I will get it." Gray said as he walked inside looking through the Pokedex. "Huh no way," he said looking back at the knocked redhead. He grabbed the pillow and placed it under her head.

Reaching in his pocket he placed the watch on. A bubble appeared.

(Choose your carrier.) Gray choose a backpack.

With that a backpack appeared. reaching in he checked the contents. Potions, berries, apricots, and poke all's where all in the bag. "Sweet"

He picked his Abra back up and started to tell her about the Pokedex and what it said. He started to pet her head again.

"Dra dra," she said.

Gray heard the words from her "that's nice" instead. "Let's name you Empress. You are my first Pokemon and there for will be my best. A fitting name for a new Pokemon Legend! You're a psychic type but also a ghost type. That explains the eyes. You know lick and teleport."

"Ah, I think you paralyzed her with that lick. That would explain the freeze up at the end." Gray said to Abra as he looked back at the laid out woman.

"Dra!" Yes, she said happily. She continued to live head side to side making cooing sounds.

A few minutes later the orange head lady started to stir. With the sun hitting her hair it, gave the hair a different look.

"Sorry about that. We couldn't resist. So what are you doing out her Pokemon Trainer Misty?" Gray said to her calmly.

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  • spellbound_fool


    Interesting I wanna see where you take this

  • FrozenTide


    Not a Harem sorry. However it will flow as people building attachments first. People will leave the party and there will be breakups and weird moments as Trainers still travel together and deal with someone they love with another.

  • WolfLord


    Thanks for the chapter on a good story

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