11.53% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 4: What a crazy place...The future is clear.

Chapter 4: What a crazy place...The future is clear.

Gray woke up a few hours later. The Arcaine was still there watching him.

'Take this Pokeball with you.' Said the grizzly Arcaine. He moved his muzzle downward to his mane. Pulling an older ancient looking Pokeball out with his teeth.

He tossed it towards Gray who caught it while keeping his eyes on the Old mutt. A message bubble popped up. He glanced at it and decided to wait.

(Possible Expokeball. Do you wish to convert?)

(There is aura memories. All will become known after sleep.)

"What do you want me to do with this?" Gray glanced at it before looking back at the Grizzly old monster. Pulling his hand back from the ball he noticed it didn't look like spit.

'Don't wipe that off pup. Drink it! The way you talked earlier your Pokemon are important to you.

Prove how important they are to me. Drinking that will increase your aura abilities with beast Pokemon. Specifically what your kind refers to as dog types.' The grizzly Arcaine said sternly.

Gray couldn't tell but he could swear it was smirking at him. Testing him. Judging him. He couldn't speak through his aura anymore. He had to talk out loud. Good thing it was just them here.

"Tch fine. Bottoms up." Gray said as he drank the glob of what he believed to drool up. " Mmmh that's spicy."

"Whew," he exhaled some smoke.

A bubble appeared to his left.

(You have ingested the remaining Aura of a pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. Increase in Aura by 2. 3 bonus points awarded.)

(You have fully recovered.)

Gray activated his aura. It shimmered around him in grayish black light.

'Why did you do this? Also why the Pokeball? Also thanks by the way.' Gray said to the Old Arcaine.

'I have my reasons.' Arcaine said while standing up. 'Keep that pokemon safe he is quite important. Do you understand? Make sure to get better clothes.' It said as it walked away.

"Thanks again," Gray said to the leaving Pokemon. "I will battle you again. The results won't be the same you old coot!"

Gray looked at his hands. He watched as the burns faded away. The cuts sealed up and bones mended themselves.

"My ribs stopped hurting. Yeah, this is great." Gray said as he walked to Misty. She was still out cold. "I wonder how she will react to her new hair streaks."

"Tor tor chic." Are you ok? Torchic asked. She hopped on top of Gray's bag.

"I will be. Let's get your trainer out of here. What do you think?" Gray asked as he picked Misty up. The little baby poke sat on her stomach looking at Gray.

"Tor tor." Let's go. Torchic said happily.

'Are you a pokemon like me?' The little baby asked shaking its tail excitedly.

"Huh no, I am Human. Well, I think I am. As far as I remember." Gray answered weirdly. He looked out and notice it was quite late. "We have been hear to long. Ah, I know. Come out, Empress. Teleport us back to the rest point."

"Abra," ok. It said teleporting them all to the rest point.

"Good job!" Gray said as he walked into the rest house.

'Too tired going back to bed.' Empress said telepathically before going back to the Pokeball.

'She had the right idea I am tired too. How do I get a ball to rest in Mr.Pokemon who is not a Pokemon.' She asked with her head to the side.

"Hold on. Misty wake-up! You have to catch this pokemon before it's too late." Gray said nudging Misty. "Also the name is Gray. Why do you think I am a Pokemon?"

"You smell like one. So does she. If think you are a pokemon." The little baby poke said as it sniffed Misty again.

"No, you can't do that Ash. Please don't go." Misty said crying in here sleep.

"Oh dear. I don't think I was meant to hear that. Let me try this." Gray gathered his aura and poked Misty's side.

Misty started to stir. She woke up with a red face and glazed eyes. Her aura flared out knocking Gray out the door.

"Bam! Clank." He hit the barbecue pit outside.

"What the hell Misty!' Gray yelled activating his Aura.

"Huh? Gray is that you? What did you do to me?" Misty said as she grabbed her elbow.

'What the hell happened to you. Why do you have such violent tendencies?' Gray thought to himself.

"Did you take anything from me!?" Misty asked trembling.

"I sent my aura through to wake you up. Ask them if you don't believe me." Gray said as he started to get up from the wreckage. He was a little angry but not enough to trip out over.

Misty looked at the Pokemon near her and had a conversation with them. A few minutes she came up to Gray who was cleaning up the mess. She was red-faced now for an entirely different reason.

"I'm sorry about that. Both of them explained to me what happened. Thank you. Misty said as she grabbed his ripped shirt. Her aura projected on gray. Using it to help convince him, how sorry she really was. "Thanks to you I was able to catch a legendary Pokemon. Which is even better she is a pre-evolution state. I get to raise her from the ground up." Misty said excitedly.

"Sigh, no problem. Don't sweat it. Glad you caught her. Do you want some food or are you gonna go to bed?" Gray asked as he finished up.

"I think I will go to bed. How about you?" Misty said timidly. She hated lying to her new friend. But she had her own problems to work through.

"I will eat something then go to bed. Have some things to work on. Need to check on Pidgey as well." Gray said to hear with a smile.

"Ok. Don't stay up too late. My Torchic left your bag in the other room. Night." Misty said then she kissed Gray's cheek and went inside.

"Go Pidgey!" Gray said as he activated his aura throwing out Pidgeys Pokeball from his pocket.

'What's up Dood?' Pidgey flew around and landed in front of Gray. He was quite happy.

'Took you out of your Pokeball to spend some time with you. Also to check on you as well. Are you hungry?' Gray asked.

'Dude I'm starving. But what happened to your clothes?' Pidgey asked as it rubbed its belly with its wing.

'It's a long story. I will tell you as I make the food.' Gray said as he went to the other room.

Gray spent the next 4 hours explaining what all happened. As he and pidgey ate and talked. He forgot everything else and just relaxed with the first poke he fought and caught. He went over the way stats worked and a name for him. Little did either of them notice, Misty went out through the back to train in the woods.

Pidgey explained the area as he knew it. Also some Pokemon he was gladly like to fight. It shared its dream about wanting to be the strongest flying Pokemon in all the world. It spoke really excitedly. It was quite happy to go on an adventure.

(Connection established as Breeder. +1 to class. 3 bonus points awarded.)

(Pidgey connection is now trustworthy.)


Over to the Arcaine and pack that went through the hovel.

The Arcaine with a really crimson mane walked up to the old one.

"Elder why did you give that boy the last of your aura. As well as the last primal member of our kind. Was he not suppose to stay locked away indefinitely?" The Crimson Arcaine asked in wonder but with the utmost respect.

"The world has forgotten about us. That accursed so-called God has damned the lot of us. But he is still pure. Even I am a few generations to far from what we originally were. The others believe Lady Suicune's generation are the true beast Legends. How foolish. They will pay for this foolishness." The old Arcaine said as the area heat skyrocketed. "To think Groudon would betray us. He and that traitorous Entei and his ilk will pay!"

"Elder calm yourself." The Crimson Arcaine said to him.

"Father what is wrong?!" A Black Arcaine appeared moments later.

" It sickens me to my core. Lady Suicune has her gamble on that young girl. I have my gamble on that boy. He has a strong affinity with ghost type. Let's see what he can accomplish!" The old Arcaine said as his children tried to calm him down.

The next morning we find our main hero and heroine waking up after a long day and stressful sleep. Gray looked over to Misty as he worked on the poke formula for the two baby Pokemon. Once that was situated he started on the food for himself and Misty.

"Ah before I forget. Go, Pyron." Gray said as he threw the Pokeball out the door he opened. "Go and hunt yourself some food. Also, I figured you would want to say goodbye to any of your friends in the area. We won't pass through here to later I believe unless its an emergency." Gray notified his Pidgey.

"Pi pi piggo co." You got it, dude! It said as it took flight towards its former nest.

Gray went back to making the food. Once it started to cook he thought about the events of yesterday and how he arrived here. 'It bites I can't just enjoy an adventure but I guess solving that mystery is a problem all in itself. Man, that Suicune was really pretty. But colder than ice. Ah, let's check on this Growlithe I have.' Gray thought to himself before releasing the Expokeball.

A bright light shined outward releasing a Growlithe. This Growlithe had light purple around the white part of its mane. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The Growlithe was still asleep. Gray place the Expokeball on his wrist. To his side was Pyron's Pokeball. He set to the side as he finished up the food prep. Pulling some standard Poke blocks out of the bag as dessert for the Pokemon.

"Bring, Bring, Bring," The alarm for the bottles went off. Gray reached over grabbing them and set them to the side. He packed the Kit back up and went to wake Misty.

"Knock, knock, knock. Hey, Misty, it's time for breakfast!" He yelled.

"Coming!" The voice said behind the door.

'Huh, that didn't sound like Misty.' Gray thought to himself. He then sent his Aura out the hallway and into the room through the door.

His aura moved around the room noticing no strangers in the vicinity. He stretched it to the bathroom and pulled it back after he touched on Misty's aura. It was her but really stronger and a little like her Torchic's presence.

'Ok, there is a lot I need to study. But at least she is safe. Food time.' Gray thought to himself as he walked out to the front.

"Go, Empress! Time for some food girl."

"Aaabbrraa" Ahhh she said yawning. Floating over, Abra leaned against his chest. 'Pet me please, while you feed me.' She projected to him.

'Fine no problem. Also, that is our new friend over there. He has been through a lot. So help me take care of him as much as you can ok?' Gray said to her using his aura more strongly.

Misty came outside. Torchic and the baby Suicune were with her. Also a weird light blue Dratini accompanied them.

"Have you decided what your next step is?" Misty asked as she sat down.

"The first thing I will do. Will be to get my Pokemon stronger. We also have to help you get your memory completely back or happy enough that you don't care about it anymore. Second I guess, figure out what is happening in the Pokemon Legends territory... I don't really wanna do that. Then the League challenge if there is time. I also have to become a top Breeder/Doctor to help with the mutations. But I think there are tons of people working on that so at least I won't be alone.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Here is the bonus. The next update is scheduled Saturday.

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  • WolfLord


    You might want to look at the dark forest Ark especially the part where he meets up with Origin seems to be jumping all over the place it's missing bits here in there

  • FrozenTide


    She didnt go into detail but the beginning of chapter 5 mentions a little bit about it.

  • FrozenTide


    Thought it was kind of implied in that chapter and the next. But I will put something more concrete in that chapter and a better explanation in another chapter

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