13.46% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 5: Paths .

Chapter 5: Paths .

"Getting your Pokemon stronger is definitely a good idea. Thanks for helping me with memory but I think it will all be fine. It has been years so most of the people I knew lives changed. Guess its more like a forced change for me. We all have to grow up eventually." Misty said dejectedly.

"But what about any special someone. A boyfriend or a girlfriend. Even worse what about your sisters? Do you not wanna remember them?" Gray asked from the side of his eyes.

Gray didn't stop working on feeding the pokes. When he approached the baby Suicune he notices a strange look in its eyes. It watches every moment he makes. After placing the food in its bowl he continued to listen on the conversation from his end.

"The Pokemon Legends territory... I don't really wanna do that it is quite dangerous Gray... To even get there you need 20 badges. Then the League has to acknowledge your strength... unless you go through the underpass. The League recommends against that. It is extremely dangerous for all involved. Becoming a Breeder/Doctor will help you for sure especially there. You should get a team of two others. But... I think there are tons of people working on that so at least you won't be alone." Misty said as she worked on her food between talking.

"So based on the way you talked. I take it you don't want to go there togethor? Do you know the exact location we are currently are in? I am kinda lost." Gray said as he sat down. He starts to eat food himself before his food became cold.

"You are in the New Kanto region. Specifically, this is the North Viri checkpoint. A Trainer comes here to rest before continuing on their journey to restock on goods. There are not too many rest stops here and till the next town. Right now at the rest stop before entering Viridian forest I suggest you buy antidotes, full heals, and some potions. You should be careful not to go through the Dark area. But there is a Pokemon Ranger station, so it isn't something you go into by accident. " Misty said, as she threw a piece of food to Dratini. "Here, its a map. It should install in that custom Pokegear you have there. If you meet someone else pass the chip on ok?"

Gray reached over grabbing the chip and installed it in the Pokewatch. A holographic map appeared. They spent the rest of breakfast going over the map and its functions. Gray was learning the functions at a fast pace. Misty only had to repeat the operations twice for him to understand.

Misty was quite shocked as well, so were the baby Suicune and Growlithe that watch the interaction. "You got it. I think you will become a great trainer one day." Misty said with a smile.

"What is the Dark area again? Haven't paid much attention to maps. Or regions in the last few years."

"The Dark area is a region that bleeds into our space from the Pokemon Legends territory. Highly dangerous don't go there, it has been around for the last 10 years. Only rangers go into there on a daily basis. Actually, I think a Pokemon Professor went in there but I don't know which one." Misty said sternly.

So we are parting ways here?" Gray asked looking Misty in the eyes. compltely ignoring here tone. "What changed from us traveling togethor before to now?"

Misty stepped back blushing but extremely nervous. "I need to travel by myself for a bit. Have to do a little training on my own. Plus we can meet up later here," Misty said pointing at a location on the holo map.

Gray stared at her for a bit. Shaking his head, he stood up and checked on his Pokemon.

"That's understandable. See you in Bedrock town. I will study at the rock type school for a day or so. Then I will go to Pewter City to challenge its Gym Leader. I think I should do the Trainer Battle then the Ace Trainer battle after. So I should be in the area all of a week if it all goes well. If it goes bad then two weeks." Gray said as he put his backpack on.

"Yeah, that sounds great. Hopefully, we can meet up in Bedrock, if not Pewter is fine. If I run into trouble we can meet somewhere else afterward." Misty said as she got up dusting her self off.

She then stood up an walked inside to pack.

The baby Suicune followed in after her. Dratini stood outside eating with Torchic.

'See. That wasn't hard was it?' Suicune asked through her aura to Misty packing. Suicune just sat down watching her Trainer. She felt bad but it had to be done. Until he reigned in that beast aura, he was a danger to them both.

"Why is his aura so strong? It was just raw the day before a little mysterious when he fought that pidgey but now..it's slightly dark." Misty asked towards Suicune.

'It is most likely due to the encounter with the old Arcaine. But I think he has a connection to the Legendary Region. He carries the scent of a Powerful Pokemon on him also....' Suicune paused till Misty stopped packing.

"Also what? It isn't something bad right?" Misty said looking up.

Suicune trotted to Misty placing her head on Misty's feet, then climbing on her. 'Also he has a PokSoul inside him. Just like you.' Suicune said before laying down on Misty.

"That's not to bad right? More people like that will make your mission easier." Misty said cheerfully. Knowing she was not alone made her feel much better.

'That is good but... You two are way to compatible. He is also in heat right now. You are a prime target for mating.' Suicune said as she started to fall asleep. A full belly would do that to you.

"M..mm..ate..ing. No way!" Misty screamed.

Back outside Gray turned around.

Gray looked at her retreatung figure. 'What a sweet ass. Reminds me of that song. How did it go again?' " How did yah get dat in the jeans or was it something make me wonder," Gray said to no one in particular.

'How do you not know? It sounds funny. What's inside her jeans? Does it matter? Is it food?' Empress said in his thoughts as she looked at his face.

'You're too young to have the talk. I will tell you when you are older. I don't know because I am not good with music or lyrics for that matter.' Gray thought to her. 'You forget things when you become older.'

There was no way he was gonna have the "talk" with a newborn. The baby to adolescent stages can't happen fast enough.

' Aww but I want to know!' Empress pouted as she continued to look at him.

'No. Not right now. It's time for some training.' Gray thought to her as he stroked her head softly. This time scratching under the chin as well.

'Fine you old soul.' Abra became docile afterward and rested.

"Ok, Pyron. You are up. Time to make you the best around buddy!" He said towards the Pidgey.

"Co caoo co" Got it, dude! He said as he did some somersaults in the sky.

"Alright, let's move out the gang." He said to his pokes

The Growlithe walked on the ground a few feet away. It looked absent-minded as they traveled. It's expression showing lack of interest for the most part. Pidgey flew overhead enjoying itself. Baby Abra was nestled in his arms looking at everything. Enjoying the ride as she was carried.

Two days later Gray found himself deep in a weird forest by mistake. The other Pokemon besides bug type where nowhere to be found after day one. Panting heavily he looked at his Abra. He couldn't figure out why she couldn't use teleport. Exhausted he tried asking if she could again.

"Empress 'huff huff' can you teleport now 'huff' huff' where are we?" Gray asked as he plopped on the ground.

"Abra aab aab." Still doesn't work. Empress said as she started to fall asleep.

"I don't like what this psychic phenomenon is doing to you. I think it is better for you to return to your ball and rest. You have done well gaining some levels here anyway, time to sleep." Gray said looking at Abra.

"Abra." Ok. Abra said falling asleep.

"Pyron, come down here quickly," Gray yelled to his Pidgey. He reached in his bag and started to go through the supplies that were left.

Gray looked at the Growlithe that traveled with them. It still said nothing. It mostly followed not helping nor getting in the way. He was frustrated, to say the least. But considering he was tasked to take care of him he will try. But he won't compromise himself or his actual Pokemon on him.

As Pidgey landed in his arms he started his work on him. After treating all the injuries he relaxed a little.

"I am out of supplies dammit. Eat these berries. This is the last I have for heals." Gray said as he looked at his Pidgey sadly.

Finally, he had a chance to assign his stats after everything.

A bubble appeared showing the new Pidgey profile.

Page 1

Pyron Level 13 Health 41

Hp 4/2/6

Attack 5/2/7

Defense 4/2/6

Special Attack 4/1/5

Special Defense 4/1/5

Speed 6/4/10

(Points: 0/12 Bonus 0/0 Total 0/12)

Page 2

Tackle Damage 9-16+ Attack Range Close in 5-30feet

Fire Whirlwind Damage 3-18 + Special Attack Range 30 feet by 30 feet

Gust Damage 7-14 + Special Attack Range 5-30

Quick Attack Damage 7-14 + Attack + Speed Range Close in 5-30feet

"Eight levels after two days of running around not to bad. You did good bud. Considering I took turns training you all especially maneuvers with you two. I am quite happy." Gray said as he looked at Pidgey. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Pidge" Dood. Pidgey said with a smile as he rested in Gray's arms.

"Alright let me do a quick check on you again to make sure I didn't miss anything," Gray said to Pidgey as he went over all the wounds from earlier. "I am concerned about this here under your left wing. That Nidorino's poison sting went deep here. But the antidote did its job. We need a refill on supplies and a definite check-up at the Pokecenter."

"Coo co co cao Pid," I can handle it dood! Pidgey said with a smile and a cheer.

"Haha rest well." 'Time for my own stats now. Ok, let's see how do I open that bubble up again.' Gray returned Pidgey to the Pokeball.

A bubble appeared.

(Plus one to breeding.)

(Pg.1 Trainer level 3 Gender Male Health 46 Type Ghost/??????

Hit Points 5/5/10

Attack 5/2/7

Defense 5/5/10

Special Attack 5/0/5

Special Defense 5/0/5

Speed 5/1/6

Aura 7/8/15

Breeding 6/2/8

Points: 0/15 Bonus 0/8 Total 0/23)

(Pg.2 Moves :

Melee Aura 2-12 + Attack+ Aura

Range Aura 2-8 + Special attack+ Aura)

"Type Ghost?? Is that because I died. What the heck are the Question marks are about.?" Gray said to himself. He also had his Pokegear opened on night mode. If anyone looked they would see a man working on something on PokeMedia.

A few minutes later. Gray stood up and continued his Journey. Looking for the Ranger station was the best bet. Considering the map stopped working. Also, he had no idea where he was due to the running from area to area.

"Damn it. She said that there was a Ranger Station I hope she wasn't lying. Hey, Growlithe are you ever going to talk?" Gray said a little irritably. "Guess not. Well, do you smell anything? Like people?"

The Growlithe stared then blinked at him. It looked further ahead and continued to walk.

"What the hell!? Fine be that way you mangy mutt." Gray said to it. "Let's try a new way to do this aura stuff. It has to have different abilities or uses for that matter. Well, I am rested and good for a run. If this doesn't work I will just run with all my might in a direction somewhere. I am already lost, can only get more lost."

Gray took a deep breath and gathered his Aura in his core. The more he gathered, the more energy left the surroundings and circled around him.

"Swoosh," The Growlithe appear back in front of him. Circling around him slowly after a few moments.

'What is this human doing. Has he not realized where we are!' Hope he doesn't alert the ruler of this forest.

"Hah!" Gray yelled as he exhaled. 'Found the ranger station to the NorthEast, but a large group of people are to the North.' Gray thought to himself. "Huff, huff, what the hell!? Why am I more tired than usual? I'll cut back on my aura power that should help." Gray said as he started to walk before collapsing.

The Growlithe walked up to him.

'Foolish human do you not realize where you are? Hmm, what's that?.' The Growlithe thought before looking in the distance. 'You should be fine later.'

The Growlithe took off into the forest.

'Filthy mongrel left me here. Why can't I move?! My chest is burning. What the hell is happening?' Gray thought as he tried his best to move. 'Wait the Expokeball. I can use them with my thoughts.'

(Unable to use due to Psychic Disturbance.)


FrozenTide FrozenTide

This little area should be done in three parts. The next chapter will have sexual content, mutilated bodies, mind control, and disturbing imagery.

Three chapters for this forest. I made the mistake working from backward. And lost a chapter in my head somewhere.

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  • WolfLord


    Thanks for the chapter on a good story

  • FrozenTide


    He is. Since he was a dead person and all. It does change eventually.

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    So he was really a Gastly?

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