15.38% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 6: Dark Forest Part 1

Chapter 6: Dark Forest Part 1

A few hours later. A female Pokemon Ranger finds Gray passed out in the forest. Walking up she starts to check on his condition.

"What's this now?! You shouldn't be here. How did another person get inside this cursed forest?" The Ranger said as she started to check Gray again. " You aren't wounded. Your complexion is getting better but your clothes suggest you have been through a lot. How odd."

The ranger couldn't understand it. How could someone look like crap, but have no critical injuries? There were wounds that look like puncture marks here and there. Blood all over the clothes.

"Why are your vitals still rising? This makes no sense. Your clothes suggest you should be in pain. There are no bruises from what I can see, but your clothes show you have taken a severe beating."

The Ranger said as she ran a small medical scanner over him again.

"Doop," a Greninja landed next to her from the trees. He eyed the human with a judging look. A strange green glow was present in his eyes.

"Did you find anything out there Greninja? "

Greninja shook his head no. Much to the disappointment of his Trainer.

"Carry him, we will head back to the Ranger Base. Haven't been able to find the other Rangers in days. Can't find the group of Elite four candidates. Can't find that Gym Leader who traveled in here last week. Shit can't even find that Professor who went on a hike!" The Ranger said gritting her teeth.

"Gre!" The Pokemon tried to comfort his Trainer with a pat on the back. After she calmed down he picked up Gray and looked to his Trainer before taking off.

"There's a lot of missing Trainers in the area. Which is extremely weird considering only qualified people can get in here. Hmmm, from the Pokegear on his wrist he looks like an Ace Trainer. I understand Ace Trainer candidates can go to all sorts of dangerous places but still... he shouldn't be allowed here. Why didn't the others stop him? What the heck are they doing at site A?" The Ranger said quizzically as she wrote this all down in her notes.

"Hopefully the others will think of something soon. I am sick of being by myself. Headquarters needs to hurry with backup its been three weeks already. I should do a quick look around and head back.

I definitely need to retrain Greninja, he hasn't found any Pokemon in danger or anything else for that matter. Hopefully, Chansey has something for this bug bite." The ranger said to herself before jumping into the trees to continue scouting. Her hand rubbed against the bite. She circled her aura to help soothe the ache.

Unbeknown to the Ranger, she was followed by a group of Pokemon. These flying bugs kept a close watch on her for days.

(Back at the Ranger outpost.)

Greninja carried a collapsed Gray to bed. After checking for weapons and finding none. He placed Gray's bag on the table and exited the room.

A few minutes after, a Chansey came in. With one sniff of the air Chansey face paled. The Chansey stripped Gray of his clothes and gave him a sponge bath. Throwing his clothes out back in the trash after emptying his pockets. After the sponge bath, she dried him off and went to get him some clothes and some other things.

Chansey came back with a cart full of needles and all types of medicines. One by one she administered Gray shot after shot. Only pausing by two to three minutes as she looked at a screen for reactions. Seeing no problems she administered the final one in his thigh. Chansey then reached over and started to set up an Iv drip as well as a Cather unit.

Slowly gaining his wits about him, Gray sort of woke up. His aura relayed information to his senses slowly. 'Oh, my luck can't be this bad! Come-on already stop you stupid Pokémon.' Gray cried in tears in his head.

Due to his eyes having been closed he couldn't' see his text bubbles appearing.

The thing about Chansey, a trained one is quite dangerous when it isn't supervised... Chansey scrubbed between Gray's toes, on the heels of his feet grinding down any blisters and callous marks. Gray received a manicure, a pedicure and a colonoscopy in one go. His ears and nose were all cleaned out as well.

The bad news he was conscious of all of this. The tightening in his chest became so unbearable he couldn't open his eyes. Once the colonoscopy started he was happy to almost pass out. But fate had other plans. Gray could hear voices coming from the other side of the door.

"What do you mean you didn't lock the door! Greninja you know how Chansey gets when Hilda isn't here. The poor guy I hope he is all right. Forget about it, she will make sure he is in top shape. Go do another pass through the area, I will check on our guest. Do your best to find something." Tricia said to her Pokémon.

"Greninja!" Her Pokemon disappeared after a salute to his Trainer.

'Please let this end already!' Gray thought to himself. 'Come-on you stupid aura power work already!'

"Knock, Knock I am coming in Chansey," Tricia said as she opened the door.

As a new Ranger, there were all kinds of things she prepared herself for. This was not one of them. Chansey had Gray propped with some pillows naked. A wired camera was feeding up his butt running through his guts. The camera moved throughout with high precision thanks to Chansey hands. The more she searched the more happy Chansey appeared. Pulling out the camera Chansey stayed focus on the monitors.

Gray could finally feel his aura start to fluctuate.

"Chan sey" all done. She said.

"Ahhh. What the hell! What is wrong with you?" Gray yelled at Chansey.

'You were in heat. I had to stem it before you became agitated.' Chansey said. Gray's aura translating for him.

"You could have just let me rub one out! I feel bloated now. How long till my butt stops hurting?" Gray said as he rubbed his rear end. "So many shots. When does this come out?" Gray said holding his cock and the tube. He was tempted to yank it out. But stopped. He remembers having one when he was an old man.

'That will come out right after these fluids are cycled out of you. You are an extremely healthy specimen. Have you thought about becoming a Pokemon Ranger?' Chansey asked as she tidies up the instruments.

"No, I have never thought about it. I am currently doing the Ace trainer challenge so I don't have time to study to be a Ranger." Gray said as he laid back.

'I think you should join. This post has openings. Do keep it in mind. It would be great to have an able body like yourself. Especially since you have a strong aura.' Chansey said while moving the tray to the side. Then going over to fluff the pillow behind Gray.

'All done. In about four hours, I will come back to remove the Cather please relax. Ranger Tricia should be able to answer all questions for you in the meantime. Oh before I forget, are you hungry?' Chansey asked as she approached right next to Gray.

"Yeah, I could eat. Fine I will try to relax with this thing in me." Gray answered pulling on the Cather.

"You aren't a shy one are you?" Tricia asked pulling up a chair sitting on it backward.

"I am about as shy as you are in those booty shorts. The name's Gray by the way." Gray said with a smile as he waved at her. "I would shake but since I just had my hand on my junk that would be impolite."

"Yeah. I saw that." Tricia said with a blush as she got up to get a sheet once she noticed his exposure again. "Sorry about that. Its been a while since anyone has been here. I will go back and change give me a minute. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"No that's ok. Stay like that, you don't have to change. I will try about 10% to not look at you in those areas. Don't want to embarrass you too much there." Gray said with a smirk.

"Whose embarrassed!" Tricia said throwing the sheet at Gray. "Yah perv. I need your help? Can you tell me anything about what you have encountered in the forest? And how did you get to this area? You shouldn't have been allowed to pass the checkpoint."

"Oof. That's not a way to treat a patient heh." Gray said pulling the sheet from his face.

"You are as fit as a Rapidash. Patient my foot." Tricia said as she took a serious tone. "In the last three weeks, various teams of rangers have disappeared. I need all the info I can to help figure out what's going on. I can pay you if you need it. I understand its harder for those taking the Act Trainer challenges. Will you help?" Tricia asked with her hand-stretched for a handshake.

"Sure I will. I need to get out of this forest as well. So I will tell you what I know ok." Gray said as he looked at her hand.

"Then we are agreed. Shake on it." Tricia said with a smile.

"Right I agree," Gray said with a chuckle.

"It isn't agreed till we shake on it! That's how my dad said things are done." Tricia said with a smile.

Gray shook her hand firmly and laughed. "Yah know it is weird you wanted to shake after I just had my hand on my dick."

Tricia continued to shake and then stopped. Her face turned crimson as she let go and just walked out of the room.

"Was it something I said?" Gray said with a smirk. Afterward, he reached over to his Pokeball for his Pidgey and released him.

Pidgey was completely asleep. He took his time giving him an additional checkup. Everything was fine. With that, he breathed a sigh of relief. He started to prep a nutrition-filled meal for Pidgey to help with his recovery. He also mixed formula for Abra.

"Speaking of Abra I should give her a checkup. I will wait till the formula is done that way I can give it to her while she eats.

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After a few minutes of waiting everything was ready. The alarm went off right on time.

"Bring, Bring." The alarm rang before he shut it off.

Before he could check on releasing Abra, Chansey returned.

'Here is your meal, eat up.' Chansey said as she left the room.

"Hey, can you take a.. look…at my.. gulp this food smells great." Gray said as he started to drool.

Chansey walked over to the computer and grabbed the printout. Afterward, she opened the window and walked out.

"Dammit, I wanted her to take a look at Pyron. But this food smells so sweet I couldn't focus. This has got to be good. I must be more hungry than I thought." Gray said then he took a bite. Before he could even chew a bite. a bubble appeared.

(You have ingested a Psychedelic.)

"Pftt what the hell," Gray exclaimed as he threw the food into the trash. "What the hell is going on in this place. Return Pyron, I need to find a way out of here. Hopefully, those shots don't screw me over too." Gray said as he started to feel drowsy.

"Dammit. Come on... aura... let's see if you... can flush.. this out... of my system.. before I pass.. out.." Gray couldn't finish as he fainted. He fell out of the bed halfway reaching for his bag.

"Shupp" Greninja appeared in Gray's room and started to walk up to him.

"Knock, Knock I am coming in Gray. I need to talk to you! I am sorry about earlier." Tricia said as she opened the door.

Tricia barely missed Greninja disappearing through the window. But she did catch the sight of something leaving the room.

"What the heck happened to you!? Who the hell was that just now?!" Tricia said frantically as she grabs Gray.

"Rrr..uu..n. Draa..u..gg..e..d." Gray slurred his words.

"What the heck are you saying?" Tricia asked. "Maybe this will help." She said as she placed her hand on Gray's chest.

Neither trainer noticed the plant moving side to side letting out a sweet scent. A green glow gathered at her fingertips. She pressed down expelling some of the toxins out.

"Mm, thats nice. We have to get out of here!" Gray said groggily able to speak again.

"Chan sey chan chan." I can not have that. Return to bed. Chansey said.

"What the heck is all this," Tricia said looking back and forth between the two.

"Trouble..big trouble," Gray said as he reached for his bag.

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Updated as of 08/23/2019

The new thing I have for two is mostly a sex scene but now its changing more into dialogue chapter.

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