7.69% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 2: A new friend. And first Pokemon fight!

Chapter 2: A new friend. And first Pokemon fight!

During the time they were going over the Pokedex and Empress's type he told her about the stat growth and how he was able to assign her stats as he wanted. He told her would like to apply the bonus stats to her defenses and Hp since they were low. The regular points will go to her stats that grow normally.

Empress tilted her head side to side and purred in contentment. "Aaab aab." 'Do what you want Trainer I trust you. But if I start to lose I will blame you. And I want extra head rubs for it.'

"Hey now, you can't be spoiled. Everytime you win I will give you extra head rubs ok? Always give your best. No one really wins if you don't try hard ok?" Gray said with a self-deprecating smile. He tried to figure out her mentality. Stopping a spoiled child is easy if you pay attention.

Empress looked up at him. With her black eyes glowing as she read his mind. Gray allowed her access and helped protect her with his Aura so she wouldn't get hurt or lost in his Psyche.

"Hey, that was a mean trick! Why do my clothes feel so tight?" Misty said as she looked down at her attire. "These buttons are wrong! Hey, what did you do to me?!" She yelled at Gray.

Breaking his connection with Empress he looked at her. With a straight face, he smiled. He handed her back her Pokedex.

Misty felt goosebumps travel up her arm. As she touched his hand by mistake grabbing her Pokedex. "What did you do to me?" She asked again a little more level headed this time.

"I did nothing directly actually. Empress used lick too hard on you earlier. We were just gonna scare you a little…but.. we kind of went too far. Sorry about that." Gray told her with a smile as he continued to rub Empress's head.

"I am not talking about that. I meant my clothes." Misty said with her head lowered trembling a little. Her face was completely red.

"Oh, I didn't do anything of the sort like that. I don't know you that well especially for those darker kinds of pranks. I didn't touch you besides lifting your head to put the pillow underneath." Gray smiled at her. "Empress here fixed your clothes. Sorry if she messed it up but she is a newborn." Looking back at Empress he felt a ping in his head.

(Breeder reminder. Feed Pokemon now.)

(Time left as a Breeder Trainee 578 minutes, 32 seconds.)

"Ah sorry, Misty I need to feed Empress. I totally forgot!" Gray looked in the side of his backpack and pulled out the breeder kit. He started to mix the formula for a baby pokemon. Making sure to use the generic until he knows what Abras need for nutrition. The breeder info in his head only had the basics.

Gray mixed the bottle really quickly and rechecked the warmer in the kit. After reading the pamphlet on the kit. He readjusted the dials. In a few minutes, the formula would be ready.

"Ah, that's right she is a girl. Thank you, Empress, for doing that excuse me." Misty said gratefully as she left with a red face to go fix her self.

"Yeah, you kind of came out quickly. Where you sleeping or changing before I made that noise talking to Empress?" Gray asked while looking at Empress.

He assigned Empress new stats while waiting for the formula to finish. A new bubble appeared.

(Abra level 5 Gender female Health 36

Hit Points 3/4/7

Attack 2/0/2

Defense 2/1/3

Special Attack* 11/1/12

Special Defense* 6/2/8

Speed* 9/1/10

Points: 0/4 Bonus 0/5 Total 0/9)

(Congrats on completing assigning stats. Bonus points of 5 awarded to Trainer.)

'Huh, that's neat. How the heck do I get to my stats?' Gray asked himself. A window popped up but before he could read it the alarm for the warmer went off.

"Bring, bring, bring," It rumbled before turning off. Gray reached out grabbing the bottle. The temperature was perfect. Reading the manual and setting it to newborn brought it to a great temperature.

"Alright Empress food time." Gray held Empress head up as his arm extended downward along her back cradling her to him.

Empress started to feed on the bottle. "Bra abr abr," this is great. she said between her lips.

"Haha talk later ok? Food now alright?" Gray said as he cleaned up the side of her mouth.

Empress closed her eyes and snuggled more into Gray. She nursed from the bottle contently.

"I was sleeping!" Misty yelled from inside. "You woke me up."

"Sorry about that it was an accident I was just excited to watch my egg hatch. First Pokemon you know. You of all people should know how that is. Anyway my apologies that's all I will say on that. Also, weren't you trying the same thing? To scare me that is?" Gray said as he started to rock Empress. She fell asleep in his arms in moments.

"Slam" the door closed behind her.

"You are right. So guess we are even. Also, you didn't do anything to me while I was unconscious, did you Good to know you are trustworthy and not a creep." Misty said when she stepped out.

She rubbed her ponytail in the back as she extended her other hand for a shake. "I am Misty Cerulean. Former Gym Leader of Cerulean City, future Ice Pokemon Mistress. Please to meet you." She said embarrassingly.

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Gray Saint. You look amazing fully dressed. But you looked amazing disheveled to. So done with trying to be a water Mistress and going for ice Mistress? Best of luck." Gray said as he returned the handshake. Letting go he placed the bottle back in the kit. Then putting the kit back in the bag.

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"I..I thanks. I will try my best." Misty said as she sat down next to Gray. She looked him up and down. So is that Expokeball around your neck? So are you a new Breeder you look like a natural."

"Expokeball?? Yes, I am a new Breeder. It looks natural probably because I have taken care of children before. This isn't that different." Gray said before reaching for the Expokeball around his neck. Info on the Expokeball appeared in his head.

(Pokeball for starter Pokemon. Cannot be stolen or destroyed. Voice activation. Can suspend a Pokemon in near death for one month.)

"Holyshit, Expokeballs are nuts. Ah, perfect to put Empress in. Have a good night girl." Gray said as he presses the button pointing it at Empress. A blue light engulfed her and she disappeared into the ball.

"Yah know… If I didn't know any better I would think you didn't know what it was. Especially from your expression." Misty said as she looked at the Expokeball. Her eyes had a weird shine.

Gray scooched away. "So listen if you get close to me like that again I am gonna do something you won't like ok?" Gray said weirded out by her eyes.

"He..eh..he sorry about that. How about we keep it civilized." Misty said as she scooted away.

"Good. So acquaintances or friends?" Gray said as he reached his hand out.

"Let's try friends. I don' like traveling alone. Safety in numbers." Misty said as she shook his hand.

"Alright now that's settled," Gray said getting up putting his pack on. "I need to catch another Pokemon. Can't have Empress doing all the work. Especially with her being a baby and all. I saw a Growlithe with ice abilities back there. If you are interested. Those fire pidgeys seem sweet. Hmm, I tell you what. If you catch the ice Growlithe I will catch a fire Pidgey. What do you say?"

"You're just starting, right? Are you sure about wasting time with me to catch Pokemon." Misty said timidly. "I am out of practice and well some things happened. I am pretty much a new Trainer after the accident."

"Hey, we all start somewhere. Anyway, I don't wanna put any pressure on you. You don't have to come. I don't mind I mean I am just starting out. So we are in the same boat. But hey this is a new journey for both of us lets do it right. Togethor." Gray said reaching out.

Soon as Misty grabbed his hand he pulled her along.

"Let's Go!" Gray yelled pulling Misty back to the way he came.

Misty thought to her self. 'He is so happy and carefree. I wonder if we can really be friends.'

Gray looked back smiling at her. His smile said it all. We will be friends I guarantee it.

"Mm." Misty shook her head and held it high smiling. Her Other hand reached for her Pokeball.

This would be her first battle since leaving the hospital. She was extremely nervous about the possible outcomes. Hopefully, she would hold him back or even worse fail.

They came across the location where the Pokemon had been spotted.

"Ok, Misty I am gonna do this old school. I will fight a Pokemon if I catch it, I will check it over. Then its your go ok? You will take lookout to make sure we don't get ambushed." Gray said as he peeped out looking at the Pidgey's. He handed his bag to Misty before preparing a kick.

"Right. Good luck." Misty said as she released her Pokemon. A blue-white Torchic appeared.

"Torrr Chicc," it said as it jumped in the air. Little ice crystals appeared as it chirped.

Gray looked out and approached a Pidgey. Sending his aura out at it. He projected his intent. To battle and become its Trainer.

The Pidgey let out a battle cry. "Pidddgey coo co co!" Fight me it said.

Gray ran up with a flying kick. "Improvised High Jump Kick! Hyah!"

Catching the Pidgey surprised. Kicking it right in the face. The Pidgey slid across the ground a little before bouncing up.

"Co coo co." Good hit there. The Pidgey said before flapping and gliding in the air. It started to flap its wings. A whirlwind with traces of fire picked up engulfing Gray. A little fire gale in the whirlwind did small traces of damage. Gray endured the damage. Instinctively placing his aura a little around his body.

"Bam," Gray flew into a tree. Something in the area combusted.

'Aura has to at least should be able to do damage. It cant be just for communicating and barriers.' Gray thought to himself. 'This is so much fun. Let's try this.'

"Fwoosh," the whirlwind stopped. The Pidgey looked on in triumph believing itself the winner.

Gray came out charging from the smoke. "Rahh! Aura Punch!" He yelled at the Pidgey causing it to freeze in place.

"Pi pi." No, wait. It said in fear.

"Boom." The blow connected right in the center. "Pi ..pi.. pid..gey." I will join you. It said before collapsing.

Gray looked back at Misty as he picked up the Pokemon and walked to her. "Hehe, that was intense. Can you hand me a Pokeball while I give this little one a look over."

Misty looked at him like he was a madman. She couldn't believe how reckless he was. But it was all exciting.

'This is how Ace Trainer's fight. Engaging in battles with Pokemon themselves like the ancient times. I wonder how intense it would be with there partner Pokemon. Gray also has Aura just like him and like me.' Misty thought to her self. "Um, right. Here you go." She said as she reached in his bag.

Gray looked over the Pidgey. Checking to make sure he didn't due to much damage to it. As he looked over it quickly, everything looked fine. A Poke center member could take of it later with a real checkup. He just waited for it to regain consciousness to capture it.

"I believe this little one is gonna be fine," Gray said smingly at Misty. "How do you think I did? The High Jump Kick was improvised and not trained but it may have done some damage. I didn't embarrass myself to badly did I?" Gray said sheepishly.

"No, you did great. Reckless but great. I didn't know you were an Aura User so am I." Misty said with a smile. A light Ice Aura wafted off of her.

"Woah. That looks really beautiful. Your aura looks more trained than mine. I just rely on instinct. You mind teaching me later?" Gray asked excitedly with hope in his voice.

"Um sure. Not a problem I will be happy to help. Ah, I think it's waking up." Misty said embarrassingly with a bright smile.

"Cooo co Pid Pid ge," that was an intense fight. It said. The Pidgey wiped its beak with its wing.

"So little one. Are you coming with or no? There will be danger and excitement. We may all die! Wanna come?" Gray said gleefully. He was still excited about the battle.

"Pi pi pid pige" we had a deal. The Pidgey said happily.

Gray reached out and tapped it with the Pokeball. The Pokemon disappeared into the ball with a red light.

"Dum," It shook once before lockin,g. A bubble popped up.

(Congratulations on your first capture. Trainer stat base unlocked. 100 pokedollars awarded.)

"Heh check it out Misty I caught my first Pokemon. Thanks for watching my back." Gray said as held the Pokeball out to her smiling. "Your turn next ok?"

"No problem. Let's do it." Misty took a deep breath an extended her aura outward."

She opened her eyes after a minute or two. "Found you! This way."

Both Trainers walked further in. Unbeknownst to them, they were followed by a little Pokemon that disappeared in and out of reality.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

I will release 2 Chapters Monday to make up for the non-Sunday release that did not save to my drive.

Updates are set as weekend releases. All chapter releases Monday thru Friday are based on free time or because I had to based on comment output.

This novel has beaten my first novel that is 2 months old and my second that is one-month-old collection wise and powerstone wise.

Should I be happy or sad?

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    Could make the Kadabra evolution lose the mustache and more towards looking like a fox.

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    interesting story, thanks for the chapter

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    You beat me to it. Great idea actually. I was gonna have her stay abra for awhile though.

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